Jeremy Goldstein’s work with Fountain House

The organization known as Fountain House recently benefitted from a charity dinner hosted by New York attorney Jeremy Goldstein. The gala, which was held at the Nomad Hotel in May of 2019, featured professionally prepared meals and a wide selection of vintage wines. The proceeds from the $5000 tickets to the event will further Fountain House’s mission.


Jeremy Goldstein is a graduate of New York University’s School of Law and has practiced law in New York for many years. He worked as a lawyer for a local firm after graduating, until he decided to open his own firm named Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. Mr. Goldstein’s firm has worked with a number of large corporations, including Cingular Wireless Corporation/AT&T Wireless Services, Inc., Chevron/Texaco Corporation/Unocal Corporation, and Kmart Holding Corporation/Sears, Roebuck, and Co. Mr. Goldstein’s firm specializes in the areas of executive compensation as well as corporate governance. Mr. Goldstein is also a writer and commenter on corporate governance issues. The Legal 500 added Mr. Goldstein to their list of America’s best executive compensation lawyers.


Fountain House started in 1944 when a group of people with mental illnesses decided to come together to support each other. The group, which was originally called “We are not alone,” offers assistance to members of society who struggle with mental illness. In 1948, the organization purchased property to act as a base of operations. There was a large fountain on the property, which members of the group felt symbolized their efforts.


Fountain House funds mental health research and helps distribute information regarding mental health issues. They hope to change the common perceptions that most people have about mental illness. They also help their clients adapt to daily life. Clients of Fountain House are encouraged to learn new skills, form relationships, earn diplomas, and find employment. They also serve the community through their skills, such as culinary arts, education, and communications. By building their confidence and levels of self-esteem, Fountain House is able to transform non-functioning victims of mental illness into productive and happy members of society.


Fountain House operates a supported education system for clients between the ages of 13 and 30. This program not only educates those in need but also ensures that they have the proper training to enter the workforce. Fountain House is also combatting mental illness amongst the homeless population by providing safe shelters for clients to sleep.


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Lifetime Achievements of David McDonald

Managing a business takes both passion and perseverance. Many people that hold executive roles in companies tend to fail in their work due to the pressure it entails. David McDonald has overcome the difficulties he has experienced in his position through perseverance. He makes his decisions according to the plan he chooses to follow in his career. He believes in self-consciousness and peace of mind when handling matters at the workplace. Based on his experiences, he knows that good mental attitudes contribute to exceptional performance at work. The successes that OSI Group has achieved have proved the expertise that its team holds.

The company has responded to the high demands of its clients for decades with the help of its workers that are passionate to learn and adopt the cultures of their customers. Besides, the team is keen on retaining its customers. David McDonald, the chief operating officer of the company, insists that the differentiator of business from others is the customer services that it offers. The leader emphasizes that competitors of a business cannot duplicate the customer interactions that a specific venture has with its clients. He further insists on the importance of choosing friends wisely as he believes that the people one associates with, influence the traits that he is likely to have.

As a result, every leader that is determined to travel miles should associate with people that motivate them to become go-getters. Besides, he encourages people to associate with individuals with a positive attitude as they help them to focus on achieving their goals. The leaders of OSI Group have proven to be ambitious about the future of the company. Through flexibility, they have allowed their workers and customers to give their views on their leadership. Welcoming every point of view from every member has allowed them to grow as leaders and correct the issues that are not appealing to others. The vast experience has facilitated the profitable endeavors that the company has achieved in the past that its leaders have in the industry. The expansion of the beef company based in Poland has made it easier for many clients to purchase meat products with convenience. Learn More.

OSI Group Signs Deal with Impossible Foods

The food industry is not like any other in the market. With food items, customers have different preferences. A company that does not keep all its customer preferences in mind does not have a chance of becoming profitable. Before making items that are acceptable among different cultures, the company has to put in a lot of effort. The global community is having a tough time dealing with the increasing diseases brought by lifestyles. People are losing lives because of high blood pressure, heart disease, and many other complicated conditions such as cancer. Cancer, for instances, does not get cured quickly. Scientists have done extensive research on the disease for a long time, but the number of new cancer cases keeps increasing. Families have been struggling to get into terms with the loss of close family members.

The cause of cancer, according to health experts in the world, is unhealthy foods and genetics. Because treating the disease is becoming hard, scientists say that avoiding it is the only way of remaining safe. Impossible Foods has been in the frontline when it comes to healthy eating habits. Impossible Foods changed their food production several years ago to accommodate the growing number of consumers who prefer to consume plant foods. After a long time, however, the successful organization failed to keep up with the increased client demands. The company officials put their heads together to get a solution. In one of their meetings, the leaders found out that their problem could easily by making a partnership with OSI Group.

OSI Group services in the global community are unique and out of this world. The global organization made an agreement with Impossible Foods to manufacture meatless burgers. OSI Group, according to many consumers, keeps up with the highest production standards in the whole world. The platform has served global customers for so long, and it has all the tools to handle the process. OSI Group officials are happy and looking forward to the new business opportunity. According to them, this gesture shows that many people trust the items produced in the global company. Apart from having the facilities, the international company has experts to make the whole process successful.

