Bhanu Choudhrie, Millionaire Businessman

Bhanu Choudhrie is a well known British-Indian businessman who was born in India in 1978. He is the founder and executive director of C&C Alpha Group, which has global reach and say in healthcare, hospitality, banking, real estate, aviation and utilities. This man is very smart and he pretty much has his hands in everything which has made him such a success over the years. He is known for his kind and friendly personality.

Bhanu Choudhrie is Indian and he graduated from the University of Boston. He is married and lives with his wife and child in London, England. He has received numerous awards for work as an entrepreneur and as a philanthropist. He works hard to spread his business across the world in the hope’s that everyone can benifit from it. His hard work and leadership has made him a favorite go to guy for advise. Bhanu Choudhrie has a family that has been in the real estate business for years, which is where he got the idea for his business. He had all the advise and knowledge needed to be a successful entrepreneur at an early age. His workday involves checking emails, watching the news and traveling. His days are pretty set. He plans ahead and knows what the day has in store. He also takes time out to have fun and spend time with his family.

Bhanu Choudhrie is a well known entrepreneur who has made his millions in the world of business. He works hard to keep his business and family flourishing. He is also a great person who genuinely cares for people. His business will be around for a very long time and his name will always be known. His work in the business world reaches far and wide and he will always be remembered as a great businessman and a great friend. He grew up with a family that was devoted to business and he learned the ins and outs well. He is always traveling from one country to the next and new faces always excite him, and he always does whatever he can do to help anyone.

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Serge Belamant’s Past and Present in Technology Innovation

Serge Belamant is the type of person that is naturally innovative and technically inclined. However, his academic background served to cement what would be an illustrious career. Belamant studied engineering, computer science, applied mathematics and information systems at Witwatersrand University and the University of South Africa. After leaving college early to pursue his career, Belamant was afforded many opportunities to showcase his broad technical talents. Serge Belamant worked at Matrix Engineering on finite element analysis software, which involved Cyber and IBM computer systems. While at Matrix, he developed applications that analyzed water levels in dams for the purpose of predicting and preventing droughts in the future. He later worked with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research where he led a team to success on a Witwatersrand and Vereeniging project for road planning.

It was during this timeframe that Belamant was instrumental in breakthroughs for digital mapping, statistical methods, and improved road network analysis through the development of graphic interfaces. Serge Belamant consistently excelled, including his work at SASWITCH where he was hired to lead their IT division. RSA banks owned SASWITCH and there were many issues, such as malfunctioning switching systems that he was able to transform. Belamant developed a new switch, while also creating a reversed communications protocol. The switch enabled all RSA banks to be connected. After many successes, Serge Belamant founded Net1 Technologies in 1989, which is now a multi-million dollar company. The growth of Net1 Technologies included work around the world, such as Burundi, Russia, Ghana, Iraq, Namibia and Botswana.

Net1 Technologies was even awarded a government contract in South Africa for the purpose of paying grants. This was accomplished through the development and implementation of various innovative and advanced technologies. After leaving Net1 Technologies in 2017, Serge Belamant became a co-founder of Zilch Technology. It’s a venture that he launched with his son. The current focus of Zilch Technology is to leverage Belamant’s ongoing innovations in the area of blockchain technology to continue advancements in cryptocurrency markets. As it relates to the development of software applications and other innovations, Belamant remains a leader in his field.

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Mark Holyoake’s Admirable Career in the Seafood Industry

Mark Holyoake is one of the young business executives that take every business opportunity seriously. His business decisions leave the competitors amazed only to proof him after some time. His graduation from Reading University became the cornerstone of his future success in business. Mark graduated in 1995 and immediately joined the real estate investment industry because of his passion for the sector. Holyoake Oakvest Holdings is his vehicle in the acquisition and property management vehicle he started in 2006.In 2010. Mark Holyoake decided to diversify his interests to the seafood industry by investing in Iceland Seafood International. Mark invested in the company in its near-collapse despite operating for 78 years in Iceland’s competitive seafood industry. Fishing in Iceland comes with challenges because of the stringent government standards. Besides, the country’s economy was recovering from collapse. It was a precarious investment, but Mark went ahead to invest millions of dollars in the company. He decided to make it a long-term investment, although investors thought it was a wrong decision.

