A Brief Synopsis Of Grupo RBS

If you live in Brazil or have visited the country, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen or listened to media produced by one of the companies that Grupo RBS manages. In fact, they are responsible for the management of TV and radio networks that are broadcast throughout the country.


Grupo RBS Has Taken Steps To Improve The Profitability Of Their Radio Stations

Both Gaucha and Zero Hora are run by Grupo RBS, and the company constantly takes steps to improve the channel’s programming. They’ve also taken steps to lower the cost of operation for the channels substantially. In fact, increased efficiency has allowed the cost of operations to be reduced by five million dollars. This effort was initiated by Duda Melzer.



They Own Successful Television Stations

There are three television channels that the company manages, and these are OCTO, RBS TV, and TV COM. OCTO and Grupo RBS TV are broadcast throughout all of Brazil, but TV COM is a Florianopolis-only channel. These channels have had high levels of viewership, and it’s likely that this will continue to be the case in the future as well.



The Company Offers Print Media As Well

Not only does Grupo RBS manage multiple newspapers, but they also offer print media via websites. Furthermore, the company owns a book publishing company that has helped many authors to get their writing published, and this has led to the creation of some books that are highly popular.



Grupo RBS Does A Lot Of Outreach

The company does outreach for the nation’s children, and they also work to stop traffic violence. One of their outreach programs is dedicated to encouraging people in Brazil to pay attention to improving the lives of children. Their other outreach program is dedicated to improving the grade school education system in the country.



Serge Belamant’s Past and Present in Technology Innovation

Serge Belamant is the type of person that is naturally innovative and technically inclined. However, his academic background served to cement what would be an illustrious career. Belamant studied engineering, computer science, applied mathematics and information systems at Witwatersrand University and the University of South Africa. After leaving college early to pursue his career, Belamant was afforded many opportunities to showcase his broad technical talents. Serge Belamant worked at Matrix Engineering on finite element analysis software, which involved Cyber and IBM computer systems. While at Matrix, he developed applications that analyzed water levels in dams for the purpose of predicting and preventing droughts in the future. He later worked with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research where he led a team to success on a Witwatersrand and Vereeniging project for road planning.

It was during this timeframe that Belamant was instrumental in breakthroughs for digital mapping, statistical methods, and improved road network analysis through the development of graphic interfaces. Serge Belamant consistently excelled, including his work at SASWITCH where he was hired to lead their IT division. RSA banks owned SASWITCH and there were many issues, such as malfunctioning switching systems that he was able to transform. Belamant developed a new switch, while also creating a reversed communications protocol. The switch enabled all RSA banks to be connected. After many successes, Serge Belamant founded Net1 Technologies in 1989, which is now a multi-million dollar company. The growth of Net1 Technologies included work around the world, such as Burundi, Russia, Ghana, Iraq, Namibia and Botswana.

Net1 Technologies was even awarded a government contract in South Africa for the purpose of paying grants. This was accomplished through the development and implementation of various innovative and advanced technologies. After leaving Net1 Technologies in 2017, Serge Belamant became a co-founder of Zilch Technology. It’s a venture that he launched with his son. The current focus of Zilch Technology is to leverage Belamant’s ongoing innovations in the area of blockchain technology to continue advancements in cryptocurrency markets. As it relates to the development of software applications and other innovations, Belamant remains a leader in his field.

Read full article : https://en.everybodywiki.com/Serge_Belamant

The Effort That David Mcdonald Has Put In Managing OSI Group

At the age of 52, David McDonald has already achieved what most executive wish to accomplish in a lifetime. Currently being the president of OSI Group, and at the North American Meat Institute being the chairman, David is well known for being a global manager and leader. Together with the help of his company they oversaw the success of the Beijing Olympics in 2008. It was supplying a ton of food during the games, like pork, eggs, chicken, and dehydrated onion. During the event, the company received the most recognition, because there was no complaint concerning the safety of food and quality. The company has become the preferred suppliers of fast food companies like McDonald, Burger King, Subway and Papa John’s.

David McDonald OSI Group holds a bachelor degree from the animal health field that he attained from the University of Lowa. After graduation in 1987, he immediately started working at OSI Group. Through his management and leadership skill that he showed the company, he managed to rise to his current role. As the leader of David McDonald OSI Group, at the board of director of the company he is a member. Also, at the OSI International Foods Australia, he is the director. He is the reason why OSI Group has been able to enhance its sustainability in different ways.

In the 30 years, he has been with the company, David McDonald OSI Group has ensured they have continuous improvements. The other thing that he has done is he ensures the company will conduct business sustainably and responsibly. The main areas for David McDonald OSI group are the quality of food, animal welfare, and safety. He has ensured that at the forefront of the company’s strategy they are these three things. Of late, the company is emphasizing that they put on measures to increase their presence globally. They bought Baho Foods in 2016 so to broaden their presence in Europe. The acquisition has proved to be a significant boost to the company. Learn More.

