Nitin Khanna: CEO and Founder Living a Full Life

Nitin Khanna is the CEO of MergerTech, and this is an acquisition and merger that offers tech and consulting services. Co-founded with other investors, they have a global presence and relationship coupled with experts. He got his experience and sharpened his skills when he was working for Oracle after his studies at Purdue. Nitin Khanna has been privileged and lucky to have the chance to manage his career while enjoying this personal passion and likes.

He was born in India and from a family of entrepreneurs where he got his passion for entrepreneurship. He spent most of his early years with other business mentors in the motorcycle and cement plant sectors. That is where Nitin Khanna learnt about the secrets and philosophies in business. He started his business journey in 1998 as the co-founder of Saver Corp, a software company that has grown over the years to be a stand-alone firm and offering the US government solutions since 2007 and values at $120 million.

The company’s growth was awarded by Inc 500 for the years 2006 and 2007. The Deloitte Fast 500 and in 2007 they were number one on Oregon’s Fastest Growing Company. In 2005, they managed to invest with Accel-KKR private Equity before they disposed of it. Nitin disposd the firm at $460 million to EDS at a profit, and he continued with his leadership roles in government operations up until 2011. Nitin Khanna is the CEO of MergerTech, and they offer acquisitions and merger advice to different firms and the CEO of Cura Cannabis. It is a leader in providing cannabis to the west coast up to 2018.

Cura Cannsbis deals with Select Oil, Cura CS, and Select CBD. Nitin also has different positions in advisory, education, and consulting. He attended Purdue University and attained his Bachelor’s and Masters in Engineering. His hobbies include movies, music, and drinking good wine. He sits at the board of TiE Oregon and the Classic Wines. He also oversees other companies in cloud spaces, social, and mobile. Nitin has had a thought of going back for his doctorate in robotics. He has completed his studies and ready to work.

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GPB Global Resources Looks to the Future Potential of Oil

The world is changing before our very eyes and at a much faster pace than ever before. There is now a clear distinction between the developed world and third world countries still struggling to get off the ground. GPB Global Resources is in the oil energy business and an active voice for extraction operations all across the world. A series of recent laws and regulations have tested oil’s sustainability, but the company believes there are still plenty of regions that need the timeless resource to get started. A recent discussion with the Daily Forex Report expands on how this company creates its dealings.

Despite the new regulations coming from developed nations, GPB Global Resources has found a market brimming with potential on the continent of Africa. There are currently 54 countries that have divided up the land, and each one has its unique set of established infrastructure. The article describes how the company works with local governments and organizations to create a deal in extracting their local resources. However, the fact of being an underdeveloped region presents its own hurdles. Sufficient means to transport goods to and form the site are vital for a sustainable extraction process.

In the developed world, oil has become less and less of a factor for business when they are trying to find an energy source. An era of green energy has began where wind and solar power are steadily taking over as the prominent source. GPB Global Resources has a complete understanding about the history of the world to this point. All of the major countries had to go through the industrial revolution at some point. This is an era defined sharply by increasing the number of factories and labor workers to get economy moving. Africa is naturally the most likely location to undergo this societal shift.

Africa is a region of the world with many untapped resources. GPB Global Resources is on the ground laying the foundations for bringing out all the wealth hiding in the country. There will come a day when Africa might stand on equal footing with the developed w

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Steve Lesnard Joins The North Face To Launch FUTURELIGHT Technology

One of the things that amateur and professional athletes can’t stand is working up a sweat while wearing a raincoat. The crunchy outer shell holds in all the heat and moisture, making it feel like you’re in a portable sauna. The state of water repellent technology has been lacking, until now. The North Face developed FUTURELIGHT technology as a solution to this problem. They developed a proprietary process that makes fabric with microscopic nozzles made of ultra-thin fibers. This technology creates waterproof fabric that allows air to permeate it. People in FUTURELIGHT clothing remain dry while also remaining comfortable.

Steve Lesnard is the company’s vice president of marketing. He took the lead on designing a multi-level marketing campaign for FUTURELIGHT. Unlike past The North Face marketing campaigns, products made from FUTURELIGHT are featured on the center stage. Marketing departments have access to massive amounts of data. While this is a good thing, Steve Lesnard says it’s easy to focus too much on metrics and analytics. While he used data to build the FUTURELIGHT marketing campaign, it was also developed using creativity and innovation.