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Vijay Eswaran Explains why Change is Important

In any area of life, change is mandatory. Vijay Eswaran, an influential professional in business in the global market, believes that change is good. People who accept change fast have better potential in the market. According to the executive, habits make professionals in business productivity. However, a habit will make you resist new ideas that might be better. When you want to remain competitive in the market, you need to accept and be comfortable with change. Vijay Eswaran and prominent leaders are successful because they know that each change brings new opportunities for their businesses. The process of accepting change is not easy for anyone. These steps will help you;

Know your behaviours: Vijay Eswaran knows too well that change is difficult because it brings some fear. Most of the time, it will undermine your memory and at the same time, decrease your performance in business. Sometimes in life, you will be interested in change. For instance, when you want to get a new job, you will be happy with the change. When you are negative about change, you will most likely be uncertain of the future. With tension in your brain, you will resist the changes that come your way. Your brain will tend to embrace your fears and form resistance. Learn to be positive about new things that come in life, even when you are not certain. Negativity will create anxiety, making things worse for you.

Change is crucial: whenever you have to make changes in your life, try to examine the reasons for the change. Although this is a process that will affect your comfort zone, it will be an opportunity to learn new things in life. When you have to resign from your job, take it as an opportunity to get a better position in life. You can never remain in the same spot for decades and expect growth.

Felipe Montoro Jens reports CNI study on stationary works in Brazil

Felipe Montoro Jens reports CNI study on stationary works in Brazil


According to a proxy report by the ministry of planning, more than 2796 work opportunities are paralyzed in Brazil. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, approximately 517 or 18 % of these opportunities are based in the infrastructure sector. When boiled down, the sanitation sector suffers the ultimate impact on the infrastructure niche. This survey indicates that while there is little investment that is channeled towards infrastructural growth, only 2% of the GDP is invested in the infrastructure.

This move is attributed to the interruption resulting from the shutdowns of the works without the establishment of a new source of resources for consumers. Jens advocates that the disruption in the construction process of other amenities like the preschools, day-care units in the academic sector was also featured in this report, but they are considered to have less impact overall. Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at

The cause of the discontinuation

According to this report, some of the aspects that have hindered the construction process entails financial and budgetary constraints, issues related to land ownership and abandonment of construction projects by some construction firms. To this end, the primary reason behind this abandonment is the technical problems. While some small construction companies took over the construction projects in nurseries and school, they have been forced to stop soon after commencement due to the economic crisis.

Felipe Montoro Jens advocates that following the current economic constraints experienced in Brazil currently, there is need to slow down the construction pace in the country, which has inspired the federal government in Brazil to step in hence interrupting various vital construction schemes. This process is evidence of contraction and fiscal deterioration in the investment sector, and it has severely affected the local project and new ventures overall.

Solution to the problem

For Brazil to keep afloat in the current development and investment uncertainty, the CNI prescribes the following measure. To start with, there will be a need to review and improve the micro-planning sector and enhancement of the internal controls. Similarly, stimulating innovation and research will also be helpful. Connect:

Steve Lesnard Marrketing the Digital World

Simple Message and Life Giving

During an age when social platforms as well as where the digital world has eclipsed the world of print marketing gurus have shown that not only has media moved to another platform but the way in which marketing operates also has moved to adjust to the medium in which it operates; this is especially true for the new products which are being marketed in these new mediums of communication.

Leveraging Benefits

While digital and social media has helped marketing to stay abreast of those to whom it makes known new products electronic marketing must be balanced so that it doesn’t reach a counterproductive response.

Steve Lesnard shows how the heart of every marketing plan always keeps the customer and their needs at the center of a marketing strategy. In other words, when a new product is presented to the public it must keep the value which they add to the customer’s lives of primary importance.

Marketing Reduced to Essentials

Steve Lesnard says that for a strategy to be successful the marketer must keep two essential at the heart of the strategy. First, the message must remain in it a fundamental and simple state of presentation. Secondly, while simplicity is necessary, the next important principle is to make the strategy come to life for the customer. The customer wants to not only know the product will enhance their life, but also be shown how to envision it in their life.

Storyline is Real

Steve Lesnard shows how customers want a storyline to be created for them so they can understand how they fit into the story; in other words, a simple message with an emotional appeal to the customer. By allowing the customer to see themselves feeling better, whether it is living the life they want or having the happiness all yearn for, the simple message with emotional appeal makes the marketing campaign attempts to make the product personal and appealing to the customer. By using the digital medium the customer can envision their use of the product as well as the emotional response they are imagined to have, which bring the product into the life of the customer.

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ClassDojo for the young mind

ClassDojo is a creative app helping teachers around the world. This program was created to help manage the stress of young minds while also helping them regain focus in the classroom and reward positive behavior. The teachers benefit from this as well. Teachers are able to track how well someone is doing throughout the day without grabbing a pen and paper or filling out some kind of computer document.