Perry Mandera’s Viewpoint On Giving Back

Making a significant difference in the life of someone else has been the promise and mission of businessman Perry Mandera. He enjoys improving the lives of others through his philanthropic acts. He posses a sincere passion and commitment to people facing challenging struggles. He supplies them with the tools and means to overcome these struggles. His heart has an overwhelming amount of kindness towards children. He has a mission for helping children and families live the best possible lives that they can live. The philanthropist helps these families by offering financial assistance to ease some of their toughest battles. Clothing, education, and food is what he offers to these families.

Today, Perry Mandera is the chief executive officer of the company he founded in 1986. The Custom Companies is a top leader in the logistics industry. While serving in the United States Marine, the CEO first prepared for his role in business during his stint in the Marines. Learning to transport supplies and troops and operating large vehicles, he gained the experience and education that would set him up for an opportunity to run a major logistics company. His military experience is what he credits as one of the building blocks of The Custom Companies (Interview).

Perry has an interesting viewpoint on giving back to others. His love for serving has spun into a character that is selfless and empathetic towards others. He believes that service is the highest form of charity and applies customer service as the greatest aspect of The Custom Companies. Custom Cares is an extension of The Custom Companies. Custom Cares emphasizes the importance of giving back to others through serving the local Chicago community.

The children of Chicago are extremely thankful for the philanthropic works of Perry Mandera. These children have been given so many diverse opportunities and have been able to have their many needs met due to Custom Cares. Perry Mandera will continue to give to this city and give to the children of this city. His undying passion, sincere commitment and bountiful kindness resonate throughout the entire city of Chicago.

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Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda is a marketing expert that has moved on from working for drug making companies to the CEO position of a marketing company in Florida. Taking on the marketing company for Edwin is both taking on a project and a challenge. Marketing agencies are dying being replaced with consultants. But consultants can’t keep up with larger companies and the prices can’t be beaten for smaller companies. But Edwin doesn’t believe that agencies have to die out or be something that companies view as not worth the cost. He does realize that the problem with most of the companies out there is they don’t have a good balance between creativity and productivity. While in recent years everything has become about productivity the artists and creative directors have moved on to be consultants. But that left marketing agencies without the talent in which they need to keep them competitive.

So Edwin started by making sure he had an entire creative department with only the best of people that not only are highly creative but very productive. Then, of course, he kept those that were great at productivity and the more technical end of the business as they are just as important to have in the company. By doing this he was able to make teams and then get hands-on with each team not only to make sure that they work well together but to make his vision clear. Edwin doesn’t want his company to ever live in the past as he demands that his company keep up with the ever-changing technology that is coming up. For this reason, he has even hired technology experts on to help the marketing team develop strategies to use the new technology coming out and even those that are still being developed so that they are ready at all times and never have to play catch-up.

Edwin Youtube channel : https://medium.com/@edwin.miranda1244

What’s New At JD.com?

In partnership with Central Group, JD.com plans to launch JD CENTRAL, a new online platform, on September 28, which will expand operations into Thailand. Formerly known as Jingdong, JD.com is one of China’s leading e-commerce retail platforms, and has a mission to expand globally. This launch will add to the move into Southeast Asia, with already established platforms in Indonesia and Vietnam. JD Central began test operations in June, and sales were beyond expectations. Consumers have a wide range of categories to choose from on the site. For example, electronics, fashion, home, cosmetics, toiletries, beverages, books, and music are just some of the categories for available items. Popular Chinese brands such as OnePlus and Lenovo are also available.

JD.com is known for the use of efficient technology and rapid delivery speed. Now Thai consumers can enjoy same-day delivery in Bangkok. Vincent Yang, CEO of JD CENTRAL, says this exciting expansion “will provide Thai customers with a truly world-class e-commerce experience.” He also believes that they will become Thailand’s most trusted brand. JD.com always works closely to ensure leading Chinese brands are accessible to customers, like Vipshop, an online apparel retailer, which will be available on JD CENTRAL. Another company that recently joined the JD.com platform is San Miguel, a citrus company. Now their fresh produce will be available through the e-commerce site.

In an effort to boost the Chinese fruit and vegetable market, eighteen additional fruit producers have also joined. Wu Zhengzhi is the General Marketing Manager for the Jingdong Mall Fresh Food Division, and he sees the addition of fresh produce as a boost to the Chinese market, but also encouragement for consumers to eat healthier with easier access to fresh foods. Relying on the established delivery procedures already in place at JD.com makes the process of providing fresh food to customers through an e-commerce platform a viable option. With these continued areas of growth, JD.com is on the fast track to achieving the mission of becoming a global retail powerhouse. By providing a wide variety of quality brands, and unmatched delivery speeds, the company promises customers a superior experience.

