Vijay Eswaran Explains why Change is Important

In any area of life, change is mandatory. Vijay Eswaran, an influential professional in business in the global market, believes that change is good. People who accept change fast have better potential in the market. According to the executive, habits make professionals in business productivity. However, a habit will make you resist new ideas that might be better. When you want to remain competitive in the market, you need to accept and be comfortable with change. Vijay Eswaran and prominent leaders are successful because they know that each change brings new opportunities for their businesses. The process of accepting change is not easy for anyone. These steps will help you;

Know your behaviours: Vijay Eswaran knows too well that change is difficult because it brings some fear. Most of the time, it will undermine your memory and at the same time, decrease your performance in business. Sometimes in life, you will be interested in change. For instance, when you want to get a new job, you will be happy with the change. When you are negative about change, you will most likely be uncertain of the future. With tension in your brain, you will resist the changes that come your way. Your brain will tend to embrace your fears and form resistance. Learn to be positive about new things that come in life, even when you are not certain. Negativity will create anxiety, making things worse for you.

Change is crucial: whenever you have to make changes in your life, try to examine the reasons for the change. Although this is a process that will affect your comfort zone, it will be an opportunity to learn new things in life. When you have to resign from your job, take it as an opportunity to get a better position in life. You can never remain in the same spot for decades and expect growth.

Felipe Montoro Jens reports CNI study on stationary works in Brazil

Felipe Montoro Jens reports CNI study on stationary works in Brazil


According to a proxy report by the ministry of planning, more than 2796 work opportunities are paralyzed in Brazil. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, approximately 517 or 18 % of these opportunities are based in the infrastructure sector. When boiled down, the sanitation sector suffers the ultimate impact on the infrastructure niche. This survey indicates that while there is little investment that is channeled towards infrastructural growth, only 2% of the GDP is invested in the infrastructure.

This move is attributed to the interruption resulting from the shutdowns of the works without the establishment of a new source of resources for consumers. Jens advocates that the disruption in the construction process of other amenities like the preschools, day-care units in the academic sector was also featured in this report, but they are considered to have less impact overall. Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at

The cause of the discontinuation

According to this report, some of the aspects that have hindered the construction process entails financial and budgetary constraints, issues related to land ownership and abandonment of construction projects by some construction firms. To this end, the primary reason behind this abandonment is the technical problems. While some small construction companies took over the construction projects in nurseries and school, they have been forced to stop soon after commencement due to the economic crisis.

Felipe Montoro Jens advocates that following the current economic constraints experienced in Brazil currently, there is need to slow down the construction pace in the country, which has inspired the federal government in Brazil to step in hence interrupting various vital construction schemes. This process is evidence of contraction and fiscal deterioration in the investment sector, and it has severely affected the local project and new ventures overall.

Solution to the problem

For Brazil to keep afloat in the current development and investment uncertainty, the CNI prescribes the following measure. To start with, there will be a need to review and improve the micro-planning sector and enhancement of the internal controls. Similarly, stimulating innovation and research will also be helpful. Connect:

Serge Belamant’s Past and Present in Technology Innovation

Serge Belamant is the type of person that is naturally innovative and technically inclined. However, his academic background served to cement what would be an illustrious career. Belamant studied engineering, computer science, applied mathematics and information systems at Witwatersrand University and the University of South Africa. After leaving college early to pursue his career, Belamant was afforded many opportunities to showcase his broad technical talents. Serge Belamant worked at Matrix Engineering on finite element analysis software, which involved Cyber and IBM computer systems. While at Matrix, he developed applications that analyzed water levels in dams for the purpose of predicting and preventing droughts in the future. He later worked with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research where he led a team to success on a Witwatersrand and Vereeniging project for road planning.

