Steve Lesnard: The Best Way To Introduce a Product with Today’s Digital and Social Mediums

The art of product marketing in this new world of digital and social mediums has created a plethora of opportunity but has also produced a greater chance of being counterproductive with your product introduction. Time and time again, we have seen that companies that have seen incredible success are the ones that put the needs of the consumer first. In addition to this, they have also produced the most simplistic yet effective marketing campaigns. Steve Lesnard, one of the world’s leading brand consultants, is here to share with us the two principles that every company should follow before introducing any product or service to the market.

#1 Making it Simple and Memorable

The late great Walt Disney has been known to have repeatedly said that one should always “get the storyline right.” It is understood that the best product introductions are those that provide a clear and articulate message about the benefits of their product to the consumer. Make no mistake, this is harder than it sounds, but sometimes the best thing to do is to simply pick a lane. One of the best examples of this principle being practice was seen by Apple during its product introduction of the Apple iPod. In a time when their competition was constantly bombarding people with details pertaining to their technological superiority, Apple opted to keep their message simple and to the point. This, of course, let to one of the most successful products and campaigns in history.

#2 Make It Come To Life

After the storyline has been established, Steve Lesnard then suggests concentrating on the expected customer experience. Depending on the medium you choose, one should ask themselves a series of questions such as, how will it look on me? How will I use it and will I be able to use it in my everyday life? YETI is a great example of a company that often utilizes video mediums to provide answers to all these questions. Often they will seek the help of their brand ambassadors to use and film themselves using their products, thus providing the consumer with a visual of all the benefits of purchasing it for themselves.

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Angel Investor Ara Chackerian Successfully Combines Philanthropy And Entrepreneurship

There are thousands of entrepreneurs out there today trying to make their mark in the world and build successful careers, but very few of them take the approach that Ara Chackerian has with his entrepreneurial career. With the proper knowledge and strategies, anyone can invest and find success as an entrepreneur, even if it takes time. It takes something even more for an individual to devote themselves to philanthropy and building a brighter future for more than just themselves.

As a dedicated angel investor, Ara Chackerian makes careful considerations with his investments to ensure they are going towards good causes, such as new innovations in healthcare. Ara has specifically focused his entrepreneurial care on the healthcare industry, and he has co-founded a number of companies over the years, including PipelineRX, BMC Diagnostics, and TMS Health Solutions. Ara has spent more than 20 years navigating the healthcare industry as an entrepreneur, and he has held various executive positions in the investment industry as well, such as he currently does with ASC Capital.

Ara Chackerian has made his impression on the healthcare industry in many ways, and his reputation is well-regarded, especially in light of his many charitable investments. The philanthropic attitude that Ara shows towards other companies and the community at large have brought a lot of attention his way, which has only made him more successful as an entrepreneur.

Through a healthy career as an entrepreneur, Ara is able to angel invest where it is really needed, and Ara actively searches for new organizations that could use extra support. Ara has put a lot of focus on communities in Nicaragua, and he has heavily invested in Limonapa Teak. This teak farm not only provides jobs to the community, but it remains environmentally responsible and ensures sustainable growth into the future for local communities. Find more about Ara Chackerian:


It is a wonderful feeling after hearing that our oil and gas industry is improving. Matt Fleeger, Gulf Coast Western, LLC’s CEO and acting President and along with other partnerships are making it a priority to improve this industry by focusing on available oil reserves located in the gulf coast region of the United States. Their objective is to develop and acquire the necessary product so consumers will have it when people need.

Gulf Coast Western, LLC, is a family owned business now located in Dallas, Texas. Starting in 1970 it has formed other locations in Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Colorado. Exploration and acquisitions are keeping Matt Fleeger and their partners, Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration and Orbit Energy Partners very busy developing hundreds of projects in the Louisiana parishes.

Another one of Gulf Coast Western’s partnerships that have expanded to bring in over 4 million barrels of oil is with Dallas-based Northcote Energy Ltd. Gulf Coast. By acquiring 50 percent of Northcote’s assets, Gulf Coast Western, LLC has encompassed a multi-well drilling program in the Wilcox, Frio, and Cockfield formations.