Jose Hawilla: How To Change Your Financial Future

Are you looking for a way to achieve financial independence? Do you want to earn a great income by running your own profitable business? Perhaps you want to learn proven steps to successful entrepreneurship.


If you want to become successful in business, you need to emulate someone like Jose Hawilla. It is imperative to follow in the footsteps of those who have attained success in the area you are interested in.


Jose Hawilla is a top rated entrepreneur and honest businessman. Jose Hawilla is based in Brazil and has been in business for many decades. He is well known around the world due to his high achievement and contributions to society.


There are many ways to go about starting your own business, or investing in a lucrative

opportunity. But it is important to do your research before taking the first steps. Venturing into any arena without adequate knowledge of the industry, is not advisable.

Successful entrepreneurs take the time to evaluate a business or project before they get started. They understand that having a good understanding of the process will improve their chances of success.  For more details you can visit museudatv.com



Sometimes, you can learn about entrepreneurship by getting a good guide or book written by a successful person like Jose Hawilla. By following the step instructions or course you can learn what works and doesn’t. For example, if you want to know how to develop the confidence and persistence to keep moving towards your goal, it is imperative to learn more Jose Hawilla because he has demonstrated these characteristics throughout his career.


Jose is a renowned and successful entrepreneur. His associates and partners respect him due to his unique approach to solving problems and catering to the needs of consumers. His businesses and organizations are committed to ensuring the satisfaction of customers and clients.


Keep in mind that successful people make it a top priority to steer clear of negative people. They surround themselves with positive people and those who motivate them. You should immerse yourself in environments that encourage learning and taking positive action towards your goal. To see more you can check out linkedin.com




Visit: http://g1.globo.com/sao-paulo/sao-jose-do-rio-preto-aracatuba/noticia/2012/05/j-hawilla-da-dicas-para-jovens-e-empreendedores-em-rio-preto-sp.html


Mike Baur, the Smart Businessman with Smart Investments

Apart from being a smart businessman, Mike Baur has always had a penchant for giving startups the opportunity to thrive through strategic investments. But after doing so for a while, he figured that he needed to start his startup factory so that it can be much more effective doing what he did best – invest in startups.


Before embarking on that, Mr. Baur has been in the banking industry for over two decades, which has made him brilliant when it comes to seeing potential in up and coming businesses. Once he spotted the potential in a startup area of business, he and a few of his brilliant, like-minded friends joined forces to start the Swiss Startup Factory. And needless to say, the rest was history.


His co-founders are Oliver Walzer and Max Meister, who put their funds together to start the Swiss Startup Factory back in 2014. Three years later, things are looking up for the company since it has overcome its fair share of milestones and things are looking up for them.


In early 2016, Mr. Baur and his brilliant and committed team lead their company, the Swiss Startup Factory through an accelerator program with the Goldback Group. It also made a point of partnering with the Fintech Fusion in February on that same year. And due to his hard work and dedication, wall street journal profiled his work on both startup investments as well as Swiss banking and general entrepreneurship.


Apart from being a brilliant businessman and entrepreneur, Mike Baur also holds public speaking forums in a bid to reach out as many people as possible. There are a lot of young people who want to follow in his footsteps and get to know how he got to where he is at the moment. One notable speech he gave was on the world web forum where he was one of the esteemed speakers.


Mike Baur also gave another notably moving speech at the start summit. And besides being a jack of all trades, Mr. Baur hasn’t slacked in his initial quest, and he has been doing such a good job ensuring that his commitment in funding startups all over the Swiss digital front is still intact.


When asked why he chose to try a hand in other investment fields other than banking, Mike Baur said that “its just no fun being a Swiss banker anymore,” just showing that the business acumen has a sense of humor.


The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is an organization that mainly focuses on the Hispanic community. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey also focus on the plight of immigrants, which heavily ties into the plight of the Hispanic community.

Much of the Hispanic community consists of immigrants—especially in area of the Untied States that borders Mexico. The Fund supports local humanitarian organizations in Arizona that give aide to immigrants in need and the Hispanic community.


Stormfront.org is a website that claims to advocate for the rights of European Americans. It provides a public safe space for European Americans to express their opinions and struggles concerning the subject of race. This website has a reputation of being a “hate site,” though in reality there are a wide range of opinions expressed on this site and its members have different views and affiliations. Some people have no political affiliations, at all, but are just interested in matters that affect them as white people in the contemporary United States of America.