It was during this timeframe that Belamant was instrumental in breakthroughs for digital mapping, statistical methods, and improved road network analysis through the development of graphic interfaces. Serge Belamant consistently excelled, including his work at SASWITCH where he was hired to lead their IT division. RSA banks owned SASWITCH and there were many issues, such as malfunctioning switching systems that he was able to transform. Belamant developed a new switch, while also creating a reversed communications protocol. The switch enabled all RSA banks to be connected. After many successes, Serge Belamant founded Net1 Technologies in 1989, which is now a multi-million dollar company. The growth of Net1 Technologies included work around the world, such as Burundi, Russia, Ghana, Iraq, Namibia and Botswana.

Net1 Technologies was even awarded a government contract in South Africa for the purpose of paying grants. This was accomplished through the development and implementation of various innovative and advanced technologies. After leaving Net1 Technologies in 2017, Serge Belamant became a co-founder of Zilch Technology. It’s a venture that he launched with his son. The current focus of Zilch Technology is to leverage Belamant’s ongoing innovations in the area of blockchain technology to continue advancements in cryptocurrency markets. As it relates to the development of software applications and other innovations, Belamant remains a leader in his field.

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The Career of Mauricio Mendonca Godoy

Maurício Mendonça Godoy began laying the groundwork for his success in engineering at the University of Presbiteriana Mackenzie. Godoy graduated that school with a degree in mechanical engineering. To learn leadership skills he later enrolled in Harvard Business School. In 2008 Godoy became the Chief Operating Officer of the Brazilian engineering firm SOG. When a new Toyo Setal Empreendiemento (venture in English) was born of a merger with Japan’s Toyo Company Godoy became its CEO.

Setal’s AVEVA Plant Opens

Based in Great Britain AVEVA designs productivity software for engineering and industrial firms. Setal oversees budget control, construction, engineering and industrial unit construction for petrochemical, mining, and a variety of other industries. Maurício Mendonça Godoy explained that the AVEVA plant requires a smaller labor force, and offers improved communication between engineering and construction reducing the need to correct mistakes.

FPSO P-74 Project Wins Award

FPSO stands for floating production, storage, and offloading. Dubbed P-74 the platform was built for Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. or Petrobras for short by the EBR shipyard. The platform will be used in the offshore oil field Franco-1. Finishing the project almost three months ahead of the completion date garnered EBR two awards. In 2018 under the category of “Engineering Petrobras honored EBR with their “Best Suppliers” award. EBR was also won a Construction and Assembly award.

Mauricio Godoy on The Significance of The Awards

Speaking on the two above mentioned awards EBR President Maurício Mendonça Godoy stated that being honored by Petrobras was a “source of pride” for EBR and its employees. Godoy declared that EBR would continue to invest in its industrial park and workforce development. Godoy further pledged that EBR customer service would continue to improve.

The Brazilian Association of Industrial Engineering (BAIE)

BAIE was formed to help Brazilan engineering firms become more competitive in the global market. During his inaugural speech, the newly elected BAIE President Antonio Ernesto Ferreira Müller stressed the importance of developing Brazil’s workforce. On the same day, Müller was sworn in Maurício Mendonça Godoy was appointed to the BAIE board of directors.

Richard Liu Qiangdong is a True Definition of a resilient man who built a global business empire from absolutely nothing

Entrepreneurship seems to be the in-thing these days as numerous people are slowly starting to embrace the practice, and every one of them hopes to make it big. Typically, aspiring entrepreneurs are motivated by expensive cars, expensive jewelry, majestic mansions, and great lifestyles they see on the internet. Moving away from the flashy things, a massive chunk of these entrepreneurs who are new in the industry are highly motivated by the successful people who have come from nothing, worked extremely hard and built a successful business empires for themselves. Richard Liu Qiangdong is among the people who have made it from nothing and built an online business empire from scratch. An alumnus of the Renmin University of China, Richard Liu Qiangdong, is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of

The story of Richard Liu is very inspiring as it shows that it does not matter where you come from; what counts is how big the will is and desire to achieve your dreams. Essentially this means that your possibilities are limitless, and anyone can achieve anything he/she sets his creative mind to do. In an interview at the World Economic Forum, the head stated that he began his way to the top by coming up with numerous ventures. Mr. Richard Liu said that he even opened a hotel while he was still in college. The business failed, but that did not deter him from his dreams.

