Igor Cornelsen – A Brilliant Investor and Financial Advisor

Igor Cornelsen knows a great deal about investing. He is currently the proprietor of Bainridge Investments. This firm bases operations in the Bahamas. Igor Cornelsen has an international view on finance and investing. He spent a significant part of his career working in Brazil as an investment advisor. Helping peoples succeed is what fuels his life in finance. As such, the world knows and respects his contribution to the world.

Igor Cornelsen’s journey to investing and finance started with engineering. He made the switch from engineering to economics. This led to his interest in investment banking. His background in math was actually an asset. Computers would not be introduced into banking for years. He distinguished himself and assumed the position of board member of Multibanco in 1974. He rose through the ranks fast.

His success continued when he signed on with a bank with its base of operations in London. Soon after, he decided to start his own investment firm. It is good to note that people with the skills and knowledge to start their own investment firm are well-connected in the industry.

As mentioned, he had exposure around the world and could predict how investments in certain countries would fare. This was also a result of the long hours he spent studying world markets and trends. No doubt, he was able to use other complex forecasting methods which complemented both his economic and engineering skills.

Success, for many, also requires a lot of work hours regardless of the field. Successful investing requires a lot of time. As such, no one can say that he did not put in time developing his craft. He also knew the importance of disconnecting and unwinding by playing golf. Work hard—play hard. Some of his best advice for investors is to perform in-depth, comprehensive research before investing. Read, research, and plug into the markets. Also, follow what is happening in the economy of interest.