Private Equity Leader TJ Maloney Partners With VSS

If investment were an art then financial services executive TJ Maloney would be among the craft’s grand masters. The act of selecting companies to invest in has always been as much of an art as it is a science. Experienced financial services leaders like TJ Maloney know this.

A lawyer by training TJ Maloney has spent decades of his long career honing his skills in the worlds of private equity and investment. What sets Mr. Maloney apart from the rest of his peers in the world of private equity is the distinct strategy for investing in and nurturing portfolio companies that he has developed over the course of his career.

As a trained attorney Mr. Maloney brings a detail-oriented and level-headed approach to his work leading the investment strategies of the private equity company known as Lincolnshire Management where he serves as the chief executive officer and chairman. Mr. Maloney’s strategy for investing in businesses involves his focus on nurturing the chain of business relationships that can provide valuable support to the companies that are in Lincolnshire Management’s portfolio.

Under Mr. Maloney’s leadership the companies that are in Lincolnshire Management’s portfolio have the benefit of enjoying access to not only the firm’s financial capital but its social capital. Having access to groups of knowledgeable business professionals can be a key part of helping a company to reach its full potential in the marketplace. This sort of social capital can enable promising companies to make decisions that catalyze their growth and dominance in their industries.

As the chief executive officer of Lincolnshire Management TJ Maloney continues to help forge strategic partnerships that are leading the company into the future and continuing his impressive record of leadership at the company that extends all the way back to 1993. One of the most recent examples of Mr. Maloney’s exemplary leadership is the partnership that has been forged between his company and an investment firm that is known as VSS. In 2019 it was announced that VSS and Lincolnshire Management had come together to support a company in the construction services sector that is known as Powerhouse. Under the guidance of TJ Maloney and VSS, Powerhouse is almost certain to become a great success.

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Vijay Eswaran Has Had a Great Career

Many people have tried to start their own business. However, very few of these people are able to turn their business into a huge success. Vijay Eswaran has been able to do this. The truly remarkable thing is that he was able to do it without getting any help from anyone. He started out very poor. His family did not have enough money to pay for his college education. Therefore, he knew from a very early age that he would need to work extra hard in order to pay for the college education that he desired.

Vijay Eswaran felt that England was a good place for him to get an education. He went to London where he enrolled in college. He made ends meet by driving a taxi around the city. He liked this job because it allowed him to talk to people while he was working. This helped the time to go by much faster. He worked very hard in school. He spent many hours studying each week. This paid off because he wound up graduating near the top of his class. He was very proud of getting the degree he had worked so hard for. Now it was time to make his education pay off by getting a job that paid a lot of money.

Vijay Eswaran started the QI Group. He was always interested in marketing. He felt that this was his calling in life. He got the idea for his new company after working some jobs while he was traveling around Europe. He always wanted to be his own boss. He wanted to be the one calling the shots. He felt that he had the skills to lead a marketing company and put them ahead of the competition. He took a vow of silence in a monastery while he was in Europe. Vijay has said that he learned a lot about himself during the 30 days he was not talking.

Vijay Eswaran decided to make Hong Kong the base of operations for the QI Group. He liked the fact that Hong Kong was a global economic center. There were also many companies that are based in Hong Kong that could use the marketing services that the QI Group could provide. Therefore, it would always be very easy for him to find new clients for his business.

The QI Group is now one of the leading marketing companies in Asia. This is due mainly to the genius of Vijay Eswaran. He took the company from nothing and made it what it is today. He was able to do this because he has a very unique approach to marketing that has become the industry standard. His competitors always copy him.

Niranjan Shah: Tracing the Success and Life of an Exemplary Engineer, Philanthropist, and Entrepreneur

While there are several Indians who gained USA citizenship after their lengthy stay, there’re also a number of them owning established businesses in the country. Niranjan Shah is one of the prominent engineers who was born and brought up in India.

During his initial life, Shah faced enormous life challenges whereby some hardships facilitated to his present development and growth. Being brought up in the Indian’s rural parts was not the easiest thing, particularly in the mid-nineties, when conditions were not favorable. Tough financial circumstances and the absence of essential items, for example, water and electricity, made life more difficult.

Niranjan Shah is, however, a resilient person who managed to cope with the tough conditions. Besides, he was able to pursue University Education after the high school level. At Birla Engineering College, he sought a Bachelor of Engineering, and following his initial capability and huge potential, Shah shifted to the United States in 1972. He joined the University of Mississippi to study Masters in Civil Engineering, and after graduating in 1975, he proceeded to begin his engineering organization, Globetrotters Engineering Corporation.