Gulf Coast Western, LLC is proud of Matt Fleeger who is acknowledged for having expertise in the oil and gas, waste management and tanning industries. Matt is highly regarded for his knowledge of business planning, group leadership, abilities in negotiations and entrepreneurial efforts and as well as the founder of MedSolutions, Inc., a diversified holding company specializing in the transportation, disposal, and treatment of medical wastes produced by healthcare companies. Matt Fleeger entered the tanning industry after selling MedSolutions. Then he developed, Palm Beach Tan, into one of the largest indoor tanning companies known.

With Matt Fleeger at the helm of Gulf Coast Western, LLL we await them improving the oil and gas industries for the world.

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OSI Food Solutions Extends Its Global Spread

OSI Food Solutions has expanded to become one of the chief food suppliers in the world. It now runs its operations in over 65 amenities in 17 countries and has under its wings over 20000 employees. In the United States, the company has been ranked as the leading private held company .It was established in 1909 in Chicago by Otto Kolschowsky, and since it has been committed to its connections and remained true to its humble background in Chicago where it was founded. OSI Food Solutions began extending its territories back in 1955 when it established on of the most crucial partnerships in its early history. The company partnered with an entrepreneur in Illinois who opened a chain of restaurants that offered burger.

The supplier of beef patties used to make these burgers in these restaurants was none other but OSI Food Solutions. In 1990 the company also made other key partnerships that ensured greater expansion of the company in the United Sates and throughout the world. In 2002 it expanded even further by establishing OSI in Beijing, China. In 2011, the company opened a new branch of its head office in Aurora, Illinois, and named it the Culinary Innovation Center. Restaurant chains and retail brands can support OSI Food Solutions abilities and comprehensive capability to deliver revolutionary food solutions. As the company’s products and services grow, its market has also stretched with them.

The company now produces a wide array of products that match the evolving tastes and current trends in the market, ensuring that it delivers what their partners and consumers want. Over time, OSI Food Solutions has also entered into joint ventures with farms, warehouses, processing plants and poultry processing amenities. The company is also striving to become the chief universal food provider to the major branded companies in Europe, North America and other regions across the world. It also has extensively extended its poultry business in China, Europe and the Unites States. This extensive expansion has boosted the company’s sales, which have generated impressive returns making the company the most esteemed in the industry of food production.

Climbing the ladder with Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is an American business man. A very wealthy one at that. He is the CEO and founder of Tempus. Tempus is a technology company that enables precision medicine solutions and provides the necessary tools for its staff and physicians to meet its clients medical needs. Lefkofsky is also a founding partner of Lightbank, which is a venture capital firm. He graduated from the University of Michigan and received his Juris Doctor degree at the University of Michigan Law School.Lefkofsky also co-chairs the Lefkofsky Family Foundation alongside his wife to advance initiatives that enhance lives.

This establishment was founded in 2006. The foundation focuses on health, art, and education. In 2012, the Lefkofsky Family Foundation gave away $4.6 million dollars to help in such areas. Lefkofsky has his own outtake on disruptive businesses and accelerated disruption. Technology plays a major role in both. You can either allow opportunities to slip through your fingers or you could embrace the possibilities.Groupon is another one of Eric Lefkofsky’s companies.

Groupon is a worldwide e-commerce marketplace. It connects people with everyday necessities such as goods, travel, and so much more.Although it is an American- based and originated out of Chicago, Illinois, Groupon serves 15 countries. The company was launched in 2008. It also has other markets in Boston, New York, and Toronto. Echo Global Logistics provides logistic and transportation needs of clients. It allows clients to save money while still receiving the upmost services. Over the years, Echo Global has raised a total of $20.5 million dollars in funding.

Susan McGalla Like Many Must Conduct Proper Analysis

The truth is that sometimes business can be fun and sometimes business can be boring. Both times are needed as it provides individuals with a way to progress and grow in their professional and personal selves. People like Susan McGalla know that there are times when interesting scenarios take place in business because of expansion that one would be able to wake up the imagination and use it. Susan McGalla has seen that this is true for the current decade of business, it is becoming more entertaining and more interesting as businesses seek to become digitized. This is true for all companies including that of Netflix, a company that has thrived on movies and shows and now will think about stepping into gaming. Here are a few of the potential games that Netflix may develop.

BoJack Horseman

As arguably the most famous anthropomorphic horses of recent times, BoJack Horseman has made a name for “himself” in Netflix’s rich roster of characters.

Focusing on adult themes, the show has much to offer to gamers in that age group. That is why, an action-style game where BoJack goes on his latest quest to relive his glory days as a ‘90s sitcom star could make for an interesting time.


