Customers Solve And Prevent Crimes For Leading Inmate Communications Network Provider

Securus Technologies is known for being an interactive network that provides their customers with the highest standard of customer service excellence. Their level of professionalism has recently caused them to win a BBB Accreditation award. Their customers have taken it upon themselves to ensure the public safety by commenting on technology that will improve inmate communications. You will be communicating in a safer and technologically advanced environment that gives you more time to communicate for less. Officials that are required to prevent or solve crimes are adamant about a government mandated environment that ensures the welfare of the general public.


Securus Technologies Features


Video Chat


Now you can talk to your loved ones face-to-face with the benefits of a high definition video provided over the internet through Vimeo. You can remotely visit your loved ones from any where from most devices including your tablet.


Advanced Pay


Pay for premium services for inmate calling in advance. Choose from registration on their website or by calling 800 number.


Securus Technologies expands their services through credible corporations like JPay Services. Through their member customers have been able to save over 46% on their inmate calling. In fact, Securus Technologies has been chosen over other networks including Global Tel-Link, ten to one. Customers can relate to the savings compared to numbers that read $4 to $1. PRN Newswire has dubbed Securus Technologies one of the largest growing networks in the inmate communication network. You’re cordially invited to become a part of Securus Technologies today. Visit their exclusive website for more details on promotional offers, services, and programs.