The construction firm has permits to work in different areas in USA, including Wisconsin, Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois. Globetrotters is the company behind some of the noticeable building works across the country. Some of the projects include airport terminal design, hospital redevelopment, and Deep Tunnel in Chicago, among other major engineering projects. Nevertheless, the success journey of the organization typically faced challenges.

Niranjan Shah has fundamentally played a vital role in the development and accomplishment of Globetrotters Engineering Corporation. At the initial stages of the organization, Shah was the only work at the firm. He couldn’t get reliable and big contracts since he didn’t have the crucial engineering machines and resources. But a couple of years later, his company is currently one of the biggest engineering firms in the USA. Globetrotters hires over 200 workers who take part in different parts of the organization.

On political matters, Shah is an oriented business visionary and the support of the Democratic Party, including its presidential candidates. He generously gives to the party, and he’s also a philanthropic professional who utilizes his resources to improve the standards of low earning communities.

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Nitin Khanna: CEO and Founder Living a Full Life

Nitin Khanna is the CEO of MergerTech, and this is an acquisition and merger that offers tech and consulting services. Co-founded with other investors, they have a global presence and relationship coupled with experts. He got his experience and sharpened his skills when he was working for Oracle after his studies at Purdue. Nitin Khanna has been privileged and lucky to have the chance to manage his career while enjoying this personal passion and likes.

He was born in India and from a family of entrepreneurs where he got his passion for entrepreneurship. He spent most of his early years with other business mentors in the motorcycle and cement plant sectors. That is where Nitin Khanna learnt about the secrets and philosophies in business. He started his business journey in 1998 as the co-founder of Saver Corp, a software company that has grown over the years to be a stand-alone firm and offering the US government solutions since 2007 and values at $120 million.

The company’s growth was awarded by Inc 500 for the years 2006 and 2007. The Deloitte Fast 500 and in 2007 they were number one on Oregon’s Fastest Growing Company. In 2005, they managed to invest with Accel-KKR private Equity before they disposed of it. Nitin disposd the firm at $460 million to EDS at a profit, and he continued with his leadership roles in government operations up until 2011. Nitin Khanna is the CEO of MergerTech, and they offer acquisitions and merger advice to different firms and the CEO of Cura Cannabis. It is a leader in providing cannabis to the west coast up to 2018.

Cura Cannsbis deals with Select Oil, Cura CS, and Select CBD. Nitin also has different positions in advisory, education, and consulting. He attended Purdue University and attained his Bachelor’s and Masters in Engineering. His hobbies include movies, music, and drinking good wine. He sits at the board of TiE Oregon and the Classic Wines. He also oversees other companies in cloud spaces, social, and mobile. Nitin has had a thought of going back for his doctorate in robotics. He has completed his studies and ready to work.

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Todd Levine Shared His Ideas as a Distinguished Lawyer


Todd Levine is a prominent lawyer and a successful entrepreneur. He is the founder of the famous Kluger Kaplan law firm based in Florida. Todd is an all-round individual who invests his time in many areas of his passion besides law. He has a passion for music, art, and science. The Kluger and Kaplan law firm specializes in legal matters that pertain to commercial real estate ventures. Todd mainly specializes in real estate brokers, investors, real estate venture disputes, and property owners.

Before his professional career in law, Todd Levine studied at the University of Florida and graduated in 1988 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. He then joined the Florida Levin College of Law and pursued law for three years, after which he attained a degree in law. Todd discovered his potential in legal matters earlier on precisely because of his influence on his clients. As his incredible skills advanced and his impact in complex commercial litigation increased, Todd discovered he had something special for his clients. It was during this time that he organized with his four colleagues, and launched a commercial litigation law firm.

The Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine is among the leading and most distinguished law firm in Florida. The founders are famous and honored for their incredible skills. Kluger and Kaplan emerged as the winners of the 2018 Best Lawyer Award in Real Estate Litigation presented by the US News in conjunction with the World Report. Besides this award, Todd Levine is also featured in various publications like the Super Lawyers Business Reviews, Florida Trend Magazine, and The Daily Business Review over the years.

