Impressive Commitment of Oren Frank to Mental Health

Oren Frank is the co-founder and chief executive officer at Talkspace, a privately held online and mobile psychotherapy firm headquartered in New York, United States. He attended Leicester Polytechnic in England and later ventured into entrepreneurship. Oren Frank, together with his wife, established Talkspace with a motive of helping patients suffering from mental health problems. The company has helped over one million clients get access to licensed therapists at affordable rates.

Before launching Talkspace, Oren Frank began his career at McCann Erickson serving as a Regional Creative Director in London and worked between November 2001 and November 2003. He later served as the CEO at Worldwide Israel in Tel Aviv from 2003 to 2007. He went ahead and became the Chairman of McCann Digital in Israel serving for two years between 2005 and 2007. Check out talkspace .com to learn more about Oren Frank’s presentation.

Oren Frank then relocated to the United States, joined MRM Worldwide as a Global Chief Creative Officer in the Greater New York City Area, and operated between January 2008 and April 2011. He also worked at TheMarker, AdAge, HuffPo as a writer, columnist, and blogger before leaving in February 2014. While at TheMarker, AdAge, HuffPo, Oren Frank partnered with hisTalkspace co-founder, Roni Frank, and established the company in April 2012.

Establishing Talkspace

Oren Frank came up with the idea of launching Talkspace after he attended a couple’s therapy with his wife and managed to save their marriage. Besides, he frequently participated in personal therapies together with Roni, thus generating an idea of founding an affordable and accessible therapy services company.

Oren Frank makes sure to get seven hours of sleep every night and makes well-strategized ideas to remain productive. Oren makes sure to have the right team in all his works and encourage the members to focus on achieving the company’s goals. Customer’s service is always prioritized to ensure they are getting incredible services to suit their needs.


Ashley Lightspeed Talks About Bringing On Influencers

Ashley Lightspeed and other leaders in the business sector know that startups are going toe to toe with large corporations and they are winning. This was seen with Zappos, this was seen with other brands such as Purple, Dollar Shave Club and a slew of other brands that have realized how to reach out the people with different tactics and strategies that resonate with them.

Ashley Lightspeed and other business professionals know that the business game is changing. They know that leaders can earn significant portions of money if they understand how to attract customers.

One strategy is that of using influencers.

Learn more about Ashley Lightspeed at

On Influencers

One can find the right people to push and promote products at the fraction of the cost of what the Kardashian-Jenner family charges to market anything on God’s green earth.

This approach to hire influences goes a long way into enhancing the outreach of your business, and lets you reach more customers online.

In case you are targeting offline customers, you could use other marketing methods.

Instead of paying influencers, you could make use of traditional marketing material and endorsements to have your products known to people who do not use Instagram or even social media as much (you have to cater to the 49 percent who shop through brick-and-mortar stores, after all).

This way, you are able to cover both avenues in a tangible manner. This hybrid marketing of online and offline mediums lets you reach your audience and get your brand noticed in an effective way.

The best part about these marketing methodologies is that they could be utilized whether you have a very large marketing budget, or just small funds allocated towards this aspect of your business.

Keep in mind that your business would have to spend sufficient funds on marketing in order to generate noticeable buzz, and garner the required attention as a result.


Angel Investor Ara Chackerian Successfully Combines Philanthropy And Entrepreneurship

There are thousands of entrepreneurs out there today trying to make their mark in the world and build successful careers, but very few of them take the approach that Ara Chackerian has with his entrepreneurial career. With the proper knowledge and strategies, anyone can invest and find success as an entrepreneur, even if it takes time. It takes something even more for an individual to devote themselves to philanthropy and building a brighter future for more than just themselves.

As a dedicated angel investor, Ara Chackerian makes careful considerations with his investments to ensure they are going towards good causes, such as new innovations in healthcare. Ara has specifically focused his entrepreneurial care on the healthcare industry, and he has co-founded a number of companies over the years, including PipelineRX, BMC Diagnostics, and TMS Health Solutions. Ara has spent more than 20 years navigating the healthcare industry as an entrepreneur, and he has held various executive positions in the investment industry as well, such as he currently does with ASC Capital.

