Eric Lefkofsky Explains Decision To Give Away At Least Half Of Wealth

It was in college that Eric Lefkofsky became an entrepreneur. He launched a company selling carpets to pay for his tuition. He said he was in the right place at the right time in 1999 when he decided to found an internet company. He likens this to being a second-generation panner during the Gold Rush because the dotcom bust cleared out a lot of competition.

He was the recipient of amazing luck when he happened to be there when the idea of Groupon was dreamt up. This company, where he was once the chief executive officer, made him a billionaire. He already felt undeserving of the success he had so having that much money gave him mixed feelings.

He used some of that money to co-found Tempus Inc. This company has created an immense database filled with molecular and clinical data. The data is sorted and analyzed by artificial intelligence. Along with the genomic sequencing service Tempus provides, this database platform can be accessed by doctors treating patients with cancer. They are presented with a highly personalized treatment regimen specifically tailored to that person’s DNA and genetic information. They know what therapy has the highest chance of the patient successfully beating cancer.

Along with his wife, Liz, Eric Lefkofsky chose to sign The Giving Pledge. By signing this pledge, they agreed to give away at least half of their fortune to help others. They created the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, which supports charitable causes around the world. He said this was an easy choice for them to make because they have no use for much of their wealth. The least they can do with it is to support the billions of people who have very little in their lives.

Omeed Malik Talks Hedge Funds

Over the past year, Omeed Malik, CEO and founder of Farvahar Partners, has made a successful business venture all on his own. Farvahar Partners deals with asset Management and business advisory. They tend to recognize and work with the underserved and underrepresented population. Malik’s unique upbringing and working with top companies during his professional career have allowed him to be a great leader of his own company.

Omeed Malik’s Path to Success

Omeed Malik was born in New Jersey to Iranian and Pakistanian parents. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy and Political Science from Colgate University, which he earned in 2001. Five years later, he would go on to earn his Juris Doctor from Emory School of Law. After finishing school, he would go on to become a spokesperson for former US Representative Donald Payne. Afterwards, he would work for several high profile companies such as MF Global and Bank of America before ultimately starting his own company, Farvahar Partners.

As CEO and Founder, Malik not only leads the company, but presents and educates others on banking in various seminars. As a seasoned veteran, he caters to educate other seasoned vets and rookies alike in business. He has also done many interviews with multiple news companies. In a recent interview with Fox News, he talked about hedge funds investing in private and public markets.

Fox News Interview

During the interview with Fox News’ Charlie Gasparino he brought up the “shadow market” trend. This trend involves companies remaining private to gain liquidity before entering the public market. While Malik sort of agreed, he noted that the market has changed over the years and that many of these companies choose to stay private because under current market conditions you don’t have to go public to gain liquidity.

When Obama’s 2012 Jobs Act was signed, this raised the number of shareholders a company could have from 500 to 2000. With the number of shareholders being raised so high, this eliminated the need of an IPO for some companies, as they can rely on shareholders instead. He continues to elaborate on this by talking about how this affects the hedge fund industry. Malik explains that many hedge funds have looked for other ways to stay relevant and compete with the market. Nowadays, these hedge funds invest in many private markets as a result.

Even with many companies going or staying private, the private market is still open to anyone looking to invest. In order to invest in private companies, a company must be a registered broker or dealer. Malik’s company, for example, is registered as such, and assists employees of private companies as well as others with private trading. Farvahar Partners was formed due to his research on the private markets. He noticed the trends of hedge funds and recognized that they were open to increased business within the private markets. As a result, Malik made his business around this, and now plays a big role in the future of private investing.

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Nick Sarnicola’s Business Revolution


Nick Sarnicola is an expert in several diverse business fields, offering a broad range of best practice advice to companies across several industries. Nick Sarnicola excels as a sales leader, master team builder, and a business catalyst in achieving set goals. He has helped many professionals to become famous global entrepreneurs, as well as forming many big-money sales teams. Many companies such as health and fitness sector, non-profit making, sales and tech, international, and more have benefited from Nick Sarnicola’s services by ensuring they reach their maximum potential.