As an esteemed lawyer, Todd Levine is often hosted for interviews to share about his successful career. In one of his recent interviews, Todd shared the qualities that make him a great and outstanding attorney. He noted that the critical thing is always to be ready for anything. He indicated that preparedness is vital, especially in situations that require making counter-arguments. This principle also applies to entrepreneurship. He also pointed out that it’s not always possible to predict what might happen for an entrepreneur. Lawyers must always be prepared to pull through whenever things go wrong.

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Raffaele Riva Has Always Been Passionate And Energetic In His Career

Raffaele Riva has had great ambitions since he was a young man and he got an education with a focus on several subjects from corporate financing to mergers and acquisitions. And he continued his schooling so he could become a public accountant in Italy. He has a passion for his work and the energy to carry out everything he wants to do with it. And he worked with many clients and learned a lot during his years as an accountant in Italy.

Raffaele Riva has since worked with several businesses and has found success in doing that. He first began working with business start-ups in 1997 and has done well with many of the businesses. He worked in international business before he did all of that and the experience that he had gained helped him with his start-ups. And he was able to manage companies in such countries as South Africa and Canada. Raffaele Riva cares about the clients he works with and is always trying to make things better for them while trying to succeed in his carer. And he always tries to go where his passion leads him in his career.

Raffaele Riva thinks it is important to keep up with the latest news about the economy and business world and does that the best he can by reading a lot and looking for information on everything that is going on in the world. And he has advice to give those who want to succeed as entrepreneurs and it is fairly simple. He believes that they need to think about how they can best service their clients and that they will do well when they do that. He has always been a positive man and has been careful to follow through on each of the projects he begins.

Sheldon Lavin Leveraged His Accounting Skills to Become World Business Leader

Sheldon Lavin said in a recent interview that, although his educational background was in accounting, he envisioned himself to be a man of business. Specifically, Lavin wanted to own and operate his own company.

After he graduated from the private Roosevelt University in Chicago with a bachelor’s degree in business, his first foray into the world of commerce was helping other business owners bolster their operations. He established Sheldon Lavin & Associated in downtown Chicago. It quickly found a steady stream of clients. Owners and managers were eager to tap into Sheldon Lavin’s wizardry with numbers and savvy advice on finance.

Lavin’s accounting and business finance consulting firm was a success. In 1970, he was approached by another successful and growing Chicago enterprise, a meat processing company known as Otto & Sons. This family-owned business has been a fixture in the Windy City since 1909. It was in the 1950s that Otto & Sons jumpstarted their small operation by making a handshake deal with Ray Kroc – the architect of the McDonald’s fast-food empire. See also on Forbes.

Otto & Sons was tapped to supply Kroc with fresh beef for his growing chain of Golden Arches restaurants. By 1970, Otto & Sons had grown considerably thanks to the ride they had hitched to the McDonald’s juggernaut. Now they were eager to take their company to a higher level. They called Sheldon Lavin because he had developed a reputation as a man who could make things happen.

Lavin said that, once he became familiar with Otto & Sons, he recognized the opportunity to make his life-long dream of becoming a bona fide businessman come true. In fact, he was strongly encouraged by McDonald’s management to come in as an owner of Otto & Sons. Lavin did just that. He eventually bought out the family founders and became the CEO of the company. Otto & Sons was rebranded as OSI Group in 1975.

Sheldon Lavin went on to build OSI Group into one of the premier food processing companies in the world. Under his leadership, OSI now spans 17 nations with 65 facilities.

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Eric Lefkofsky Explains Decision To Give Away At Least Half Of Wealth

It was in college that Eric Lefkofsky became an entrepreneur. He launched a company selling carpets to pay for his tuition. He said he was in the right place at the right time in 1999 when he decided to found an internet company. He likens this to being a second-generation panner during the Gold Rush because the dotcom bust cleared out a lot of competition.

He used some of that money to co-found Tempus Inc. This company has created an immense database filled with molecular and clinical data. The data is sorted and analyzed by artificial intelligence. Along with the genomic sequencing service Tempus provides, this database platform can be accessed by doctors treating patients with cancer. They are presented with a highly personalized treatment regimen specifically tailored to that person’s DNA and genetic information. They know what therapy has the highest chance of the patient successfully beating cancer.

Along with his wife, Liz, Eric Lefkofsky chose to sign The Giving Pledge. By signing this pledge, they agreed to give away at least half of their fortune to help others. They created the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, which supports charitable causes around the world. He said this was an easy choice for them to make because they have no use for much of their wealth. The least they can do with it is to support the billions of people who have very little in their lives.

