ClassDojo Looks To Link Educators, Students, And Families

The 21st-century has moved on and allows us many different ways of interacting with our business and personal connections, including social media platforms, video calling, and text messaging. However, the education sector has been among the slowest to pick up on the possibilities on offer in these areas of communication until the launch of ClassDojo in 2011.Keeping in contact with every aspect of the life of a student at school can be difficult whether they are in elementary, middle, or high school. ClassDojo has placed most of its focus on keeping families and educators in contact at all times and in real-time.

ClassDojo is looking to change the way we keep in contact by taking the best aspects of social media and messaging apps and bringing them together under a single app. The fact that ClassDojo has become such an iconic member of the education sector in less than a decade the developers of the app are looking to have a major impact on every part of the academic experience. For example, keeping students at all ages engaged and energized throughout the day can be difficult but the ClassDojo app provides videos detailing daily exercises and stretches designed to create a better experience for all students.

Angela Koch and the Art of Grooming Leaders

Angela Koch is the chief executive officer of the US Money Reserve, arguably the nation’s biggest dealer of US government-issued gold, silver and platinum coins.

The US Money Reserve has been around for more than a decade, and in that period they can boast of having served over 500,000 clients.

This shows the level of trust the company has gained from the public. And rightfully so, because they believe in building trust with their clients first, they consistently deliver the highest quality US government-issued gold, silver, and platinum coins. With an impeccable customer service provided by well-trained and highly knowledgeable staff, USMR has earned many accolades from the industry watchers.

A lot of these feats can be attributed to the CEO’s unwavering belief in developing her employees. Most large business corporations do not generally care much about the personal development of their employees, the focus is just selling.

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And so long as sales are being made, all is fine and good. Angela Koch on the other hand, is convinced that by grooming her staff and training them to become well-versed professionals, the company will reap the rewards in the end.

A typical employee at US Reserve is taught how the business process runs, how to build a structured business, drilled on the customer’s needs, and how to provide such services with a touch of excellence. Angela Koch prides herself on the ability of her staff to make the best business decisions independently. She ensures that each employee learns everything he or she needs to know and that the team is moving up the ladder with no one left behind.

Ms. Koch is the only woman working as a CEO in the precious metals industry, and the story of her path to the top is intriguing.

She dropped out of college, got married, and had her first child. Because her husband was still studying she had to find a job to sustain herself and her child. Having no degree she had to go about it the hard way, working two or three jobs sometimes.

However, that did not deter her as she persisted in learning how the business runs at every organization she worked. After working at various companies she became adept at setting and improving process flow at every corporation she worked. While working at a ranch, she produced a document that is currently being applied by several other ranchers.

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From there she got to the US Money Reserve and rose through the ranks to become their very first female CEO. In her time at the USMR every process, from sales to marketing, was built into the ERP system.

As she works to further grow the company, Angela Koch follows her principles which include not accepting excuses, knowing her strengths, and maximizing them.

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James Dondero and Pertinent Organizations

James Dondero isn’t a man who lives a standard existence in any manner. He’s long been someone who has done things that are quite a challenge. He was a studious individual while he went to the University of Virginia. This was in Charlottesville, a picturesque and historic community in the Central region of the state. He learned so much about things that would end up aiding his career later. He learned a lot about accounting and how it operated. He learned a lot about finance concepts that were effective all throughout the United States and elsewhere. His educational path at the University of Virginia prepared him well for all sorts of career opportunities that were on the horizon. JP Morgan is a renowned All-American financial presence. It’s also a company that presented him with an opportunity that was impossible to resist. Jim Dondero commenced working with JP Morgan rapidly. The gig proved to be highly educating to him. After JP Morgan, he took a position with the acclaimed American Express. American Express taught him a great deal about credit card use in the United States. It taught him a great deal about invaluable financial concepts in general.

Jim Dondero is headquartered in Dallas, Texas right now as Highland Capital Management’s Chief Executive Officer. This company President works in conjunction with Mark Okada. Okada happens to be the masterful investment banker who started the firm with Dondero in the nineties. James Dondero initiated the concept of the company in Los Angeles in California. He took it to Dallas after a couple of years as well.

James Dondero doesn’t brush off the value of aiding human beings in the Big D. He interacts with all sorts of charity and philanthropy favorites in the city. He communicates with many people who are at the helm of pertinent organizations.

Luke Lazarus Launches Australian Consultancy Bringing New Solutions to Business Startups

Today it is possible to enter the world of business and see more than 350K new startups begin in one year. In a recent poll, that is the figure of the amount of the number of new startups that started in 2018 in Australia.

