Felipe Montoro Jens reports CNI study on stationary works in Brazil

Felipe Montoro Jens reports CNI study on stationary works in Brazil


According to a proxy report by the ministry of planning, more than 2796 work opportunities are paralyzed in Brazil. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, approximately 517 or 18 % of these opportunities are based in the infrastructure sector. When boiled down, the sanitation sector suffers the ultimate impact on the infrastructure niche. This survey indicates that while there is little investment that is channeled towards infrastructural growth, only 2% of the GDP is invested in the infrastructure.

This move is attributed to the interruption resulting from the shutdowns of the works without the establishment of a new source of resources for consumers. Jens advocates that the disruption in the construction process of other amenities like the preschools, day-care units in the academic sector was also featured in this report, but they are considered to have less impact overall. Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at terra.com

The cause of the discontinuation

According to this report, some of the aspects that have hindered the construction process entails financial and budgetary constraints, issues related to land ownership and abandonment of construction projects by some construction firms. To this end, the primary reason behind this abandonment is the technical problems. While some small construction companies took over the construction projects in nurseries and school, they have been forced to stop soon after commencement due to the economic crisis.

Felipe Montoro Jens advocates that following the current economic constraints experienced in Brazil currently, there is need to slow down the construction pace in the country, which has inspired the federal government in Brazil to step in hence interrupting various vital construction schemes. This process is evidence of contraction and fiscal deterioration in the investment sector, and it has severely affected the local project and new ventures overall.

Solution to the problem

For Brazil to keep afloat in the current development and investment uncertainty, the CNI prescribes the following measure. To start with, there will be a need to review and improve the micro-planning sector and enhancement of the internal controls. Similarly, stimulating innovation and research will also be helpful. Connect: www.linkedin.com/in/felipe-montoro-jens-b9955414

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