Omeed Malik Talks Hedge Funds

Over the past year, Omeed Malik, CEO and founder of Farvahar Partners, has made a successful business venture all on his own. Farvahar Partners deals with asset Management and business advisory. They tend to recognize and work with the underserved and underrepresented population. Malik’s unique upbringing and working with top companies during his professional career have allowed him to be a great leader of his own company.

Omeed Malik’s Path to Success

Omeed Malik was born in New Jersey to Iranian and Pakistanian parents. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy and Political Science from Colgate University, which he earned in 2001. Five years later, he would go on to earn his Juris Doctor from Emory School of Law. After finishing school, he would go on to become a spokesperson for former US Representative Donald Payne. Afterwards, he would work for several high profile companies such as MF Global and Bank of America before ultimately starting his own company, Farvahar Partners.

As CEO and Founder, Malik not only leads the company, but presents and educates others on banking in various seminars. As a seasoned veteran, he caters to educate other seasoned vets and rookies alike in business. He has also done many interviews with multiple news companies. In a recent interview with Fox News, he talked about hedge funds investing in private and public markets.

Fox News Interview

During the interview with Fox News’ Charlie Gasparino he brought up the “shadow market” trend. This trend involves companies remaining private to gain liquidity before entering the public market. While Malik sort of agreed, he noted that the market has changed over the years and that many of these companies choose to stay private because under current market conditions you don’t have to go public to gain liquidity.

When Obama’s 2012 Jobs Act was signed, this raised the number of shareholders a company could have from 500 to 2000. With the number of shareholders being raised so high, this eliminated the need of an IPO for some companies, as they can rely on shareholders instead. He continues to elaborate on this by talking about how this affects the hedge fund industry. Malik explains that many hedge funds have looked for other ways to stay relevant and compete with the market. Nowadays, these hedge funds invest in many private markets as a result.

Even with many companies going or staying private, the private market is still open to anyone looking to invest. In order to invest in private companies, a company must be a registered broker or dealer. Malik’s company, for example, is registered as such, and assists employees of private companies as well as others with private trading. Farvahar Partners was formed due to his research on the private markets. He noticed the trends of hedge funds and recognized that they were open to increased business within the private markets. As a result, Malik made his business around this, and now plays a big role in the future of private investing.

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Nick Sarnicola’s Business Revolution


Nick Sarnicola is an expert in several diverse business fields, offering a broad range of best practice advice to companies across several industries. Nick Sarnicola excels as a sales leader, master team builder, and a business catalyst in achieving set goals. He has helped many professionals to become famous global entrepreneurs, as well as forming many big-money sales teams. Many companies such as health and fitness sector, non-profit making, sales and tech, international, and more have benefited from Nick Sarnicola’s services by ensuring they reach their maximum potential.

Nick Sarnicola has co-founded two lifestyle brands that help in health transformation globally. He invests in people by leveraging their specific skills, transforming them into leaders who help build his companies. Nick Sarnicola partnered with Blake Mallen in 1997 to form ViSalus, a multilevel marketing company offering marketing services on nutritional and weight management products such as Vi-Trim Clear Control Drink Mix, Vi-Shape meal replacement shake, energy drinks, and dietary supplements. The company markets its NEON Energy Drink to revolutionize healthy leaving through nutritious energy drinks in the global market.

The company was bought in 2005 by Ryan Blair. He also co-founded a social platform that turns Bucket Lists into Liv Lists ensuring people are more productive in life. On January 1, 2017, Nick became the new CEO of ViSalus, succeeding the then CEO, Ryan Blair, who was the CEO of the company for 12 years. Nick’s principal focus at ViSalus is to create entrepreneurial opportunities, develop and guide new leaders, and also launch products in new markets. Through his experience, he takes his CEO position as an independent promoter and global ambassador of ViSalus.

Sarnicola has vast experience in launching products, marketplaces, platforms, brands, and global sales teams and leaders. He is an expert in mobilizing huge events as well as curating life experiences for his clients. On top of his two companies, he also had young entrepreneurs in mind as he developed NextGen to educate them. NextGen educates young entrepreneurs on business growth strategies. Nick Sarnicola’s mission is to educate, improve, and also contribute to entrepreneurial growth. He achieves his mission by speaking to upcoming entrepreneurs, writing articles, and hosting mentorship programs.

Nick Sarnicola and Blake Mallen Recognize Growing Vi Italy Leadership at Vitality 2019