Services Offered by Cotemar

Cotemar is a Mexican company that specializes in offering services to the oil and gas industry. The company takes pride in providing efficient solutions to those in the oil industry. The main services provided are accommodation, food services, maritime support operations, and transport of materials and personnel with specialized vessels.

Cotemar offers a wide selection of accommodation and food services. The company provides requested catering and nourishment with a large variety of expertly prepared food. As for cleaning, Cotemar will take care of the laundry, bedding, and the cleaning of communal areas within the accommodation cabins. Accommodation vessels contain two to four person cabins along with communal areas. The vessels also can have cinemas, gyms, basketball courts, a television room, and other recreational areas. Cotemar holds itself to the highest standards of quality and health control in order to ensure the best service is being provided to its clients and for the welfare of its staff.

Cotemar has a fleet of specialized and maritime support vessels for the purposes of its clients in the Campeche Bay. Some of the vessels have a dynamic positioning system allowing them to be operated by computers via satellite and maintain a fixed position. Other specialized vessels Cotemar has in its fleet provide transportation for personnel and lightweight materials and serve as the link between the offshore operations in Campeche Bay and the Ciudad del Carmen. Also among its many vessels are tugboats, barges, those specifically for transporting abrasive bulk materials, and for firefighting as well. Cotemar follows the strictest regulatory control with its systems and is compliant with all necessary environmental regulations as well.

Cotemar focuses on providing excellent and efficient service, quality work in a timely manner, and maintaining a high level of social responsibility with its commitment to following environmental regulations.

Securus Video Visitation Normalizes Parental Incarceration

Scientists are pretty sure that continuous interaction between kids and parents boost cognitive skills, and is helping the prison population experience these benefits. Securus Technologies offers a web-based video visitation that allows prisoners to conveniently stay in touch with families. This service has especially been advantageous to the children of inmates because it keeps relationships intact.


Parental incarceration creates havoc on child relationships ,and for decades, one of the prevailing problems among families of inmates is the impact on children. Special face to face times can be the glue in relationships, not to mention, it strengthens ties. According to a Princeton University research paper, the incarceration of parents has often led to juvenile delinquency, and the typical prison visitation model could not discourage bad behavior. Overall, many prevention programs have been researched and developed, yet very few have been successful in curbing the negative aspects of not having a parent in the home. The Securus video visitation service has been a great success by answering social and psychological needs of children. It connects families in real time, regardless of time zone issues, and video allows children to see the general sincerity in a parents eyes.


There has been clear evidence that video interaction plays a significant role in a child’s life. Inmates are now able to communicate with kids at any time, as opposed to the typical twice a week in-jail visits. Moreover, the video visitation creates more of a normal environment, rather than subjecting children to the view of imprisoned individuals. One of the biggest complaints about in-jail visits are the travel time, then the long waits before visiting the inmate. The process can take a full day. Another obstacle is the amount of time allotted for the jail visit and the approved items that you can take along. These rules and guidelines can often become obstacles when visiting with children. Video visitation makes this so much more convenient.


What can prisoners do with video visitation? There are many advantages, for example, video allows reading stories at bedtime, going over homework, and having video breakfasts chats to prepare for school. These are just a few ways for inmates to remain involved. Securus video visitation doesn’t just positively influence a meaningful relationship among children but it also influences mental stability among inmates.


Securus video visitation has been able to enrich the lives of incarcerated parents by giving them accessibility, keeping relationships intact.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Malini Saba: One of the Best Period

As a close follower of the business and investing world, someone I think doesn’t get enough credit is Malini Saba. Saba has received praise for many different reasons, but I think the notion that she is one of the top investors of South Asian descent or as a woman is a somewhat inadvertently limiting. In my opinion, from the research I’ve conducted, she is not just one of the top investors of South Asian descent or as a woman, but one of the best period. She has even founded her own investment company, which she named Saban.

Her compassion for other people is something I, especially revere. A lot of wealthy people never take the time to think about the less fortunate, or people in need. Only donating to charities with the knowledge they’ll be able to later use the donation as a tax write-off to the IRS. I know, that can be hard to swallow, but it’s true. Saban has proven through her illustrious work in philanthropy that she is not at all like the previously aforementioned wealthy people in this article. She even started her own non-profit organization “Stree: Global Investments in Women non-profit organization” in 2001

Malini’s life hasn’t always taken place in the land of milk and honey, yet she still found a way to overcome her circumstances and the system. Which I find extremely motivating and empowering. Born in Australia, Malini came to the U.S. at just 19 with only 200 dollars to her name. She and her husband managed to scrape up enough money each month for rent, while they pursued their education at Stanford University.

Malini is the chairman and founder of Saban, A highly lucrative company with investment interests worldwide.

Malini’s non-profit organization “Stree: Global investments in Women,” was even supported by former U.S. President Bill Clinton. Stree is aimed at changing the way low income women and children gain confidence about who they are as a person, and where they’ve come from to this stage in their life now. In 2005 Malini gave 1 million dollars to kick start the world’s first heart research center for South Asian people.

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