Bruno Fagali Fights For Justice

He specializes in compliance, ethics, public law, urban, anti-corruption, election issues, and regulatory law. Bruno Fagali attended the São Paulo University and earned a master’s degree in Law. After finishing school, Bruno Fagali began working as an intern at a law firm. He interned in two law firms which helped him expand his knowledge in the law.

In 2012, Bruno finally started working as a lawyer at Radi Calil Associados Law. He worked on administration, appeals, public civil action, and public law. He also worked on litigating the cases in courts. Bruno Fagali went on to become a manager at an advertising agency called Nova/sb, which is known for fighting corruption. Bruno Fagali continues to fight in Brazil for what he believes is right.



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  1. In 2016, Bruno was finally able to open his own law firm and named it the Fagali Law. Bruno Jorge Fagali was born in Brazil and is currently a lawyer in São Paulo. It is so easy to know that essay help might have to come for them which is not that easy for others to see all this while.

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