Steve Lesnard: The Best Way To Introduce a Product with Today’s Digital and Social Mediums

The art of product marketing in this new world of digital and social mediums has created a plethora of opportunity but has also produced a greater chance of being counterproductive with your product introduction. Time and time again, we have seen that companies that have seen incredible success are the ones that put the needs of the consumer first. In addition to this, they have also produced the most simplistic yet effective marketing campaigns. Steve Lesnard, one of the world’s leading brand consultants, is here to share with us the two principles that every company should follow before introducing any product or service to the market.

#1 Making it Simple and Memorable

The late great Walt Disney has been known to have repeatedly said that one should always “get the storyline right.” It is understood that the best product introductions are those that provide a clear and articulate message about the benefits of their product to the consumer. Make no mistake, this is harder than it sounds, but sometimes the best thing to do is to simply pick a lane. One of the best examples of this principle being practice was seen by Apple during its product introduction of the Apple iPod. In a time when their competition was constantly bombarding people with details pertaining to their technological superiority, Apple opted to keep their message simple and to the point. This, of course, let to one of the most successful products and campaigns in history.

#2 Make It Come To Life

After the storyline has been established, Steve Lesnard then suggests concentrating on the expected customer experience. Depending on the medium you choose, one should ask themselves a series of questions such as, how will it look on me? How will I use it and will I be able to use it in my everyday life? YETI is a great example of a company that often utilizes video mediums to provide answers to all these questions. Often they will seek the help of their brand ambassadors to use and film themselves using their products, thus providing the consumer with a visual of all the benefits of purchasing it for themselves.

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The Academy of Art University Supporting International Students

The Academy of Art University Supporting International Students

The Academy of Art University is a large school that is located in San Francisco. The school has been recently ranked as one of the very first schools in the country to train students on both commercial art and advertising. The school has so far produced the most creative people in the country since their education and training is properly and well administered to the students. The Academy of Art University does not only offer these programs but also various other programs such as Animation, interior architecture, and fashion, among many others. It has also been working in keeping up with various technological advances. It is through the use of technology that Academy of Art University administers the digital and current animation. The platforms used in production and the mediums are also up to date.

The Academy of Art University also manages some real estate property which are also located in San Francisco. The Academy is also strategically located in the city. Its central location at this large dynamic and the large city has highly contributed to the school’s success and reputation.

Since its founding, The Academy of Art University has been attracting some of the top talents in art in the U.S. It has also been reported that the school’s student body has experienced a very high diversity. This is properly seen by the different religions of students who attend this particular school. This is a major factor that makes the school different from other schools. This is because it makes the school to have an international attribute that most of the schools in San Francisco don’t have. This feature has been a major attraction point, especially for those students that want to experience an international exposure.

Before the University changed its name to The Academy of Art University, it was previously known as the Academy of Art College. The original founder of this particular school is Mr. Stephens. In the past, the school had a totally different name from its current name. It is privately owned with a very large number of highly dedicated staff.

Location Smart and AND New Services

Location Smart is a global company that provides Location-as-a-service on analog and digital world map. Last year the company they signed a deal with a worldwide provider of digital maps to improve their service provision to users.

The cooperation and inclusion of global map and boundaries to the LocationSmart’s compliance services was a significant move which enabled other application such as lottery and gaming to locate users location.

The compliance APIs bring together the giant companies International Administrative Boundaries, LocationSmart, And Digital World Map to allow businesses to confirm the site of a particular device within a given boundary.

The API compliance includes checks and balances against country boundaries globally together with customer-specific and pre-figured boundary options.

Hugo van der Linde, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of AND was delighted to enter into an agreement with LocationSmart which involved licensing of location and boundary data. LocationSmart connects various devices around the world using its Cloud Location Services.

The contract between LocationSmart and AND aims at strengthening their high-quality mapping product to businesses. The service provided focus on matching the current market trends and needs.

LocationSmart chooses to get in business with AND due to its overall versatility in data delivery and coverage as well. The CEO of LocationSmart, Mario Proietti, acknowledged AND partnership as a global map boundary and said they were pleased to extend their location services to verification and compliance needs which are offered by AND.

AND is widely known to provide global digital maps and location services while LocationSmart provides Cloud Location Service worldwide. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Facebook

AND uses AND LBS Platform, MapFusion and proprietary digital maps to automatic update and add real-time map and location intelligence to improve users’ businesses. AND is based in Netherlands’ and its one of the longest established software company that was founded in 1984.

AND’s headquarters are found in Capelleaan den Ijssel. The firm provides a road database connecting over 200 countries globally and also offers entirely attributed navigation maps of North America and Western Europe.

On the other hand, LocationSmart offers a comprehensive cross-carrier platform for hyper-local, local as well as context-aware application development. Their services revolve around indoor and outdoor usage across all platform, devices, and carrier networks. Currently, LocationSmart serves Fortune 500 clients, as well as other innovative startups.