The slogan for FUTURELIGHT is “Defy the past, wear the future.” This slogan shares in just a few years what makes this technology revolutionary. The marketing campaign is the same across all channels. This includes social media influencers, which Steve Lesnard is using to reach younger consumers. He is also using traditional marketing channels such as radio and TV. Steve Lesnard recently joined the North Face as an executive. He has been in the sports industry for two decades. He once led a global marketing push for a sports company’s sponsorship of the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Summer Olympics. He was brought on board at The North Face at a pivotal time for the company as it launches its next great product.

Wes Edens: Successful, Experienced Financial Services Professional and Dedicated Philanthropist

When Wes Edens, the co-founder and co-CEO of financial services company Fortress Investment Group, earned his bachelor’s degree in business management and finance from Oregon State University, no one could anticipate how much he would use the knowledge and training it offered. Since graduating, Edens has held management positions in dozens of companies. He has also been responsible for the financial transactions involved in private equity for Fortress Investment Group for 20 years. But long before he helped to start the company, Wes Edens had been using his financial acumen to earn a living.

Edens began working at Lehman Brothers in 1987. By the time he left the company in 1993, he had become a partner and a managing director. His excellent financial acumen, skills and experience enabled Wes Edens to do well at Blackrock Financial Management. He then spent a year at UBS as a partner and managing director. Then in 1998, Wes Edens got together with Rob Kauffman and Randal Nardone and created the private equity firm Fortress Investment Group. When Edens and his co-founders took the company public in 2007, it was historic. No other large private equity firm had ever had their stock publicly traded.

Over the course of his career, Wes Edens has held executive and directorial positions in countless companies in a bewildering array of industries. Some of those companies include Drive Shack Inc., Florida East Coast Railway Corporation, Gatehouse Media, Global Signal Inc., Capstead Mortgage Corporation, Intrawest Resorts Holdings, SeaCube Container Leasing Ltd., Aircastle Ltd., Rail America, Brookdale Senior Living Inc., ItalfondiarioSpA., GAGFAH S.A., Gaming and Leisure Properties, Inc., doBankS.p.A. and many others. It’s a testament to the diverse skillset and leadership skills Wes Edens possesses.

Wes Edens has a wide variety of interests. He owns the National Basketball Association’s Milwaukee Bucks. Edens has been involved with the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team Foundation for decades. Plus, he is a thoughtful individual who has helped Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota by setting up the Edens Professorship in Global Health. Wes Edens has also supported the Brown School of Public Health by working with its advisory council. He has also created The Edens Family Fund for Climate Change Research at the prestigious Princeton University.

Wes Edens’ New Fortress Energy has recently built Jamaica’s first LNG terminal. He is also taking 27 vacant acres in Milwaukee and creating a vibrant entertainment district.

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Todd Levine Shared His Ideas as a Distinguished Lawyer


Todd Levine is a prominent lawyer and a successful entrepreneur. He is the founder of the famous Kluger Kaplan law firm based in Florida. Todd is an all-round individual who invests his time in many areas of his passion besides law. He has a passion for music, art, and science. The Kluger and Kaplan law firm specializes in legal matters that pertain to commercial real estate ventures. Todd mainly specializes in real estate brokers, investors, real estate venture disputes, and property owners.

Before his professional career in law, Todd Levine studied at the University of Florida and graduated in 1988 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. He then joined the Florida Levin College of Law and pursued law for three years, after which he attained a degree in law. Todd discovered his potential in legal matters earlier on precisely because of his influence on his clients. As his incredible skills advanced and his impact in complex commercial litigation increased, Todd discovered he had something special for his clients. It was during this time that he organized with his four colleagues, and launched a commercial litigation law firm.

The Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine is among the leading and most distinguished law firm in Florida. The founders are famous and honored for their incredible skills. Kluger and Kaplan emerged as the winners of the 2018 Best Lawyer Award in Real Estate Litigation presented by the US News in conjunction with the World Report. Besides this award, Todd Levine is also featured in various publications like the Super Lawyers Business Reviews, Florida Trend Magazine, and The Daily Business Review over the years.