According to Mark Holyoake, Iceland Seafood International had the chance of gaining its profit-making era like before. He appointed a new Chief Executive Officer through his powers as the majority shareholder. Additionally, Mark marketed the products to European countries that didn’t know about them. The system worked paving the way for the company’s international expansion. Holyoake facilitated the company’s process of going public in 2016. Holyoake oversaw the purchase of Solo Seafood, a process that boosted Iceland Seafood International’s global expansion.

In December 2018, Mark Holyoake resigned from his position as the company’s member of the board of directors. He sold his stake in the company allowing another team to oversee the company’s operations. Through his experience, Mark provides advice to budding entrepreneurs to invest wisely by avoiding debts. Holyoake points out that operating in the investment industry in debt is dangerous because it becomes impossible to grow the business.

Additionally, buying a house could be tricky because lenders investigate someone’s credit score before issuing loans. Mark Holyoake moved to Ibiza, Spain operating property management business in collaboration with Carvalho Family. He runs the Herdade da Comporta as well as offering investment advice in Iceland’s Seafood sector.

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EOS Lip Balm Launches Stick Lip Balm And Flavor Lab Flavors

EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, round lip balms are currently available in money-saving four packs. The deal includes the popular flavors; Sweet Mint, Strawberry Sorbet, and Vanilla Bean. If you buy an assorted package, you’ll also receive a Pomegranate Raspberry stick. Yes, EOS has launched stick lip balms, along with have cream and lotion.

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The company’s products sell well because they don’t contain any parabens, gluten or petroleum jelly. Instead, the hydrating lip balms use sustainably sourced ingredients, such as jojoba oil, vitamin E and shea butter.

Target initially carried the latest EOS collection called Flavor Lab but they are now available in Ulta and Kohl’s stores. Flavor Lab has six delicious flavors out, including Eucalyptus. Lavender Latte, Sweet Grapefruit, Beach Coconut, Watermelon Frosé and Lychee Martini. In a novel way to develop new products, EOS brought together 19 social media influencers to help create the new flavors.

The influencers will promote the irresistible flavors with #eosflavorlab on Instagram. They will create content superior to other social media influencers since they were a part of the product’s development. EOS has relied on celebrities and tastemakers from the beginning; early marketing efforts had the noticeable round lip balm in Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus music videos.

Isabel Dos Santos Named Among the Most Influential Female Leaders Globally

Today, many female entrepreneurs have become dominant in different sectors outshining their male colleagues through significant contributions in the community. More so, women entrepreneurs have emerged from varying region globally, therefore, creating a new dimension of changing the business world. Among them is the Angolan-Russian businesswoman, Isabel dos Santos. She is the richest woman in Africa with investments around the world, also known as the eldest daughter of the former president of Angola. The businesswoman has played a significant role in both social entrepreneurship and the community witnessed from her hard work in different sectors.

She is among the recognized female leaders in Angola, Africa and worldwide, in general, through the fight against bad leadership, violence, and gender inequality. As such, Isabel dos Santos promoted the development of local communities, the advancement of technology in Africa, and the strengthening of the telecommunication and infrastructural sector in Angola. The businesswoman has also held different executive positions in several companies, including Unitel, Efacec, ZAP, and Candando, among others. Her unique innovations have drastically enhanced the growth and creation of different systems and structures hence motivating women to have strong leadership. Other than focusing on her professional career, Isabel dos Santos also plays a significant role in helping young women while promoting education back in her home country.

Other female leaders recognized globally include Gagandeep Kang, Kafui Kadzah, and Eleni Cotsis who have considerably changed the world. Gagandeep Kang is an Indian medical scientist who served as the director of Translational Health Sciences and Technology Institute in her home country to educate about crucial factors in the community. She has assisted in the creation of rotavirus vaccine and like Isabel dos Santos; she spearheads women empowerment initiatives. Eleni Cotsis is an expert entrepreneur from Southern California currently residing in Barranquilla, Colombia, primarily focusing on inspiring women about business. She founded a group, Women Entrepreneurs of Medellin, which trains women on different sectors in the sector. Kafui Kadzah also participates extensively in creating new recipes, therefore, enhancing her amazing role in the community. Among them is the creation of the first meal in her kitchen and has expanded into other ventures such as homeownership, and business growth.