Ara Chackerian has made his impression on the healthcare industry in many ways, and his reputation is well-regarded, especially in light of his many charitable investments. The philanthropic attitude that Ara shows towards other companies and the community at large have brought a lot of attention his way, which has only made him more successful as an entrepreneur.

Through a healthy career as an entrepreneur, Ara is able to angel invest where it is really needed, and Ara actively searches for new organizations that could use extra support. Ara has put a lot of focus on communities in Nicaragua, and he has heavily invested in Limonapa Teak. This teak farm not only provides jobs to the community, but it remains environmentally responsible and ensures sustainable growth into the future for local communities. Find more about Ara Chackerian:

Shervin Pishevar Worries About The State Of The Economy While Others Celebrate

There are plenty of people who are celebrating the spoils of the economy as it were right now. They seem to have a strong feeling that the good times are just going to continue to roll. Their enthusiasm may seem like an honorable thing, but Shervin Pishevar worries that it has gone too far.

 As an early investor in Uber, a lot of people pay attention to what Shervin Pishevar has to say about economic matters. They figure if he knew enough to put his money into a startup that many people were laughing at when it came to market, then he must know a thing or two about the economy at large. Perhaps that is the case, and that is why his tweets deserve some attention.

 The Stock Market Is Overbought

 Shervin Pishevar was not afraid to jump out and say that the stock market is seriously overbought. He feels that people have largely gotten caught up in the excitement of the market (something that he admits can be easy to do), and have forgotten to examine the fundamentals of the thing. He thinks that the market needs to fall at least twenty percent before we can really be comfortable with buying into it again.

Bitcoin Will Fall More Before It Gets Better

There is every chance in the world that Bitcoin is going to fall more in price before it ever makes an attempt to rebound any according to Shervin Pishevar. He sees the cryptocurrency as something that is like a shiny object that some investors just can’t seem to take their eyes off of. He thinks that the currency does have some value, but he also feels it needs to come down a lot before it is worth buying.

Uncertain Politics

 The final thing pushing Shervin Pishevar to be more skeptical of the economic situation than most is the fact that the politics of this moment in history are so uncertain. He doesn’t know if he should trust the current administration to do what is right or not. He feels that in a lot of ways the uncertainty is something that this administration thrives on, and this could leave investors uncertain of what to do.


Brilliant Innovation of Sergey Petrossov in the Jet Industry

Sergey Petrossov comes from an immigrated Russian family who had to work hard from scratch To sustain themselves in the United States. He, therefore, developed a sense of business from a very young age. When he was a teenager, Sergey was already involved in the family business of importing and exporting tire rims. He, later on, joined the University of Florida for his technological study in Computer Science. His exposure to technology in the university gave him the expertise he needed to start up various live-chatting platforms. While still in school, he was also involved in a project that helped in the foundation of the distance learning education to various Russian-speaking schools in Europe and other countries.

Sergey Petrossov is famous because of his company, JetSmarter. The foundation of this company was inspired by the frustrations from his personal experience when he first tried to book a private jet in the year 2009. He experienced a very tedious and dissatisfying booking process that made him think about a way towards a solution. This led to the birth of JetSmarter that has made him named one of Forbes ’30 under 30′ in 2016.

JetSmarter, whose headquarters is in Fort Lauderdale, Florida; with various offices in various countries; is able to provide users with services that plan their flights and connects them with specific private-jet operators. After the successful development of the supporting applications and adequate technological expertise from his background and supporting team, Sergey Petrossov officially launched the JetSmarter Application in a beta version in August 2012 and finalized its release to the international market in March 2013. Sergey incorporated his team of developers from reputable corporations that include NASA, Uber, and Nokia, among others. The company has been recognized for the overwhelming success and brilliant management with support from other successful entrepreneurs, including Jay-Z and members of the Saudi royal family.

Papa John’s Names Steve Ritchie As Its New CEO

Papa John’s has promoted Steve Ritchie to the position of CEO. With over two decades of experience in the fast-food giant, Ritchie has gained a considerable amount of expertise in the niche. This career began when he was in his early twenties, and he received a position as a customer service representative in 1996. Since then, he’s held quite a few notable positions within Papa John’s. In 2006, he became a franchise owner with the company, opening several of the fast food outlets across the state over the following few years. These premises proved to be quite successful and garnered attention from a number of different figures within Papa John’s upper management.