Nick Sarnicola has co-founded two lifestyle brands that help in health transformation globally. He invests in people by leveraging their specific skills, transforming them into leaders who help build his companies. Nick Sarnicola partnered with Blake Mallen in 1997 to form ViSalus, a multilevel marketing company offering marketing services on nutritional and weight management products such as Vi-Trim Clear Control Drink Mix, Vi-Shape meal replacement shake, energy drinks, and dietary supplements. The company markets its NEON Energy Drink to revolutionize healthy leaving through nutritious energy drinks in the global market.

The company was bought in 2005 by Ryan Blair. He also co-founded a social platform that turns Bucket Lists into Liv Lists ensuring people are more productive in life. On January 1, 2017, Nick became the new CEO of ViSalus, succeeding the then CEO, Ryan Blair, who was the CEO of the company for 12 years. Nick’s principal focus at ViSalus is to create entrepreneurial opportunities, develop and guide new leaders, and also launch products in new markets. Through his experience, he takes his CEO position as an independent promoter and global ambassador of ViSalus.

Sarnicola has vast experience in launching products, marketplaces, platforms, brands, and global sales teams and leaders. He is an expert in mobilizing huge events as well as curating life experiences for his clients. On top of his two companies, he also had young entrepreneurs in mind as he developed NextGen to educate them. NextGen educates young entrepreneurs on business growth strategies. Nick Sarnicola’s mission is to educate, improve, and also contribute to entrepreneurial growth. He achieves his mission by speaking to upcoming entrepreneurs, writing articles, and hosting mentorship programs.

Nick Sarnicola and Blake Mallen Recognize Growing Vi Italy Leadership at Vitality 2019

The Achievements of the Entrepreneur Nitin Khanna

The CEO of MergerTech Nitin Khanna was born in India in 1971. He holds both undergraduate and graduates degrees in Industrial Engineering. Nitin Khanna is recognized for his various investments, as a successful entrepreneur and a leader who has helped various companies to succeed. As he was growing up, he spent lots of time in businesses such as motorcycle parts factory and cement plants when he acquired some insight on how to lead his own enterprise in the future.

Nitin Khanna founded his first company Saber Software in collaboration with his brother in 1999 and for the decade that followed, they concentrated on growing the business. The company was contracted by the government in 2001 to use its software in managing the voting process. The company continued to gain more success and by the time Nitin Khanna and his partner were selling it to EDS in 2008, it had 1,500 employees with annual revenue of $300 million.

It is after the sale that he embarked on investing in about 50 companies in Portland. His interested was to see as many companies as possible to succeed in this region. Nitin Khanna had gained lots of experience about mergers from the sale of Saber Software and so in 2009, he decided to open MergerTech as a mergers and acquisitions advisory firm whose target market was the technology companies that needed to maximize their outcome by identifying the most ideal strategic partners.

Nitin Khanna is an entrepreneur who has always ensured to be a step ahead of the competition. When the market for legal cannabis exploded in 2012, he was one of the early investors. By 2015, Cura Cannabis entered this market and its board sought Nitin Khanna for his expertise to lead the company as the Chief Executive Officer. Currently, it has become the largest cannabis company in the world selling edibles and oils.

Nitin Khanna is an individual that does not believe in maintaining a work-life balance. His perception is that when one is doing what they love, it becomes an extension of who they are. According to Nitin Khanna, success does not come with finding the balance between the two but finding a way to integrate both.

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Vijay Eswaran Explains why Change is Important

In any area of life, change is mandatory. Vijay Eswaran, an influential professional in business in the global market, believes that change is good. People who accept change fast have better potential in the market. According to the executive, habits make professionals in business productivity. However, a habit will make you resist new ideas that might be better. When you want to remain competitive in the market, you need to accept and be comfortable with change. Vijay Eswaran and prominent leaders are successful because they know that each change brings new opportunities for their businesses. The process of accepting change is not easy for anyone. These steps will help you;

Know your behaviours: Vijay Eswaran knows too well that change is difficult because it brings some fear. Most of the time, it will undermine your memory and at the same time, decrease your performance in business. Sometimes in life, you will be interested in change. For instance, when you want to get a new job, you will be happy with the change. When you are negative about change, you will most likely be uncertain of the future. With tension in your brain, you will resist the changes that come your way. Your brain will tend to embrace your fears and form resistance. Learn to be positive about new things that come in life, even when you are not certain. Negativity will create anxiety, making things worse for you.