Members publicly communicate with each other via forums about current events and personal situations. The whole point of this website is to point out racially motivated injustices that have been committed against white people that are not being reported in the mainstream news.

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter is organization that was formed to remind everyone that Black lives have value. It was founded in 2012, following the murder of a teenager by the name of Trayvon Martin by a white/white-passing man named George Zimmerman.

In court, Zimmerman was acquitted of murder. This outraged people who believed that Zimmerman had wrongfully profiled Trayvon as thug due to Trayvon’s appearance as a “threatening” black male with a hood over his head.

Ever since 2012, Black Lives Matter has held protests to decry the violence that police have been repeatedly subjecting Blacks to—especially Black males.

However, Black Lives Matter does not just take on oppression from the hands of whites—it also takes on oppression of blacks within the black community. Throughout black history in America, there have always marginalized people within the black community. However, for much of black America’s history, everyone was involved in a general fight for the Black community to gain rights in American society. In this general fight, women and LGBTQ folks took a back seat as cis-gender black males took the spotlight. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Larcey | Twitter

Now, Blacks have progressed enough in society where they can focus on more than just general rights. They are turning their attention toward fine tuning the amount of opportunity and quality of life for all in their communities.

BLM uses the internet to communicate with members and the public about current events concerning issues that affect Black people. They make people aware of the Black perspective, and Black needs.

Black Lives Matter expresses concern for very legitimate issues, such as discrimination on various levels of society and in various situations. However, the leaders and members of the movement espouse rhetorics that are arguable, and that not everyone in the world agrees with.

Some of these rhetorics are seen as highly opinionated and one-sided. In this respect, BLM can actually be compared to stormfront.org.

The only difference between the two is that it is politically correct and socially acceptable to express the views concerning the well-being of blacks, no matter how negative sounding, but not the well-being of whites.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:


What role did Arpaio play in the Founding of The Frontera Fund by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

The Frontera Fund and Front Page Confidential are a charitable fundraiser and a newspaper. They were both founded after a near 4 million dollar lawsuit stemming from Joe Arpaio’s illegal actions.


About Joe Arpaio


Joe Arpaio was first elected as Sheriff of Maricopa County in the early 90s and has been running a very unorthodox and immoral police department since. He orchestrated the creation of Tent City, a self proclaimed concentration camp. Reports were rampant about the inhumane treatment prisoners of Tent City were subjugated to. Joe Arpaio cost the state of Maricopa County 70 million dollars and found himself in criminal contempt of court due to the illegal arrest of a Mexican citizen. Arpaio’s spee of terror would have never came to an end if he wasn’t recently voted out of office.


Who are Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin?


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were just performing their duties as journalists when Joe Arpaio had his deputies illegally detain them. As the co-owners of the Phoenix New Times, they were informing the Arizona population about Arpaio’s activities. Arpaio didn’t take to kindly to their actions, so he decided to violate their first amendment rights.


If it wasn’t for Arpaio’s actions Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin would not have had the money to create The Frontera Fund. The Frontera Fund supports a group that was victimized by Arpaio for years: Hispanics. The Hispanics were a target of Arpaio for ears; The Frontera Fund now targets Hispanics with their altruism.


Front Page Confidential was also created with the settlement money. It is Lacey and Larkin’s new newspaper. It covers everything from politics to civil rights to migrant rights.


There Are Many Unborn Ideas–However, Billy McFarland Has Launched One Idea That is Very Much Alive and Working

Billy McFarland, creator of the stylish Magnises black card, is a visionary and a realist. The coupling of the two, preceding characteristics is a preferred and unusual dynamic. How else did this twenty-there year old, enterprising, socially minded entrepreneur come to the doors of success, at such a youthful age? Vision is the driving force. Clarity is its partner. Billy is very much in tune with his business model. He does not mince words when it comes to the purpose of his card.

Here is what the Black Magnises card offers the Millennial:

1) It provides discounts, relative to the most stylish clubs and eateries and other retail locales, within the city of New York;
2) It allows easy access into, hard-to-gain-entry, popular club locations. Many Millennials have stated that they truly find the preceding feature very useful;
3) The black Magnises card allows the Millennial user a way to network, conveniently, with his or her peer group, and persons engaged in other sectors and industries. (Imagine what occurs when a fashion enthusiast meets up with an individual employed within the technological sector.) Fashion and technology combinations are now, being coupled, in very useful and practical ways.
4) The black Magnises card can be linked to a bank or credit card.

The four features aside, the Magnises company makes it possible for its members to enjoy many other terrific events and opportunities. According to Business Insider, Billy McFarland, in way of creating his Magnises black card, has quite literally paved the way for the Millenial professional, to achieve much in the way of professional networking success.