In 2014, this led to Steve Ritchie being named as the Chief Operating Officer of Papa John’s. Since then, Ritchie’s impact on the company has continued to grow. During this time, he’s focused on improving customer experiences across each of the company’s stores. This has entailed improving employee training so that they’re in a better position to create loyal and repeat customers. Because of this, Steve Ritchie has continued to climb Papa John’s corporate ladder. This resulted in yet another promotion in 2015 when he was named President of the company.

With the new promotion to CEO, Steve Ritchie looks to continue improving customer relations across the board. This includes delivering world-class experiences to customers, regardless of whether they’re in-store or order through Papa John’s website or app. Ritchie has noted that he also looks to improve the company’s digital offerings, while also helping to improve marketing efforts. Steve Ritchie’s new role isn’t the only change in upper management over the past few years. In contrast, there have been two other high-profile changes; Brandon Rhoten has been named Chief Marketing Officer at Papa John’s, while Mike Nettles will take on the Chief Information and Digital Officer position.

Susan McGalla Like Many Must Conduct Proper Analysis

The truth is that sometimes business can be fun and sometimes business can be boring. Both times are needed as it provides individuals with a way to progress and grow in their professional and personal selves. People like Susan McGalla know that there are times when interesting scenarios take place in business because of expansion that one would be able to wake up the imagination and use it. Susan McGalla has seen that this is true for the current decade of business, it is becoming more entertaining and more interesting as businesses seek to become digitized. This is true for all companies including that of Netflix, a company that has thrived on movies and shows and now will think about stepping into gaming. Here are a few of the potential games that Netflix may develop.

BoJack Horseman

As arguably the most famous anthropomorphic horses of recent times, BoJack Horseman has made a name for “himself” in Netflix’s rich roster of characters.

Focusing on adult themes, the show has much to offer to gamers in that age group. That is why, an action-style game where BoJack goes on his latest quest to relive his glory days as a ‘90s sitcom star could make for an interesting time.


This show was one of the most popular titles to have come out of Netflix in 2018. It was just as problematic, with a horde of people romanticizing Joe Goldberg, the antihero (actual villain) stalker who sets his eyes on naïve-to-the-point-of-foolish Guinevere Beck.

But it provided lots of ground to cover for an adventure/stealth style game where Joe stalks Beck, while also scheming against and killing everyone who comes in between these two not so star-crossed lovers. It could make for a killer time. After all, post the success of Far Cry 5, it’s safe to say that darker themes are definitely in, aren’t they?

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

This Archie Comics’ property has turned into one of the most successful ventures for Netflix as of late. Acclaimed by critics and loved by the audience, this darker take on one of America’s most popular teenage witches makes for a riveting game.

It could be a Nancy Drew style game which lets Sabrina go on her latest adventure, solving puzzles and casting spells on the way to escaping her fate from being Satan’s favorite weapon.

Russian Doll

One of Netflix most acclaimed yet most obscure series, Russian Doll revolves around Nadia Vulvokov, a character that dies over and over again only to restart her day from scratch in a Groundhog Day-style twist.

The show’s storylines and its exploration of world depletion provides a lot of rich levels to explore in an adventure style game. In the game, Nadia could be finding out the truth along with Alan Zaveri, a man who is stuck with her in the same time loop.

Find Out more about Susan McGalla:

Bhanu Choudhrie’s Ability to Connect with Others

Something that Bhanu Choudhrie is particularly celebrated for within his daily life is his outstanding level of passion he has for the people who surround him. These people are usually friends and family members, but the amount of people he has who work for him that he considers himself to be very close with is quite impressive. Being able to have a connection with your employees is one of the most important gifts a successful leader can have. In fact, without it, they will likely fail in their endeavor to leave.

This is not to say that leaders who have bad relationships with their workers are doomed to be poor leaders for ever. Certainly, the ability to communicate with others and connect on an emotional level is one that can be developed just like any other ability. The legacy of Bhanu Choudhrie alone proves this, as he was not always the man that every single one of his employees had a close connection with. This is not to say that they used to dislike him, but he has definitely learned how to connect with them better throughout the many years of experience he has had. Join to know more about Bhanu Choudhrie.