That amount of startups if distributed equally over the amount of the total amount of square miles over the five largest cities in Australia (Sydney,Melbourne,Brisbane,Perth,and Adelaide) with a total of 7,115 people per square mile in all these cities and average of 1,423 persons per square mile in all when combined together.

Dividing that number of total new startups over one year into the number of square miles gives an average of 9.2 startups/1,423 persons/ square miles in each of the five largest cities in Australia.

Then of all these startups, there are recorded superstar startups that come on the scene and make our heads spin by the amount of success they bring to the economy and the new services and products that they carry or distribute to the cities they serve.

Luke Lazarus has been recognized as one of those superstar business leaders or serial-entrepreneurs. Luke Lazarus began his business journey on the Australian coast of Perth, where he grew up with all of the other children in his neighborhood and enjoyed making games, playing, and inventing stuff. When he was a mere eight years of age, Luke Lazarus had this idea for a business that he designed in a notebook and wrote notes on how he would execute the transaction.

As a surprise to his friends, whom he invited to join him, the little company was successful, and he carried those memories of success with him as a reminder of the hope he saw in a business career. After many years he realized his dream, thru the dedication to his academics and love for sports.

Luke Lazarus emerged after high school ready for college. He decided to attend Melbourne Business School rather than accepting the scholarships he had received from American Universities.

After completing his MBA at Melbourne, Luke Lazarus began to execute the businesses he planned, and four were hugely successful, leading him to sell them for a profit and ready for the next phase of his business career.

After selling his businesses, he decided to give back to the Australian business community from which he had received so much during the years he was starting and managing his activities.

Luke Lazarus agreed to pool together all of his talents and insights to launch a consultancy that would help struggling startups achieve their dreams of success.

Since 2013, when he began Luke Lazarus Consultancy, he has helped hundreds of startups and received recommendations from many of those he helped arrive success in their business plans.

Today Luke Lazarus flies across Australia and accomplishes the work he enjoys doing, which is to be a problem solver for struggling startups and further their possibility for success.

Some of the startups he has guided and advised have received investments from venture capitalists. One such company Luke Lazarus worked with went from zero success to launching their IPO of a major stock exchange.

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Boraie Development Brings the 600 North Beach Project

An apartment complex should give people what they want. With a new Atlantic City area complex, Boraie Development LLC provides soon-to-be-tenants with scores of excellent amenities. The new three-building development boasts proximity to two new casinos and the ocean. Besides these two appealing features, the apartments won’t come with high monthly rental prices. The development represents the first new fair-market housing option to appear in the region in fifty years. Based on the property’s description, five decades is worth the wait.

The combined presence of a raised pool and a courtyard between the three buildings factor in as more positives. The rooms themselves present a lot to offer. Persons fast enough to rent units on the fourth floor of all three buildings gain access to even more amenities, including impressive bay windows and super-high ceilings. The endeavor is known as the 600 North Beach apartment project. The investment into the project isn’t a minuscule one. Overall, the development costs run about $85 million. Ironically, two of the three buildings come with 85 units. The third presents 80, which brings the total to 250 units. Boraie Development produced many brilliant finished projects in the North Jersey region. The 600 North Beach project is one of the newest and most impressive.

Vinod Gupta Sets Sights on Continued Growth in Tech Sector

Born in 1946 in India, Vinod Gupta had no idea his future would hold such astonishing accomplishments. As a young businessman and entrepreneur, Gupta noticed a gap between business-to-business marketing and decided to reach for the stars and seize the opportunity. Gupta took a measly $100 bank loan and poured everything he had into his dream. Eventually, his work led him to become the CEO of infoGROUP.

With infoGROUP, Gupta established himself in the venture capital world, investing in promising database and information technology startups. His company has helped countless struggling businesses, incorporating information technologies to bring about insurmountable success.

Vinod Gupta is proud to provide opportunities for employment in underprivileged populations and applies vast resources to a multitude of charities, including funding for many schools in India.

Vinod Gupta understands the importance of rewarding his hard-working team members, for their role in the business as well as their loyalty. He strives to maintain core teams that stay equally motivated in order to keep the system running smoothly and efficiently. Gupta’s business will only grow from here as AI continues to advance and become more streamlined to better support his future endeavors. As a tech-focused entrepreneur, Gupta has kept his attention on burgeoning industries such as that of artificial intelligence.

Gupta believes that one of his major keys to success is market testing. He knows this step to be very important because, unless there’s a true market for that idea, it will soon become obsolete. If you’re starting out as a young entrepreneur, don’t be afraid to take smart risks, use new technologies to your advantage, and integrate market testing whenever possible. For Vinod Gupta, adhering to these tenets has allowed him continued growth and success. Aspiring entrepreneurs would do well to follow the blueprint that he has since laid forth.