Genucel Helping to Get The Skin You Want


Keeping your skin healthy, smooth, and moist is very important for people especially as we get older. We want to make sure that we are using the proper products in place that will assist in making sure that those goals are accomplished. There are a lot of healthcare products that promote skincare but the most recently noted skincare formula that works effectively is called Genucel. Genucel by Chamonix works primarily for women aiming to clear up bags under the eye as well as puffiness that occur. There are different ingredients in Genucel that create the nourishment needed to give the most effective treatment. Some of the ingredients that are included within Genucel are Algae Extract, Green Tea Leaf Extract, and Goji Berry Extract and a host of different other vitamins and supplements that make the product the ideal substance to have. The algae extract is the ingredient used to soothe the skin. Green Tea leaf extract is used as an antioxidant and the goji berry extract are vitamins that are used for the wrinkles by communicating with the cells in order to control the elements.

Keeping Aging Skin Healthy during the Summer

Summertime is a great time for some to relax, enjoy life, and to reset. The summer is a time that we have to be careful because the sun can be friendly but also be a danger for our state of skincare. Skincare is important, but research shows that older adults use sunscreen more frequently than the younger generation. The younger generation doesn’t realize that skincare is important regardless of age. Genucel’s new line of products helps to promote skin health, especially in the summer heat. Genucel by Chamonix is to be applied around your eyes up to twice a day preferably in the morning and before going to bed. It takes time for the results to show but once received the summer of beautiful skin will appreciate the patience.  To see more about genucel visit

The Career of Mauricio Mendonca Godoy

Maurício Mendonça Godoy began laying the groundwork for his success in engineering at the University of Presbiteriana Mackenzie. Godoy graduated that school with a degree in mechanical engineering. To learn leadership skills he later enrolled in Harvard Business School. In 2008 Godoy became the Chief Operating Officer of the Brazilian engineering firm SOG. When a new Toyo Setal Empreendiemento (venture in English) was born of a merger with Japan’s Toyo Company Godoy became its CEO.

Setal’s AVEVA Plant Opens

Based in Great Britain AVEVA designs productivity software for engineering and industrial firms. Setal oversees budget control, construction, engineering and industrial unit construction for petrochemical, mining, and a variety of other industries. Maurício Mendonça Godoy explained that the AVEVA plant requires a smaller labor force, and offers improved communication between engineering and construction reducing the need to correct mistakes.

FPSO P-74 Project Wins Award

FPSO stands for floating production, storage, and offloading. Dubbed P-74 the platform was built for Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. or Petrobras for short by the EBR shipyard. The platform will be used in the offshore oil field Franco-1. Finishing the project almost three months ahead of the completion date garnered EBR two awards. In 2018 under the category of “Engineering Petrobras honored EBR with their “Best Suppliers” award. EBR was also won a Construction and Assembly award.

Mauricio Godoy on The Significance of The Awards

Speaking on the two above mentioned awards EBR President Maurício Mendonça Godoy stated that being honored by Petrobras was a “source of pride” for EBR and its employees. Godoy declared that EBR would continue to invest in its industrial park and workforce development. Godoy further pledged that EBR customer service would continue to improve.

The Brazilian Association of Industrial Engineering (BAIE)

BAIE was formed to help Brazilan engineering firms become more competitive in the global market. During his inaugural speech, the newly elected BAIE President Antonio Ernesto Ferreira Müller stressed the importance of developing Brazil’s workforce. On the same day, Müller was sworn in Maurício Mendonça Godoy was appointed to the BAIE board of directors.

How And Why Gino Pozzo Wants You To Become A Watford FC Fan

One of the perks of being a successful businessman is the ability to be diverse with your management. This even includes being able to manage an English football club. That said, such is the case for the distinguished Gino Pozzo. As a successful Italian businessman, Gino Pozzo managed to work his way up to owning and leading the well-known Watford FC football club. To be clear, he never had to buy the team. It was more of a collaboration inheritance from his family that bought it. More than anything, this speaks volumes about the pedigree that Gino Pozzo comes from. Nonetheless, he has managed to bring success to his club in a way no other owner has. Going apart from traditional methods of leadership, Gino Pozzo is bringing success through a focus on the fans. This stems from his understanding that without the fans, there is no football club in the first place. With that said, let’s take a closer look at how Gino is making the efforts in making everyone a fan of Watford FC.

