Betterworks: Survey Recap and General Information


Betterworks recently came out with a concerning report discussing a survey across the industry of more than 1,000 people managers working in enterprises that have more than 500 employees. This report gives a summary of the negative talent management taking place in their organizations. It also revealed that managers have a vital role in making workforce performance better by doing actions every day. The goal of them is to have teams motivated, engaged, and developed. The Betterworks managers surveyed a lot and found a lot needed to be improved in almost every aspect. A member of the board of directors Josh Bersin believes being a manager is transformational in our work lives.

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One concerning area in this survey was that the Managers of Betterworks do not have a sense of purpose. Only one third believed every employee clearly understood what the mission and vision of the company was. This survey with Market Cube included 1,063 people managers working at enterprise companies, with more than 500 employees located over industries in America and Canada.

Betterworks: a Continuous Performance Management ® solution helps clients bring more productivity, profitability, and a smoother foundation. Examples of features that Betterworks has are gamification and goal-setting. Consumers get almost unlimited control in how the company of theirs run. Betterworks was established in Silicon Valley in 2013. Also, their solution helps out workforces that are “truly global.” Workers use it every day in over a hundred countries, and localization support occurs in twenty languages.

Continuous Performance Management Using Betterworks


Betterworks is a cloud-based software. It enables employees to create their objectives and relevant results after which they link them to the goals of the organization. Employees and managers can establish their goals in Betterworks and then make a follow-up in real time, maybe over a year or quarter, while ensuring they are in line with the team, their manager and the organization. Betterworks offers an effective Continuous Performance Management Solution by eliminating the annual reviews used traditionally by organizations.

Diane Strohfus is the CHRO of Betterworks. She began her career in finance before landing in HR technology. She says that her career evolution contributed significantly to her experience and growth. As an HR partner, Strohfus worked with leaders to convert their companies into successful ventures through alignment of all components of the organization. It is her passion, and so when Betterworks (a company that works to align organizations and ensures that employees remain motivated to higher performance levels) presented an opportunity, she took the chance. For Diane Strohfus, an ideal employee is a curious individual who is always ready to grow and learn.


Strohfus reveals that there is a significant amount of innovation taking place in Performance Management Technology. She is particularly committed to ensuring that companies not only focus on tracking the rates of completion and results but also understand the sentiments of workers’ responses across, up and down the organization, deriving insights regarding a person’s perspective on a person, team or business.

For other businesses to work with Betterworks, it is necessary to define the process. Understanding the demands and needs of a company would ensure that the Betterworks Technology interconnects with another HR program seamlessly.