Russian-Angolan Female Billionaire Investor Isabel dos Santos

With a net worth of over $2 billion, businesswoman Isabel dos Santos is known as one of Africa’s wealthiest people, and as the first female to reach billionaire status on that continent. After her father, former Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, helped her get started in the financial industry, she went on to hold several executive positions at businesses that are listed on the European Stock Exchange. In the early 1990s, the Russian-born investor began her first corporate venture in the city of Luanda as a Project Manager for a company called Urbana 2000, a subsidiary of Jembas Group that secured a contract to handle cleaning duties in the area. Visit Isabel dos Santos on her twitter.

When she completed her responsibilities at Urbana 2000, Isabel dos Santos moved on to run a trucking operation, later going into her first business ownership venture by starting a nightclub and restaurant called Miami Beach Club, which was one of the first businesses of its kind on the island of Luanda. For a span of 20 years, she expanded into many other areas in the investment sector when she created a number of holding companies in both Angola and other countries like Portugal, where she bought shares of stock in different enterprises. By 2016, her father had appointed her as the Chairwoman of the Sonangol Oil Company, and in addition to her interest in the oil industry, she made investments in telecommunication companies, as well as those involving retail, energy and media.

Isabel dos Santos owns 29% of a company called Jadeium, which has 4.9% of shares in Zon multimedia from Telefonica, a telecommunications group located in Spain. She also controls a company known as United International Holdings that is based in The Netherlands. Because of all of her smart business dealings, she was listed in Forbes magazine as one of only a few Black female billionaires in the world, one being well-known talk show host Oprah Winfrey, the other, a Nigerian oil company executive named Folorunsho Alakija. Isabel dos Santos, who is a married mother of four, has said that she believes in talent, and in empowering the next generation of leaders. Website:

Under the Leadership of Ashley Lightspeed

Everyone must always remember that a person, no matter what gender, can become a great leader. The leadership abilities of a woman would normally depend on her personality traits and individual strengths. One of the main factors of leadership is the power to shape your team members, to maximize their full potential, and to help them develop their personal skills and strengths. A woman like Ashley Lightspeed is a great leader because of her ability to balance her personal and professional leadership skills. She uses her creativity and ability to quickly respond to different tasks at the same time when it comes to managing her time. To learn more about Ashley lightspeed view her Crunchbase profile

Ashley Lightspeed is naturally nurturing. She cares about her entire team, their performance at work, and allows them to balance their work with their life. She is a proactive and effective mentor who maintains an open and communicative relationship with her entire team. She focuses on teamwork and consistently demonstrates enthusiasm, passion, and knows how to make wise decisions on her own or by seeking help from her team. A woman like her who has an excellent list of career achievements at such a young age is an inspiration to the youth and a lot of people. Developing and building new business models, products, and services is one of her greatest assets.

Being a member of the investing team of Lightspeed Venture Partners, she uses her deep n leaders who helped the company diversify its operations, expand throughout the country, and improve their economic activity. In addition to this, she is aware of different working environments and company cultures because she has worked with a number of top companies in which she has helped develop and grow. Ashley Lightspeed and her outstanding perspective are just what we need.

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Isabel dos Santos Uses Profile to Shed Light on Africa

Isabel dos Santos has a lot of accolades to her name. First, she is the daughter of Angola’s ex-president Jose Eduardo dos Santos. She is also a capable business woman and philanthropist held as Africa’s richest woman. According to a study done by Forbes her net worth exceeded $2 billion dollars during her father’s tenure from 1979 to 2017 (Behance). 

Jose Eduardo dos Santos was a popular president and his term of service made her a popular figure as well. So what does she do with the fame? The successful businesswoman speaks out about development in Africa making investment efforts and funding philanthropic projects all over her home country.  Isabel dos Santos uses her high profile to shed light on the unfortunate within Africa and advocates for development through entrepreneurialism for society in general but aiming on women empowerment above all things. 

She speaks in venues all around the globe to motivate the masses into increased economic activity. Her work has allowed her to garner another accolade to add to the list, the BBC ranking Dos Santos as one of the world’s top 100 influential women. Isabel is a woman who is not afraid of playing the long game. In her many speeches she has always talked of setting sub goals.

Tiny landmarks on the way to achieving a bigger goal. Such a path is exactly what will need to happen in Africa as development of its economy cannot be accomplished all at once. She gave the speech recently to a gathering of students at the University of Warwick. Her ability to play the long game stretching as far as motivating the next generation.

Isabel dos Santos works hard in hopes that her public presence will lead Africa to a brighter future. She takes the successes of her own career and pays it forward. Sharing her wisdom and knowledge of business with those that have the ability to replicate it. As long as her voice rings out the economy of Africa will always have a strong chance at developing into a powerful worldwide force.

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The Work of DonataMeirelles

For more than three decades DonataMeirelles has been changing the way people think about fashion. Considered an expert, Meirelles is one of the biggest fashion influencers in Brazil. Meirelless discovered her passion for fashion at a young age and began working her first fashion job in her early twenties. Working as an International Buyer for Daslu, Meirelles gained some early valuable experience. Working for one of the most successful boutiques in the world, Daslu began to built a reputation as one of the best in her field. This reputation included being named one of the 5 best international buyers in the world by magazine, L’officiel.

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Over her career Meirelles has served in a number of leadership positions. She is the founder of the Women in the World Foundation. For nearly a decade she served as a Style Director for Vogue Brazil. At this position she was responsible for helping to build one of the world’s most successful Vogue editions. Through her leadership Meirelles has had an influence on several groups which include GerandoFalcoes, amfAR, and the Brazil Foundation. Meirelles has held big roles with these companies and has been recognized for her work. In 2014 she was given the Humanitarian Award as a result of years of working for those who have HIV and AIDS.

DonataMeirelles recently shared some secrets into her success. Meirelles understands the value of hard work and following through. She is very ambitious and advises young entrepreneurs to be the same. Although her daily schedule is hectic, Meirelles maintains a sense of balance by understanding her priorities. For her, family, health and community come first on her priority list. Meirelles has spent years studying the trends in fashion and has not let the changing world of technology slow her down. As a result she is still one of the top voices in the ever changing world of fashion.

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Desiree Perez Keeps an Eye on Operating Profit Margin

Desiree Perez

Operating Profit Margin will show managers how well company is doing after they have paid off their direct and indirect expenses. Operating profit margin is important to watch because companies need to know how they are doing after they have done these actions. The less operating profit margin that a company experiences the less valuable it might be. The company has to make certain that it will be able to improve its prospects over time and operating profit margin is important within this regard.

Desiree Perez has to look at these types of numbers as the head of Roc Nation and has to make certain that she is doing the best she can to make the Roc, well, a rock of a company. She has to make certain that it is a solid company and will be able to do what it needs to in the present and in the future. Desiree Perez will make certain that the operating profit margin of the businesses which she leads will continue to grow and stay strong because if it goes the other way and starts to decline the company may not be on the right track.
Desiree Perez

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The lower the premiums that a company charge on its services and products the lower the operating profit margin. Desiree Perez has always been one to keep an eye on how her own business segments are doing. She knows that if she spends too much time wondering how others are doing that she will never improve how her business is doing. At the same time, Desiree Perez knows that she must keep tabs on the latest reveals and product launches conducted by her competition so she can stay abreast of the latest changes in the industry.