This is one of the most important ideals Bhanu Choudhrie tries to impress upon the world at large, particularly those who will listen to him and take his advice to heart. There is no such thing as being too bad at a certain skill because you can always improve that. There is no limit to what you can accomplish if you just apply yourself. This took Bhanu Choudhrie many years to find out, as he recounts, but once he finally found that state of peace, he realized that his own influence on the world did not have to have any sort of cap on it. It could expand and grow for as long as he was able to maintain his work ethic. This fact alone was enough to make him realize that a constant stream of work and effort can be enough to change the world, and he hopes to impress this unto everyone so they can all experience it.

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Oren Frank and Therapy Concepts

Oren Frank is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and co-founder of a reputable American business that’s called TalkSpace. TalkSpace is a simple concept, too. It’s an app that offers users text therapy assistance. The company has been around since roughly 2012. Its primary aim is to give more humans everywhere the opportunity to turn to psychotherapy. It’s an esteemed B2C (business-to-consumer) firm as well. It was in charge of the introduction of “Unlimited Messaging Therapy.” Frank operates out of New York, New York in the United States.

This professional had a number of positions prior to getting TalkSpace off the ground. He had employment with a business by the name of MRM Worldwide in the Big Apple. He functioned as the company’s Global Chief Creative Officer. He was with MRM Worldwide from the winter of 2008 into the spring of 2011. Frank had a handful of other positions before as well. He had positions with McCann Erickson, Huffington Post, AdAge and TheMarker. TheMarker is a newspaper that’s a force in the business realm. It appears in the Hebrew language. It was created by Guy Rolnik and runs out of Tel Aviv. Find out more about Oren Frank at Huffpost.

Frank likes to stay in the loop with the social media craze. He has a Twitter account that he employs regularly. He signed up for the account in the winter of 2009. He utilizes Twitter any time he wishes to share his thoughts with regard to therapy and similar things. People who are intrigued by therapeutic matters often take the time to follow this individual.

Talkspace has been a major sensation for people so far. There have been close to 400,000 individuals who have tested it out. Therapy doesn’t have to be something that feels tricky to people. Oren Frank strives to streamline the concept of contemporary therapeutic practices. Source:

Jojo Hedaya: Running a Startup May Look Promising but That Doesn’t Mean It Is For You

If you are like everyone else, you definitely know the nightmare associated with trying to find important emails deeply buried within your junk mail. To make it better or worse, you don’t really want to get rid of the junk mail because it could have just the deal you have been waiting for. What are you to do in such a situation?Jojo Hedaya has the perfect solution.

Jojo Hedaya, the COO and Cofounder of Unroll.Me, has the perfect solution for you. His company offers a simple email organization tool which separates important emails from newsletters, subscriptions, and updates. By scanning through your inbox within seconds, Unroll.Me creates “The Rollup,” a single email compilation of all your subscriptions. The best part is you set at what time “The Rollup” gets to your inbox depending on when it is most convenient for you. You can also unsubscribe from all the subscriptions you are not interested in with a single click.

As a successful entrepreneur, Jojo Hedaya knows that the startup world is brutal and not for the fainthearted. With startups, his advice is simple. Find what you enjoy doing by looking into your strengths and weaknesses, and then go for it. He enjoys creating and maintaining a successful office culture. This passion has seen him through the worst phases of his startup journey by motivating him to remain positive even as he created something whose outcome he was not sure of.

When it comes to the execution phase, Jojo Hedaya drills down on the importance of having the correct skills for the successful implementation of a business idea. Consequently, when it comes to hiring, you should focus on getting the right skills, while also looking at a candidate’s cultural fit with the organization you have created. Additionally, you should pay attention to your competitors but not fear them since execution is what determines your success or not. Lastly, the startup journey is not for everyone. If it’s something you would rather not do, you are better off getting a job since the startup journey comes with grueling downs if you are not psychologically prepared for it.

Born on December 30, 1989, Jojo Hedaya attended a private Jewish high school before going to college. Although he never graduated from college, he believes he could go back and finish at some point. However, he believes the experience he has gained running Unroll.Me is better than a college education. Under his leadership, Unroll.Me has gained millions of users over the past five years. Jojo Hedaya now leads product development at Unroll.Me while also watching the operations side of the business.