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Gulf Coast Western and CEO Matthew Fleeger

Due in great part to superior leadership that focuses on business partner transparency and responsible growth, Gulf Coast Western has become an industry leader as a gas and oil company.

Gulf Coast Western

Matthew Fleeger is CEO, President, and Director of Gulf Coast Western, LLC, headquartered in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. By way of naturally beneficial partnerships and making well thought out, timely acquisitions, the company has continued to grow and prosper in this ultra-competitive industry.

It’s no real coincidence that Matthew Fleeger is the top man at Gulf Coast. This is a family business, founded by his father in 1970. But Mr. Fleeger didn’t just inherit his current position. Through fine education and extensive work in other industries and companies he founded in the indoor tanning industry and medical waste management, he attained a wealth of business experience before ultimately going back to the oil and gas industry.

Matthew FleegerAfter his father retired, Mr. Fleeger decided to implement strategies to expand all areas of the operation, moving out well beyond the limited Gulf Coast region it was previously focused on. Under his leadership and guidance, company holdings and drilling operations have now expanded outwards into locations in Texas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Alabama, Kansas, and Colorado.

In as much as Mr. Fleeger is interested in his own company’s growth and prosperity, one very admirable quality he possesses, and which is greatly appreciated by his partners in the industry, is his tremendous help and counsel he provides partner companies.

Due to his extensive experience in the industry and his passion for seeing others succeed, he helps potential partners make sound investment decisions, working to protect the security, safety, and benefits of potential and current partners. If needed, he’ll advise individual investment partners on matters of business taxes, enlightening them on ways to take advantage of federal tax benefits that provide assistance in domestic oil and gas exploration.

Kevin Plank’s New Construction Phase Begins In Baltimore

Kevin Plank is a man on a mission. Well, many missions. One of these missions involved a $5.5 billion plan to redevelop the Baltimore waterfront. His efforts are being called the greatest urban renewl in the country.

Both political figures and developers alike were present for the ground breaking ceremony. Even the Mayor of Baltimore, Bernard Young, is excited about the efforts, saying they were vitally important to the future of Baltimore.

There are a lot of big names behind the project. Goldman Sachs, a leading investment banking corporation is one of them. Margaret Anadu says the plans for Port Covington will transform the city of Baltimore. The city has been suffering from increased levels of poverty and an intense increase in violent crimes, as well as recent news about public corruption in the city.

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The city of Baltimore needs this project to be succesful. In 2016, it allowed a $660 million tax increment to help the plans along. The plans involve a total of 235 acres, which will turn the mostly forgotten waterfront in a giant, 18 million square foot area for various uses. Plans include 2 miles of fully rejuvinated waterfront, plenty of space for new retail outfits, as well as places for homes and hotels. The projects developers foresee thousands of new employment opportunities coming from from the results of their work.

Kevin Plank has always had a soft spot for underdogs, or anyone having a rough go of it. It is only natural that Plank would want to do what he could for the city of Baltimore.

That is what defines Kevin Plank, he has worked to help fight breast cancer, help veterans and has worked to promote various earth friendly causes. He pours his billions of dollars into projects that will make the world a better place. This is what makes Kevin Plank such a powerful force in our world today.

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OSI Group and the New Meat Dish

One of the fundamental principles of the world is the food chain. Plants and animals feed off of each other to survive. Meat is derived from animals and thus it is a staple of the human meal since the days of caveman. The human ancestors would hunt down their food with tools they built by hand. In the modern era, businesses use a variety of new tactics to achieve the same result. There are factories across the land which have streamlined the production process. OSI Group is the most recognizable name in the business, but Impossible Foods has been on the rise in recent years. Gazette Day recounts how these players interacted.

Starting with the industry leader OSI Group, this company has evolved the most during the last century. The origin of the business dates back to 1909 when an immigrant wanted to run a successful business. He was blown away by the success and steady growth that came in the following years. The name changed and the top individuals shifted around in conjugation with each phase of business grown. However, the appearance of Ray Kroc truly set everything into motion. OSI Group had to build a nationwide distribution network from scratch to meet the expected demand for meat.

On the flip-side of this article is Impossible Foods. This is a company only recently founded in the last decade and has acted on a mission to provide alternative food options for consumers. It all started when a college professor looked at all the technology we now have and weighed it against the rising potential in plants. He concluded that the best course of action was to get down to experimenting. The result was a meat dish called the impossible burger. It was a product that demonstrated all the qualities of a traditional version, but with a healthier twist.

OSI Group took notice of this consumer shift and got into contact with Impossible Foods. The two parties realized how much they could contribute to the success of each other, and thus a partnership was formed in the blink of an eye.
OSI Group to co-manufacture the Impossible Burger