As an esteemed lawyer, Todd Levine is often hosted for interviews to share about his successful career. In one of his recent interviews, Todd shared the qualities that make him a great and outstanding attorney. He noted that the critical thing is always to be ready for anything. He indicated that preparedness is vital, especially in situations that require making counter-arguments. This principle also applies to entrepreneurship. He also pointed out that it’s not always possible to predict what might happen for an entrepreneur. Lawyers must always be prepared to pull through whenever things go wrong.

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Luke Lazarus Brings Winning Solutions to Startup Success

 Working With Startup Businesses

Luke Lazarus began his journey to become a business leader from an early age in Perth, Australia. Soon he grew from a small boy with some first business experience of success to a young teenager who had captured the attention of several Ivy League schools in the states and who offered the young scholar tuition-free education to have homo move to the USA.

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By the time Luke Lazarus was ready for college, he had chosen the route of attending Melbourne Business School.

Lazarus applied himself to the MBA program. After Luke Lazarus graduated, he immediately began to apply himself to launching the business plans he had developed.

Four of his plans led him to successful businesses. After eight years of success and reaching the goals he had set, he decided to sell all four of his companies for an undisclosed amount, but other reporters have said it was sufficient to make him set for life.

However, Luke Lazarus had this one trait of wanting to give more than receive, and he wanted to give back to Australia what he had received during his already realized successful career.

Bringing Winning Solutions

Luke Lazarus decided to put all of his expertise, knowledge, and insights into a business that would be of service to struggling business startups. In 2013 he launched Luke Lazarus Consultancy. His consultancy had the purpose of offering solutions to startups across Australia.

Luke Lazarus has been traveling across Australia for now over six years, and has helped to re-launch some startups, lead others to obtain venture capital funding. One went from zero to launching its IPO on a stock exchange.

Startups Reaching for Success

The startup is always reaching for success in whatever they do. Business people are competitive and set goals that consistently exceed their last goal.

Luke Lazarus has specific goals when he works with startup businesses, which brings them to see the shortcomings they are challenged within their business plans, their mission statement, and their business story. These three elements need to be intact and perfect before a stable foundation for success, is set.

For those startups that have followed Luke Lazarus’ solutions, he brings, they have reached higher levels of success. Luke Lazarus comes to startups with over twenty years of success in starting, executing, and leading to success in his businesses.

At times Luke Lazarus is faced with the challenge of working with startups who have little knowledge about the higher levels of finances and marketing that is needed to run a business in the modern world.

In recent studies, statistics have shown that startup businesses can fail within the first five years and is a critical moment for those companies that want to have a successful career.

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One suggestion given by many professionals is recommending startups have successful consultants like Luke Lazarus to make up for the lack they face in the first years of their business. Luke Lazarus hopes to meet those requests and already has shown that his expert ability to bring solutions to startups has shown great promise for Australian Business Startups.


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Game Developer Alexis Kennedy Explains Why Cultist Simulator Didn’t Have A Tutorial

Alexis Kennedy has founded two indie game development studios. The first of these was Failbetter Games, which he launched in January 2010. This company’s two most successful games were Sunless Sea and Fallen London. In 2016, he co-founded the London, England-based Weather Factory along with Lottie Bevan. Their first game was Cultist Simulator which launched in 2018 on PC, Android, and iOS. They are now working on Book of Hours, which is being targeted for a 2021 debut.

Weather Factory held a Kickstarter to raise money for Cultist Simulator. Their goal was to raise $38,152 (£30,000) and they ended up getting $104,283 (£82,000). This is a very challenging card-based simulator with over 110,000 words. It’s based in the 1920s and involves gods and secret histories. It was nominated for two BAFTA awards, among other recognitions.

Alexis Kennedy chose not to include a tutorial in the game. The point of the game is to figure things out yourself, he says. This was a controversial decision which some people love and others hate. He was nervous when releasing the mobile versions as those usually gently guide a player into how the game works. As it turns out, the reviews for the mobile version were even better than the high scores the PC version got.

His team at Weather Factory is spread out remotely. Because of this, Alexis Kennedy spends his morning checking into them on Slack. He lets his team know what he’s working on that day and talks to them about what they’re doing. Since his team is remote, he takes a very disciplined approach to production.