LocationSmart has transformed how companies do business. LocationSmart delivers the most significant global footprint and broadest reach. LocationSmart value customers privacy; therefore, the company has an extensive portfolio for privacy consent plan for easy end-user implementation.

With the current growth in digital e-commerce, social networking, and service delivery user location is paramount. Additionally, cyber crime and identity theft is a significant threat to digital service delivery. Thus, users location is crucial to all devices that communicate via the internet.

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Under the Leadership of Ashley Lightspeed

Everyone must always remember that a person, no matter what gender, can become a great leader. The leadership abilities of a woman would normally depend on her personality traits and individual strengths. One of the main factors of leadership is the power to shape your team members, to maximize their full potential, and to help them develop their personal skills and strengths. A woman like Ashley Lightspeed is a great leader because of her ability to balance her personal and professional leadership skills. She uses her creativity and ability to quickly respond to different tasks at the same time when it comes to managing her time. To learn more about Ashley lightspeed view her Crunchbase profile

Ashley Lightspeed is naturally nurturing. She cares about her entire team, their performance at work, and allows them to balance their work with their life. She is a proactive and effective mentor who maintains an open and communicative relationship with her entire team. She focuses on teamwork and consistently demonstrates enthusiasm, passion, and knows how to make wise decisions on her own or by seeking help from her team. A woman like her who has an excellent list of career achievements at such a young age is an inspiration to the youth and a lot of people. Developing and building new business models, products, and services is one of her greatest assets.

Being a member of the investing team of Lightspeed Venture Partners, she uses her deep n leaders who helped the company diversify its operations, expand throughout the country, and improve their economic activity. In addition to this, she is aware of different working environments and company cultures because she has worked with a number of top companies in which she has helped develop and grow. Ashley Lightspeed and her outstanding perspective are just what we need.

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Greg Blatt’s Dating Success Started Humbly

Greg Blatt is the former chairman and CEO of Match Group. He ran the company from January 1, 2016 until December 31, 2017. Also, Greg Blatt was the CEO of Tinder from December 2016 to December 2017. He started from very humble beginnings. After graduating from college, he took time off to live in various cities in the United States and Europe. He paid his way through gigs like bartending, painting houses, and bussing tables. 


He decided to try his hand at law school after that. From his experience at law school, he went on to work for a large mergers and acquisitions firm in New York City. Greg Blatt is a creative who wrote a novel and multiple screenplays during his time as an attorney. After his stint in M & A he decided to get into entertainment law, hoping that working in the field would lead to opportunities for his creative endeavors.


Life, however, had other plans for Greg Blatt when Martha Stewart decided that she wanted to take her corporation public. She had been a client of Blatt’s and he decided to get on board as Martha Stewart’s general counsel in the newly formed corporation. This was his first foray into the corporate world as a general counsel making immediately a huge progress improving the company’s management concerns besides preparing unforgettable margaritas! (Marthastewart).


He did that for five years until the opportunity to run a small online dating business presented itself. Because Greg Blatt believed that online dating was in its infancy and was going to be a big business, he jumped in with both hands and helped build Match Group into what it is today. Within a few years he was offered the CEO position. He took the post and remained on for three years. Eventually, he helped take the company public through an IPO.


Greg Blatt has had a lot of success with Match Group. He uses face-to-face meetings as the best way he knows to move a project forward. He asks a lot of questions and engages his associates in debate to move progress along. Judging from Greg Blatt’s success, it must be a good strategy.

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How to Switch to Agera Energy

For any homeowner currently using an energy provider, it is easy to see why you may want to switch to Agera Energy. Follow Agera Energy on Twitter.

Agera Energy has been around for years and continually works to improve their services to customers. You can see how beneficial this option is and why a lot of people are choosing this as a viable option. You can get to know Agera Energy by visiting their Twitter page.


The Twitter page gives lots of information on the different things you can do to save money on energy at home. You will enjoy what Agera Energy is doing for you and why a lot of customers have already chosen to switch over to Agera Energy through the site where they are able to sign up for their very own account. Get to know the Agera Energy company and how well they are working for your very own needs. Follow Agera Energy on


Jin Oh Hiring Advice

Riot Games is the developer behind the massively successful and a popular game, League of Legends. This company also organizes the top e-sport competitions in the world and is based in Los Angeles, California. Jin Oh is the President of Publishing at Riot Games and has a ton of advice and guidance for organization, team building, and a successful business.

When initially hiring people, he highlights the importance of being upfront. Jin Oh says that you should be clear with what you expect from people and how you will be evaluating them. When employees know the metrics of analysis that will be used for their performance report, they will be more responsive to criticism. Regular feedback and constructive criticism should be given according to guidelines to ensure your team’s best performance.

