North Face VP of Marketing Steve Lesnard Discusses The New FUTURELIGHT Campaign

Steve Lesnard is the Global Vice President of Marketing for The North Face. Lesnard has more than 20 years of experience working in the marketing industry. Prior to working at the North Face, Lesnard served as the Global Vice President of the Nike Running business. While at Nike, Lesnard helped lead several innovative brand campaigns around the World. Lesnard recently announced the unveiling of the North Face’s FUTURELIGHT Summer Series, Flight Series, and Steep Series collections. The FUTURELIGHT Series has nano-spinning technology, which enables the jackets and pants to include breathable waterproof protection. Lesnard says that the concept for the FUTURELIGHT Series occurred while the team was brainstorming ways for athletes to enjoy increased performance in their waterproof gear. The FUTURELIGHT fabric is soft, flexible, and light. Lesnard was excited about the future of the brand, as consumers will no longer have to sacrifice comfort for waterproof protection.

Nano-spinning Technology

The Nano-spinning process has allowed The North Face to add air into the membrane of fabric, which creates nano holes. The nano holes provide maximum venting. The technology allows The North Face to adjust the weight, durability, texture and construction to satisfy every customer. The fabric is adaptable, as it increases the protection when consumers are located in climates with inclement weather. Lesnard says that The North Face’s fabric creation process is setting a new standard in the industry in regards to sustainability practices. The FUTURELIGHT Garments were made primarily with recycled materials. Lesnard says that the FUTURELIGHT Series will redefine the idea of weather protection in the industry. The FUTURELIGHT marketing campaign features snowboarder Leslie Pelosi and runner Coree Woltering, among others. Lesnard is confident that product integrity and sustainability will help the North Face attract new customers. In the future, The North Face strives to continue setting the standard for performance innovation while also maintaining sustainability.

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OSI Group Signs Deal with Impossible Foods

The food industry is not like any other in the market. With food items, customers have different preferences. A company that does not keep all its customer preferences in mind does not have a chance of becoming profitable. Before making items that are acceptable among different cultures, the company has to put in a lot of effort. The global community is having a tough time dealing with the increasing diseases brought by lifestyles. People are losing lives because of high blood pressure, heart disease, and many other complicated conditions such as cancer. Cancer, for instances, does not get cured quickly. Scientists have done extensive research on the disease for a long time, but the number of new cancer cases keeps increasing. Families have been struggling to get into terms with the loss of close family members.

The cause of cancer, according to health experts in the world, is unhealthy foods and genetics. Because treating the disease is becoming hard, scientists say that avoiding it is the only way of remaining safe. Impossible Foods has been in the frontline when it comes to healthy eating habits. Impossible Foods changed their food production several years ago to accommodate the growing number of consumers who prefer to consume plant foods. After a long time, however, the successful organization failed to keep up with the increased client demands. The company officials put their heads together to get a solution. In one of their meetings, the leaders found out that their problem could easily by making a partnership with OSI Group.

OSI Group services in the global community are unique and out of this world. The global organization made an agreement with Impossible Foods to manufacture meatless burgers. OSI Group, according to many consumers, keeps up with the highest production standards in the whole world. The platform has served global customers for so long, and it has all the tools to handle the process. OSI Group officials are happy and looking forward to the new business opportunity. According to them, this gesture shows that many people trust the items produced in the global company. Apart from having the facilities, the international company has experts to make the whole process successful.

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No Signs Of Slowing Down With Andrey Andreev & Badoo

The invention of the modern internet has changed the game in ways no one imagined. It allowed for instant and reliable communication, freedom of information, and perhaps most important of all, it created new industries to work in. As a result, it allowed for people to become internet millionaires through different online platforms. Speaking of which, one of the biggest online creations by the internet is the online dating field. 


In fact, this niche has grown to become a multi-billion dollar industry and is steadily increasing. That being said, perhaps no other entrepreneur has contributed to the growth of this industry than Andrey Andreev. A Russian businessman by trait, he has far surpassed any expectations that even he had for himself initially. Above everything else, most of his success can be attributed to him growing his online dating company Badoo. It has gotten to the point where Andrey Andreev and Badoo are now consolidating other similar dating companies for the overall benefit of the industry.


What is more impressive than that is that they are showing no signs of slowing down. They haven’t even hit their peak as a company yet. When it is all set and done, who knows how giant Badoo will be? With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at how Andrey Andreev and Badoo have reached this point of constant and speedy growth (Thetimes).


Badoo Reaches Half A Billion Users


In an article on Badoo and the launch of their new campaign, we get a close up look at just how giant the company has become in such a short amount of time. It has been quite a success. Since Andrey Andreev founded Badoo in 2006 it has managed to reach over 500 million active users in a little more than a decade. This is an incredible growth rate of which the likes have never been seen before in this industry. In fact, they have already established themselves as a leader on a global scale with many users in places like Brazil, Mexico, and Italy. As far as how they managed to reach this point, Andrey Andreev himself will tell you that it came through staying consistent with their work. All in all, this mindset is sure to set them up in a great place to succeed far into the future.

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