The hardest challenge as an indie developer is getting and keeping attention, he says. Now that his company has developed a following, it’s easier but succinctly explaining their games is a tough task. He defines success in terms of earning a decent living while doing something he enjoys.

Sergey Petrossov Was Surprised by the Private Jet Travel Industry and Changed It



Sergey Petrossov is one of the youngest and most successful CEOs in history; however, his success isn’t limited to only that category. He is the founder and CEO of a company called JetSmarter. This company has changed the way that many people fly. As a result, more people than ever are using his service and flying on a private plane. This has led to his company being valued at more than $1 billion. Many high-profile investors, such as Jay-Z and the Saudi Royal Family, have thrown their support behind the young company and its leader. Their faith has been rewarded with massive, unprecedented growth. Sergey Petrossov actually got the idea for his company from his first experience flying on a private plane. 

When most people set foot on a private plane for the first time, they are suspired by the amount of luxury on the plane. On the other hand, Sergey Petrossov was surprised by something else. He was invited to fly on the private plane thanks to a partner and friend of his who was going through the private travel world on a regular basis. Sergey Petrossov actually could not believe how difficult the process was to actually book a plane. He was surprised that there was actually still a physical signature that was required to complete the purchase. He knew that there was a better way to book a flight on a private jet. Therefore, he decided to make a change.


His company, JetSmarter, allows people to book a private flight from their phone. Sergey Petrossov has already changed the world of private jet travel; however, he isn’t done there. He has his sights set on something much larger. He is going to change the world of commercial travel as well. It will be exciting to watch this young company and its leader continue to grow and develop in the future.


GPB Global Resources Aids Ethiopia in a Fight Against Global Warming

GPB Global Resources works in a controversial industry, the oil & gas exploration and production industry. Yet, every team member located throughout the world truly believes in the necessity of this resource. Yet, the participate with the communities they work in, bringing innovation, technology and needed services. This is why GPB Global Resources took an active role in Ethiopia’s recent efforts to fight global warming.

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed held a nationwide event and asked all non-essential government offices, the United Nations, Consulates and Embassies to help in the July 29th effort to plant trees. The initiative called the Green Legacy was a request for donations and manpower to plant 350 million trees in a single day, and GPB Global Resources did not hesitate to jump in and help out.

Ethiopia’s efforts to plant trees come as both a national and world effort. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed believes replacing the trees can help with problems of drought and famine, but can also help evenly distribute the carbon emitted by humanity around the world.

Why Plant So Many Trees?

On July 29, 2019 GPB Global Resources and people from government offices, corporations, the UN, other non profit groups, joined forces to plant 350 million trees because of the results of a recent study conducted in Zurich. The study found that the Earth could easily support 4.4 billion hectares of forests but currently only had 3 billion. The additional 1.4 billion can help store more than 200 billion tons of carbon monoxide which is about two-thirds of what the world currently produces, but the study also reiterated that the planting of trees was critical now, as it would take decades for the young trees to mature. The study also found that countries like the USA, Russia, Canada, Brazil, China and Australia had enough room to reforest several million hectares.

The Prime Minister of Ethiopia also saw millions of hectares that could be reforested. He along with other entities like GPB Global Resources see the reforestation as a benefit for both Ethiopia and the world. Now, after this wonderful eventful day, the country holds the world record for planting the most trees in a single day.

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ClassDojo Looks To Link Educators, Students, And Families

The 21st-century has moved on and allows us many different ways of interacting with our business and personal connections, including social media platforms, video calling, and text messaging. However, the education sector has been among the slowest to pick up on the possibilities on offer in these areas of communication until the launch of ClassDojo in 2011.Keeping in contact with every aspect of the life of a student at school can be difficult whether they are in elementary, middle, or high school. ClassDojo has placed most of its focus on keeping families and educators in contact at all times and in real-time.

ClassDojo is looking to change the way we keep in contact by taking the best aspects of social media and messaging apps and bringing them together under a single app. The fact that ClassDojo has become such an iconic member of the education sector in less than a decade the developers of the app are looking to have a major impact on every part of the academic experience. For example, keeping students at all ages engaged and energized throughout the day can be difficult but the ClassDojo app provides videos detailing daily exercises and stretches designed to create a better experience for all students.