Change is crucial: whenever you have to make changes in your life, try to examine the reasons for the change. Although this is a process that will affect your comfort zone, it will be an opportunity to learn new things in life. When you have to resign from your job, take it as an opportunity to get a better position in life. You can never remain in the same spot for decades and expect growth.

Steve Lesnard Marrketing the Digital World

Simple Message and Life Giving

During an age when social platforms as well as where the digital world has eclipsed the world of print marketing gurus have shown that not only has media moved to another platform but the way in which marketing operates also has moved to adjust to the medium in which it operates; this is especially true for the new products which are being marketed in these new mediums of communication.

Leveraging Benefits

While digital and social media has helped marketing to stay abreast of those to whom it makes known new products electronic marketing must be balanced so that it doesn’t reach a counterproductive response.

Steve Lesnard shows how the heart of every marketing plan always keeps the customer and their needs at the center of a marketing strategy. In other words, when a new product is presented to the public it must keep the value which they add to the customer’s lives of primary importance.

Marketing Reduced to Essentials

Steve Lesnard says that for a strategy to be successful the marketer must keep two essential at the heart of the strategy. First, the message must remain in it a fundamental and simple state of presentation. Secondly, while simplicity is necessary, the next important principle is to make the strategy come to life for the customer. The customer wants to not only know the product will enhance their life, but also be shown how to envision it in their life.

Storyline is Real

Steve Lesnard shows how customers want a storyline to be created for them so they can understand how they fit into the story; in other words, a simple message with an emotional appeal to the customer. By allowing the customer to see themselves feeling better, whether it is living the life they want or having the happiness all yearn for, the simple message with emotional appeal makes the marketing campaign attempts to make the product personal and appealing to the customer. By using the digital medium the customer can envision their use of the product as well as the emotional response they are imagined to have, which bring the product into the life of the customer.

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Igor Cornelsen – Financial Tips To Help You Avoid Losses

If you are looking for some assistance with your financial planning, following the investment advice by Igor Cornelsen would help you achieve your business goals. Igor Cornelsen has been active in the financial world for over five decades and has worked with some of the leading banks in Brazil, which includes Unibanco and Multibanco. He has also worked for many years for the London based Libra Bank PLC and Standard Chartered Bank. Working for all these banks has provided Igor with the experienced financial insight, which has helped him become a seasoned investor himself.

Igor Cornelsen is also known as a stock market expert, and many of his stock recommendations have helped his clients and followers to make considerable profits. He has studied engineering from the Federal University of Parana and also studied economics from the same university, and it has helped him expand his knowledge about the financial world greatly. Igor is often consulted by many foreign investors when considering investing in Brazil. As an expert on the Brazilian economy, the advice provided by Igor has helped his clients penetrate the Brazilian market successfully and achieve success with their investments.

As the global economy is going through turmoil, having an advisor that you can trust is highly essential. Igor Cornelsen says that individuals who are not well-versed with the financial world should take the help of the professional financial advisor. It would help in avoiding risk and ensure that you can minimize losses and enhance your profits. Achieving success in the financial world is all about keeping in the loop of where the market is heading. Keeping track of the market trends is one of the habits of Igor that has helped him gain the success he has achieved as an investment banker, stock market expert and financial advisor.