After coming up with numerous ventures, Richard Liu Qiangdong came up with a retail firm with physical stores. The desire to improve his family’s financial situation was Richard Liu Qiangdong’s greatest motivation. After the SARS outbreak in China, Richard Liu Qiangdong decided to take his online business with big hopes of still achieving his dreams. Looking at right now, it safe to say that Richard Liu Qiangdong has outdone himself. If you thought that Richard Liu Qiangdong was done with his business ventures, then you are wrong. In the interview, Richard Liu Qiangdong stated that he plans to expand his operations into the United States of America and to other parts of the world. His success story proves that hard work is the only bridge between someone and his dreams.

How to Handle your Investments by Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in earth sciences and geology, respectively. To make sure you are making a good and right decision about investing in a commodity, you obviously need someone with a lot more experience on it helping you out. This way, that person can mentor you through and highlight what your investment money is going into.

Currently, Matt Badiali works at Real Wealth Strategist part of Banyan Hill, where advice is given to people interested in investing and making profits. Badiali has a very hands-on approach to his work, where he believes that one gets to better understand his/her investments by seeing it in person. In his early life, he was a geologist, and that equipped him with a different life perspective.

He uses his knowledge and expertise in geology combined with investment training to pass on advice and information to people with intentions of making natural resources part of their investment. Matt Badiali aims to make his investment plans known to his advisees. Being part of Banyan Hill publishing, it entails investment experts involved in asset protection. Their main objective is to assist average Americans to make minimal risk investments with their money as much as possible.

More about Matt Badiali at

According to Matt Badiali, many uneducated investors make mistakes of not knowing when to sell their stocks, and it is one of the errors that his father has ever made. He advises that one should sell stocks based on risk and not emotions and says that investors should avoid getting into that emotional trap.

Matt Badiali at a newsletter, Real Wealth Strategist, together with his colleagues, ensures to get rid of emotions from investors in their decisions. Readers of the newsletter are also advised on the same. Matt and his colleagues use mathematical safety nets to ensure this and prevent losses in investments.

Badiali’s hands-on lessons about one’s risk potential have propelled him to use the risk strategy. The knowledge that he obtained from working as a geologist play a key role in his financial planning endeavors in investments regarding natural resources which require precise and accurate decisions.

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Taken A Wide Perspective With Bhanu Choudhrie

Bhanu Choudhrie was asked a few questions about his expertise experience, and thoughts on entrepreneurship. Every entrepreneur is a bit different, but is wide angle approach seems like it could be useful to almost any business person. If only to keep your eyes on your rearview, his global perspective has immense value.


A Truth That Most People Do Not Apply?

This is a common question that Ideamensch likes to ask, and it is always fun to see what top successful entrepreneurs have to say. It seems like guys at the top are never afraid to have a contrarian point of view. Bhanu Choudhrie’s answer was equally contrarian. In a world where we are expected to make fast decisions, he suggests patience. Take your time to take in information, verify it, let trends emerge, let the global markets show their hand, and then jump on opportunity. Being first to fire is sometimes great, but sometimes a little bit of extra time is also good.


How do You Win?

There is a time to center our focus, to lock in, removing all other distractions, and we doubt that many people will deny this generally accepted truth. Bhanu Choudhrie says that one way to win is to keep a wide focus, to pay attention to global trends, and to do this because this can lead to seeing opportunities as they emerge. He is not suggesting that locking in is wrong, but that having multiple views is important.


Best Advice For Your Younger Self?

