Talkspace is Making Mental Health Services more Accessible and Personal


As of 2019, people are living in a culture where mental health problems is the norm. In the past, people had mental health issues but it wasn’t to the extent that people experience them today. Modern culture is dealing with a whole slew of mental health related issues. This new era of mental health problems have changed how society functions. People do not want to deal with mental health ills and getting mental health services is still a problem. Thankfully, there is technology in place that makes getting this type of medical help accessible and more personalized.

Talkspace was made to help people suffering from mental health problems. Oren and Roni Frank are a married couple who started this app. They were on the verge of divorcing and used counseling as part of a final resolution to turn things around. Counseling worked for them. Since it did, the couple wanted to use their experience to help other people. This is why they started Talkspace.

The Talkspace model utilizes real life psychologists, psychiatrists and licensed counselors to help people to change their lives. The service is available for couples or individuals. A person just simply signs up with the site, answer some important evaluation questions and then are matched with a qualified mental health professional. When a client wants to speak with their counselor or therapist, they can simply text them or set up a time where they can communicate. Of course, they will have to a pay a fee to receive service. However, this fee is fairly inexpensive when compared to a regular therapy visit.

One of the best things about Talkspace has to do with anonymity. Clients can send a text or chat with their counselors without anyone ever knowing about what they are doing. This is a great benefit because many people do not like for other people to know that they might have a mental health issue. A user’s privacy is protected by the company and the therapists. They also can get a hold of their counselors at different times of the day or night.

The availability that Talkspace provides is extremely important because it will allow clients to contact their therapist in the late night or very hours of the morning. Also, most people cannot afford to take time off work every week for mental health services. Ultimately, this application just makes easy for people to receive the mental health services they might need in life.

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Talkspace Seeks to Eliminate Hurdles that Keeps People with Mental Health Conditions from Away from Therapy

Talkspace, a leading text therapy app, partnered with Michael Phelps, world champion swimmer, 28th medalist, to promote therapy as an important instrument for one’s mental health. Mr. Phelps struggled with depression and anxiety at some point in his life. Therefore, he is better placed to go to national TV stations to encourage people to seek help and make them understand how close help is with Talkspace. According to Michael Phelps, when he struggled with anxiety and depression, he felt relieved when he started talking about it. When he found out he could talk out his issues and get e-therapy through text, web, or video, he felt empowered rather than vulnerability. Mr. Phelps is now dedicated to helping others who might going through what he went through.

Michael Phelps has one message to pass to the world, help is not only much easier to access now, but also more affordable. When the two partners came together, it marked the beginning of a revolution to end the stigma associated with mental health as well as the force that keep people with mental health issues from getting therapy services. Mr. Phelps also joined Talkspace Board of Advisors, made up of a small group of psychologists, industry experts, and corporate CEOs to advise the company on its mental health strategy.

Talkspace’s mission to offer unparalleled e-therapy services is driven by highly trained mental health professionals who works tirelessly to provide valuable information, support, as well as important insights to their clients and the public. The company has taken an initiative to go beyond providing conventional therapy services to providing expertly advice through well-crafted articles on its blog. The company’s blog tackles issues related to one’s family, how best to handle a cohabitation situation, understanding a personality inventory and many other issues. The blog which is open to the general public helps explain various types of mental health conditions, simply clarify what certain terms mean and stories of transformational change.

Talkspace is a revolutionary app that is aimed at eliminating hurdles that people with mental health conditions face. It is cheaper, quicker and easily accessible to all. The company has helped over a million people cope with issues such as anxiety, eating disorders, personality disorders, addiction, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder as well as family problems.

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Talkspace Partners with Michael Phelps to Improve Patients’ Experience.

Online therapy is a trendy practice around the world. Talkspace has gained a global reputation for the provision of quality therapy services. In an effort to improve service delivery, Talkspace recently partnered with Michael Phelps. The partnership aims at benefiting more people with a mental health condition in the country. To increase the awareness on the online therapy platform, Talkspace planned to initiate a national TV program. Michael Phelps role in the program will be to share his experience with the viewers, encouraging people to open up about their health problem, and talking about the benefits of visiting Talkspace. The TV program was scheduled to start on May 22nd. Several digital assets were to be used to facilitate it. Michael Phelps revealed that he had a hard time for many years in his career due to depression and anxiety. According to him, it was difficult to access the medical care he needed.

Talkspace uses texts and videos to reach out to their online clients. The firm comes up with innovative solutions for people with a mental health condition. Over the years, more individuals from all walks of life have benefited from Talkspace’s services. You can easily access medical assistance from the company even without a medical cover because the services are offered at an affordable rate. The organization hires experienced and well-trained personnel to handle their clients. It consists of people from different backgrounds, but they all have some similar characteristics. For example, they are well organized in the performance of their routine duties. The management of the firm engages them in regular team building exercises to help them become the best in their career.

Therapy is not easy and some practitioners may even have mental and emotional challenges. Some of the activities that experts recommend for the therapists is maintaining a balanced diet, having enough sleep, and engaging in regular physical exercises. By engaging in some of the above activities, an individual reduces the level of stress that may result from his occupation. Therapy involves hearing some tragic stories in a person’s life. Therefore, Talkspace ensures that their therapists are well prepared for their daily work.