In new team members, Jin Oh is picky. Teams can be exposed to high-stress scenarios, so teammates being able to work together well is paramount to the department’s success. While Jin Oh stresses that intelligence is important, it is not the only factor. Attitude is the single most important factor in new hires. Finding someone who will go the extra mile, work as a part of the team, and help their co-workers is the best way to fill a vacancy on the team. Click here.

Betterworks: Survey Recap and General Information


Betterworks recently came out with a concerning report discussing a survey across the industry of more than 1,000 people managers working in enterprises that have more than 500 employees. This report gives a summary of the negative talent management taking place in their organizations. It also revealed that managers have a vital role in making workforce performance better by doing actions every day. The goal of them is to have teams motivated, engaged, and developed. The Betterworks managers surveyed a lot and found a lot needed to be improved in almost every aspect. A member of the board of directors Josh Bersin believes being a manager is transformational in our work lives.

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One concerning area in this survey was that the Managers of Betterworks do not have a sense of purpose. Only one third believed every employee clearly understood what the mission and vision of the company was. This survey with Market Cube included 1,063 people managers working at enterprise companies, with more than 500 employees located over industries in America and Canada.

Betterworks: a Continuous Performance Management ® solution helps clients bring more productivity, profitability, and a smoother foundation. Examples of features that Betterworks has are gamification and goal-setting. Consumers get almost unlimited control in how the company of theirs run. Betterworks was established in Silicon Valley in 2013. Also, their solution helps out workforces that are “truly global.” Workers use it every day in over a hundred countries, and localization support occurs in twenty languages.

How to Handle your Investments by Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in earth sciences and geology, respectively. To make sure you are making a good and right decision about investing in a commodity, you obviously need someone with a lot more experience on it helping you out. This way, that person can mentor you through and highlight what your investment money is going into.

Currently, Matt Badiali works at Real Wealth Strategist part of Banyan Hill, where advice is given to people interested in investing and making profits. Badiali has a very hands-on approach to his work, where he believes that one gets to better understand his/her investments by seeing it in person. In his early life, he was a geologist, and that equipped him with a different life perspective.

He uses his knowledge and expertise in geology combined with investment training to pass on advice and information to people with intentions of making natural resources part of their investment. Matt Badiali aims to make his investment plans known to his advisees. Being part of Banyan Hill publishing, it entails investment experts involved in asset protection. Their main objective is to assist average Americans to make minimal risk investments with their money as much as possible.

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According to Matt Badiali, many uneducated investors make mistakes of not knowing when to sell their stocks, and it is one of the errors that his father has ever made. He advises that one should sell stocks based on risk and not emotions and says that investors should avoid getting into that emotional trap.

Matt Badiali at a newsletter, Real Wealth Strategist, together with his colleagues, ensures to get rid of emotions from investors in their decisions. Readers of the newsletter are also advised on the same. Matt and his colleagues use mathematical safety nets to ensure this and prevent losses in investments.

Badiali’s hands-on lessons about one’s risk potential have propelled him to use the risk strategy. The knowledge that he obtained from working as a geologist play a key role in his financial planning endeavors in investments regarding natural resources which require precise and accurate decisions.

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Impressive Commitment of Oren Frank to Mental Health

Oren Frank is the co-founder and chief executive officer at Talkspace, a privately held online and mobile psychotherapy firm headquartered in New York, United States. He attended Leicester Polytechnic in England and later ventured into entrepreneurship. Oren Frank, together with his wife, established Talkspace with a motive of helping patients suffering from mental health problems. The company has helped over one million clients get access to licensed therapists at affordable rates.

Before launching Talkspace, Oren Frank began his career at McCann Erickson serving as a Regional Creative Director in London and worked between November 2001 and November 2003. He later served as the CEO at Worldwide Israel in Tel Aviv from 2003 to 2007. He went ahead and became the Chairman of McCann Digital in Israel serving for two years between 2005 and 2007. Check out talkspace .com to learn more about Oren Frank’s presentation.

Oren Frank then relocated to the United States, joined MRM Worldwide as a Global Chief Creative Officer in the Greater New York City Area, and operated between January 2008 and April 2011. He also worked at TheMarker, AdAge, HuffPo as a writer, columnist, and blogger before leaving in February 2014. While at TheMarker, AdAge, HuffPo, Oren Frank partnered with hisTalkspace co-founder, Roni Frank, and established the company in April 2012.

Establishing Talkspace

Oren Frank came up with the idea of launching Talkspace after he attended a couple’s therapy with his wife and managed to save their marriage. Besides, he frequently participated in personal therapies together with Roni, thus generating an idea of founding an affordable and accessible therapy services company.

Oren Frank makes sure to get seven hours of sleep every night and makes well-strategized ideas to remain productive. Oren makes sure to have the right team in all his works and encourage the members to focus on achieving the company’s goals. Customer’s service is always prioritized to ensure they are getting incredible services to suit their needs.