One of the most beneficial parts to the ClassDojo program is that the parents are able to view videos of what their kids are doing during the day. The parents are also able to check in on the child’s score because they are given points for good behavior and deducted points for bad behavior. Recently results and videos have been released showing the instructional video on mindful moments.

Mindful moments is a small 8- 10-minute program that is launched worldwide for 5 consecutive days. In this 8- 10 minute program self-awareness is key. The instructor gives the students really small tasks like closing their eyes, taking deep breaths, thinking about their behavior.

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They even gave scenarios like “what would you do if you caught yourself daydreaming?” Then the children might get a small moment to discuss what they would do in that situation. In the video she spoke about how all the children around the world are doing this at the same time as them, which was also something for them to be mindful of. Over the course of five days the children should feel more aware of their surroundings and themselves within them.

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Getting to Open an Agera Energy Account

Opening an account with Agera Energy is one of the easiest and most worthwhile things that you will do. Visit to know more.

There are many benefits to going with Agera Energy, and it is why a lot of office and home owners have been choosing to switch over. You can easily sign up for a new account on the internet and get to use the services being provided to you. The benefits of choosing this particular option are apparent, and you’ll save money thanks to the different services that Agera Energy is offering to their customers.


If you have ever paid too much for your energy at home, you know how important it is to switch to a more sustainable company. The company has become a trusted option for a lot of people nationwide. You can go to the Agera Energy site to see what they have done for their customers and what you can expect. With the help of the Agera Energy firm, it is easier than ever for you to know that this is an option that is going to get you to save money for good and not have to go with any other provider in the area you’re living. Read more about Agera Energy at Medium.

Skincare Tips from Genucel to Protect your skin

Your skin is the first thing people see when they meet you. When the skin is not smooth and beautiful, people have low self-esteem issues. Your skin means so much to you, and it should enjoy the best products in the market. Plant-based products are becoming popular because of the confidence they give to customers. Genucel is among these brands. Unlike other chemical-based products, Genucel beauty products are safe and not harsh on your delicate skin. Using them for a short time is enough to discover results. Reviews from global customers show that the brand has a mission to give women the confidence to conquer the tough world. Getting wrinkles and fine lines are what many people hate to have on their skin. With age, however, it is not easy to avoid getting the folds. Beauty brands in the world are working hard to come up with an excellent solution to deal with folds on the skin. Genucel, on the other hand, has already made products that are helping clients with wrinkles.

According to, when you start to notice some lines in your skin, it is essential to take action fast. When you handle the skin correctly, you will correct folds on any part of your skin before the situation is worse. Genucel advocates for the use of enough moisturizer and sunscreen. It is important to note that the best sunscreen is the one that contains SPF. This regime has to take place every day so that it can be effective. When you drink a lot of water regularly, you will be hydrated, and it will have a youthful appearance. The sun is an enemy of your skin. When you make this discovery, you will limit the amount of time spent out in the sun. At some point in life, wrinkles will have to come, but it is always best to try to keep them away for a longer time.

After practicing the correct skincare regime for a long time, there comes a time when an anti-aging product will come in handy. Getting the best brand will save you a lot of stress. Many brands will disappoint you, especially when they have harsh ingredients.  You can visit to know more about Genucel.

Jeremy Goldstein: The Kindest Lawyer in New York

Jeremy Goldstein founded Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates after watching numerous compensation consulting firms break away from their parent corporations. He saw their success and wondered if he could do the same thing with his own firm. Today, he and his firm specialize in executive compensation and corporate governance.

Throughout his career, he learned to see things a different way. While a traditional corporate attorney prefers to stay detached from their clients, Jeremy Goldstein formed long-term relationships with clients to get to know them better. Even outside the office, he cares about developing relationships that could one day pay off in more ways than one.

Last year, he found out just how helpful those relationships could be. For many years, Jeremy Goldstein has worked with a local charity called Fountain House. Fountain House dedicates its many resources to the recovery of people struggling with mental illness.

Mental illness is a big issue these days, but it still hasn’t broken from the political arena and become a real issue. While nearly two billion will experience mental illness in some form at one point in their lives, it’s still not an issue too many people want to talk about in public and that’s the problem.

The stigma surrounding mental illness causes more harm than any other aspect of the issue. People go their entire lives suffering in silence because they’re too afraid or embarrassed to admit they might have a problem. Honestly, mental illness can be as simple as minor depression or an anger problem. Many illnesses and disorders have effective treatments, but people are too afraid to speak up.

That’s why Fountain House was founded over 70 years ago. In 1944, a group called “We Are not Alone” started talking about mental illness publicly. Today, that group called Fountain House, and they have sister-organizations and supporters all over the world. Fountain House is popular in the awareness world because it always goes above and behind for those suffering.

Many organizations don’t have the financial support that Fountain House, so Fountain House capitalizes on its fortune by offering many services to make sufferers’ lives better. They even have a work initiative to help the fully recovered find jobs and get their lives back on track. For Fountain House, it’s about more than treating the issue; it’s about giving those people back their confidence.


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