This show was one of the most popular titles to have come out of Netflix in 2018. It was just as problematic, with a horde of people romanticizing Joe Goldberg, the antihero (actual villain) stalker who sets his eyes on naïve-to-the-point-of-foolish Guinevere Beck.

But it provided lots of ground to cover for an adventure/stealth style game where Joe stalks Beck, while also scheming against and killing everyone who comes in between these two not so star-crossed lovers. It could make for a killer time. After all, post the success of Far Cry 5, it’s safe to say that darker themes are definitely in, aren’t they?

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

This Archie Comics’ property has turned into one of the most successful ventures for Netflix as of late. Acclaimed by critics and loved by the audience, this darker take on one of America’s most popular teenage witches makes for a riveting game.

It could be a Nancy Drew style game which lets Sabrina go on her latest adventure, solving puzzles and casting spells on the way to escaping her fate from being Satan’s favorite weapon.

Russian Doll

One of Netflix most acclaimed yet most obscure series, Russian Doll revolves around Nadia Vulvokov, a character that dies over and over again only to restart her day from scratch in a Groundhog Day-style twist.

The show’s storylines and its exploration of world depletion provides a lot of rich levels to explore in an adventure style game. In the game, Nadia could be finding out the truth along with Alan Zaveri, a man who is stuck with her in the same time loop.

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The Effort That David Mcdonald Has Put In Managing OSI Group

At the age of 52, David McDonald has already achieved what most executive wish to accomplish in a lifetime. Currently being the president of OSI Group, and at the North American Meat Institute being the chairman, David is well known for being a global manager and leader. Together with the help of his company they oversaw the success of the Beijing Olympics in 2008. It was supplying a ton of food during the games, like pork, eggs, chicken, and dehydrated onion. During the event, the company received the most recognition, because there was no complaint concerning the safety of food and quality. The company has become the preferred suppliers of fast food companies like McDonald, Burger King, Subway and Papa John’s.

David McDonald OSI Group holds a bachelor degree from the animal health field that he attained from the University of Lowa. After graduation in 1987, he immediately started working at OSI Group. Through his management and leadership skill that he showed the company, he managed to rise to his current role. As the leader of David McDonald OSI Group, at the board of director of the company he is a member. Also, at the OSI International Foods Australia, he is the director. He is the reason why OSI Group has been able to enhance its sustainability in different ways.

In the 30 years, he has been with the company, David McDonald OSI Group has ensured they have continuous improvements. The other thing that he has done is he ensures the company will conduct business sustainably and responsibly. The main areas for David McDonald OSI group are the quality of food, animal welfare, and safety. He has ensured that at the forefront of the company’s strategy they are these three things. Of late, the company is emphasizing that they put on measures to increase their presence globally. They bought Baho Foods in 2016 so to broaden their presence in Europe. The acquisition has proved to be a significant boost to the company. Learn More.

Vijay Eswaran Charitable Investments

Vijay Eswaran was born in Malaysia where he also spent his childhood. After high school Vijay Eswaran enrolled in the University based in London to study a degree in Economics; he was devoted in class work as well as his part-time job serving as a cab driver to fund his school fees. Vijay Eswaran was passionate to attain a degree despite the financial challenges in his way. Upon graduation, Vijay Eswaran went to Illinois, the USA where he was passionate to join the investment sector. In 1998, Vijay Eswaran established a direct selling business that proliferated creating many business connections. With time the direct marketing network emerged at the top in Africa, the middle east and even in South-East of Asia. Dr. Vijay`s Direct marketing business was in the front line to train millions of entrepreneurs on different investment strategies and techniques that will lead them to success.

Later, Vijay Eswaran among other people founded QI Group of companies that is a multinational level marketing business operating in more than 30 countries. Vijay Eswaran is the Executive Chairman of the company with the responsibility to ensure the company has consistent growth. The company deals with transportation, media, communication, luxury products, and hospitality among other sectors transforming the lives of many people. Many people who have benefited from QI Group of companies have given their feedback through the company’s social media platforms, for instance, Facebook sharing their gratitude for the company’s effort to help. Vijay Eswaran is motivated to move on seeing such comments.

Vijay Eswaran is also the chairman and founder of Quest International University that provides high-quality education at relatively low prices to ensure that upcoming investors are equipped with the necessary skills to start and run a business. He also established RYTHM as well as Vijayaratnam foundations to help the less fortunate.