A Passion For The Game

In an article on Gino and his goals for Watford FC, he narrows down his goals to a passion for the game of football. Gino uses his passion and the passion of his club’s fans as a motivational benchmark to achieve even greater heights. Add in the passion of his amazing family members and, we have a recipe for success that is unlike any other. This is one of the reasons why the club is on a rise in terms of popularity. That said, as far as how he is going to gain as many fans as possible, gino has stated that he wants to be as hands-on in his approach as he can. This means making public appearances, making investments, and other similar actions all for the benefit of the team. If this doesn’t show how passionate Gino is for success then what else does?

JLGA’s Jeremy Goldstein In The Importance Of Non-Compete Agreements In Business

It’s not a new thing for us to hear about employees rallying up for their rights and making their voices heard. But its also worthy to note that employers have the same right to protect themselves, their company, and data from a former employee’s malicious intent. Jeremy Goldstein, a lawyer from the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates recommends the usage of Non-Compete Agreements in order for employers to also protect their data and rights.


A non-compete agreement is a document which binds the employee to keep all the trade secrets of the employer secret. This legal document’s main purpose is to make sure that the employee will not use his knowledge of the company’s operation to exploit for personal gain. A non-compete agreement is usually signed by the employee before starting his or her job. However, a non-compete agreement can also be signed by an employee which is already working for the company. According to reports, the use of non-compete agreement has been increasing, and this only means that employees are growing more aware of the need to protect their data.


If the employee is new in the company, the employment offer is often enough reason to complete the agreement. This is a part of their job offer which they need to accept in order to work with the company. Existing employees in the company can also be made to sign a non-compete agreement. However, the employer might need to give the existing employee an incentive for the non-compete agreement to be satisfiable. Additional benefits or incentives are often enough.


Even though it is a great idea to make a non-compete agreement, its hard to write a good one. In order for an agreement to be considered as a good one, the conditions should be justified for both parties. Employers must not make conditions which are too restrictive for the employee and will force him to just stay in the company. Meanwhile, the clauses for the part of the employee’s site is to make sure that the non-compete document will fully protect their rights. It’s very advisable to seek professional help from an attorney who is already an expert in this kind of cases.


In most state, a non-compete agreement is affected by the different state laws from different states. Places such as California and Oklahoma will likely favor their workers’ right more while its the opposite for Florida and New York. If you’re unsure of what to do, you can start by getting help from a professional attorney for your case. Jeremy Goldstein and the whole JLGA is currently operating at New York as a law firm. Goldstein finished his studies at Law at the New York University where he got a J.D. from Law and MA.


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What Maarten de Jeu Tells International Business Owners

Business owners are always looking for advice, but sometimes it’s easy to miss some of the most important aspects of your business. Maarten de Jeu is one of the most insightful business owners of our time. He is now opening up about strategies that he has used successfully for business to help other business owners. 


Maarten de Jeu’s success is directly linked to his time spent working in the area of international business. Working within the real estate marketplace and other areas of business internationally, it is no doubt that he sets such a high standard of setting goals and achieving them. 


Having attended the University of Oxford, his education is second to none. He is also multilingual, another key to helping him conduct business in multiple countries. Working with a global business network, he was able to focus on building his global business network. The focus for him was working with those he had built relationships within Europe and Asia. 


Maarten de Jeu also soon discovered that his skills could also serve America well. One of his greatest assets is that he is attuned to various business cultures, as well as an understanding of how various institutions work. Advising Fortune 100 companies, he is advising in thriving marketplaces like technology, as well as working high-net-worth individuals. 


As the Founder and Managing Director for SVM Advisory, he is working on a global level. The advising that Maarten de Jeu gives, is helping clients harness and focus on international business. Teaching on his expertise in strategy, planning, acquisition, and how to plan ahead for the future of your business and improve it, he is teaching his clients viable skills. Learn more:


He has always been fairly open about how complex the international market can be, and he is able to share with them some of the most sophisticated aspects of doing business on an international level. 


There are various aspects of this marketplace that are challenging to understand, and his current work within international business continues to prove this. He is currently the Director of Strategy and Corporate Development for Aviva, located in London. 


While working with various international clients, he has helped them to serve high-end clients like Heinz, AMRO, ING, and many others.

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