The old often claim that, “youth is wasted on the young.” Hindsight is 20/20, and it is easy to bemoan the folly of our younger days. We nitpick at all of our decisions, often not realizing that if probably viewed, perhaps reframed, they have given us a perspective that we otherwise would have never achieved. When asked what advice he would give his younger self, Bhanu Choudhrie had the following to say: He would tell himself to worry less about what he doesn’t know because that wisdom will eventually come. This relates to his favorite quote, “Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.”

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Papa John’s Names Steve Ritchie As Its New CEO

Papa John’s has promoted Steve Ritchie to the position of CEO. With over two decades of experience in the fast-food giant, Ritchie has gained a considerable amount of expertise in the niche. This career began when he was in his early twenties, and he received a position as a customer service representative in 1996. Since then, he’s held quite a few notable positions within Papa John’s. In 2006, he became a franchise owner with the company, opening several of the fast food outlets across the state over the following few years. These premises proved to be quite successful and garnered attention from a number of different figures within Papa John’s upper management.

In 2014, this led to Steve Ritchie being named as the Chief Operating Officer of Papa John’s. Since then, Ritchie’s impact on the company has continued to grow. During this time, he’s focused on improving customer experiences across each of the company’s stores. This has entailed improving employee training so that they’re in a better position to create loyal and repeat customers. Because of this, Steve Ritchie has continued to climb Papa John’s corporate ladder. This resulted in yet another promotion in 2015 when he was named President of the company.

With the new promotion to CEO, Steve Ritchie looks to continue improving customer relations across the board. This includes delivering world-class experiences to customers, regardless of whether they’re in-store or order through Papa John’s website or app. Ritchie has noted that he also looks to improve the company’s digital offerings, while also helping to improve marketing efforts. Steve Ritchie’s new role isn’t the only change in upper management over the past few years. In contrast, there have been two other high-profile changes; Brandon Rhoten has been named Chief Marketing Officer at Papa John’s, while Mike Nettles will take on the Chief Information and Digital Officer position.

Bhanu Choudhrie’s Secret to Success

Bhanu Choudhrie is a millionaire and entrepreneur who has been the executive director of C&C Alpha Group Ltd since 2001. The company currently has a large number of investments, including care homes in the U.K. and spa hotels in India. Bhanu Choudhrie was born in India in 1978. He later came to America to get a degree in International Business and Marketing from the University of Boston before eventually moving to London due to him being able to see a vast number of business opportunities that would be available from that location. He won the Asian Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2008, which was an award he did not expect to win and was quite excited about. View Bhanu Choudhrie’s profile at Linkedin.

Bhanu Choudhrie directs the investment strategy for C&C Alpha Group by investing in several different areas, including things such as hotels, restaurants, and healthcare. He enjoys the process of meeting and interacting with so many people in both the hospitality industry as well as the health care business. He also enjoys the experience of opening new restaurants and being able to take people to them for that experience.

Bhanu Choudhrie has made some risky investments in the past, but they did turn out to be a lot more successful than he originally thought. He invested in an airline in India in 2003, which turned out to create a massive boom in aviation for the country. He also invested in the risky website during the dotcom boom, which he actually eventually sold for half a billion pounds. He recently made the decision to get back into financial services by joining the board of New Century Bank in the U.S.A., stating that now is the right time to do it due to the financial problems America and the rest of the world are facing. He has even recently invested in a Bollywood production thatis in need of help when it comes to funding.

Choudhrie does take the time to focus on things other than just his investments. He takes the time to do charity work because he believes it is important to give in order to get things back, according to Hindu philosophy. He is a lover of art and has set up an Asian art foundation to promote Asian art in the U.K., which is one type of art that is really lacking in the country.

Choudhrie does have several tips for what it takes to be successful. He states that being able to work with and be supportive of professionals such as CEOs or management teams is the major reason for his success. He believes right now is one of the best times for someone to start their own business due to there being huge amounts of opportunity. He considers every entrepreneur to be a hero of his, including people such as Richard Branson and Warren Buffet. He plans to keep investing in the same areas he already is in the future, while also increasing the amount of charity work.

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