Security Company TigerSwan

James Reese is the CEO of TigerSwan, a private security company in North Carolina. He was a Non-Commissioned Officer and Commissioned Officer for 25 years. He retired as Lt. Colonel from the U.S. Army and during his years of service, he learned that you should be an active listener, a loyal follower, and to take charge when you have the opportunity to do so. Since 2008, James Reese owns Tigerswan, a service-disabled small business with over 300 employees and operations that take place throughout 50 countries. He explains that it is very difficult to run his business because you have to bet a lot of your own assets and there is a lot of liability and risks involved. James Reese came up with the idea of his business Tigerswan during his last rotation in Iraq. He wanted to create a company that would benefit the world in some way and wanted the company to consist of veterans and like-minded people. James Reese explains it is difficult to hire people but he hired a great student that was in college. He worked his way up and now he is the Vice President of the company and is in charge of multi-million dollar deals. He considers TigerSwan to be a great company where veterans can use their past experience to take charge of the private sector. The company offers guidance and if people make mistakes, they can learn from it. The workforce at TigerSwan is made up of veterans, law enforcement, and civilians who have worked in different industries. This allows for a different viewpoint to be brought to the work environment. James Reese is a respected leader and while TigerSwan was just an idea he had during his time as a Delta Force member, it is now a big company that has missions going on worldwide. TigerSwan is well-known for having one of the best teams in the company. His courage, leadership skills, and past experience are what enable him to run such a successful company.

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Impressive Commitment of Oren Frank to Mental Health

Oren Frank is the co-founder and chief executive officer at Talkspace, a privately held online and mobile psychotherapy firm headquartered in New York, United States. He attended Leicester Polytechnic in England and later ventured into entrepreneurship. Oren Frank, together with his wife, established Talkspace with a motive of helping patients suffering from mental health problems. The company has helped over one million clients get access to licensed therapists at affordable rates.

Before launching Talkspace, Oren Frank began his career at McCann Erickson serving as a Regional Creative Director in London and worked between November 2001 and November 2003. He later served as the CEO at Worldwide Israel in Tel Aviv from 2003 to 2007. He went ahead and became the Chairman of McCann Digital in Israel serving for two years between 2005 and 2007. Check out talkspace .com to learn more about Oren Frank’s presentation.

Oren Frank then relocated to the United States, joined MRM Worldwide as a Global Chief Creative Officer in the Greater New York City Area, and operated between January 2008 and April 2011. He also worked at TheMarker, AdAge, HuffPo as a writer, columnist, and blogger before leaving in February 2014. While at TheMarker, AdAge, HuffPo, Oren Frank partnered with hisTalkspace co-founder, Roni Frank, and established the company in April 2012.

Establishing Talkspace

Oren Frank came up with the idea of launching Talkspace after he attended a couple’s therapy with his wife and managed to save their marriage. Besides, he frequently participated in personal therapies together with Roni, thus generating an idea of founding an affordable and accessible therapy services company.

Oren Frank makes sure to get seven hours of sleep every night and makes well-strategized ideas to remain productive. Oren makes sure to have the right team in all his works and encourage the members to focus on achieving the company’s goals. Customer’s service is always prioritized to ensure they are getting incredible services to suit their needs.


Ashley Lightspeed Talks About Bringing On Influencers

Ashley Lightspeed and other leaders in the business sector know that startups are going toe to toe with large corporations and they are winning. This was seen with Zappos, this was seen with other brands such as Purple, Dollar Shave Club and a slew of other brands that have realized how to reach out the people with different tactics and strategies that resonate with them.

Ashley Lightspeed and other business professionals know that the business game is changing. They know that leaders can earn significant portions of money if they understand how to attract customers.

One strategy is that of using influencers.

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On Influencers

One can find the right people to push and promote products at the fraction of the cost of what the Kardashian-Jenner family charges to market anything on God’s green earth.

This approach to hire influences goes a long way into enhancing the outreach of your business, and lets you reach more customers online.

In case you are targeting offline customers, you could use other marketing methods.

Instead of paying influencers, you could make use of traditional marketing material and endorsements to have your products known to people who do not use Instagram or even social media as much (you have to cater to the 49 percent who shop through brick-and-mortar stores, after all).

This way, you are able to cover both avenues in a tangible manner. This hybrid marketing of online and offline mediums lets you reach your audience and get your brand noticed in an effective way.

The best part about these marketing methodologies is that they could be utilized whether you have a very large marketing budget, or just small funds allocated towards this aspect of your business.

Keep in mind that your business would have to spend sufficient funds on marketing in order to generate noticeable buzz, and garner the required attention as a result.