ClassDojo for the young mind

ClassDojo is a creative app helping teachers around the world. This program was created to help manage the stress of young minds while also helping them regain focus in the classroom and reward positive behavior. The teachers benefit from this as well. Teachers are able to track how well someone is doing throughout the day without grabbing a pen and paper or filling out some kind of computer document.

One of the most beneficial parts to the ClassDojo program is that the parents are able to view videos of what their kids are doing during the day. The parents are also able to check in on the child’s score because they are given points for good behavior and deducted points for bad behavior. Recently results and videos have been released showing the instructional video on mindful moments.

Mindful moments is a small 8- 10-minute program that is launched worldwide for 5 consecutive days. In this 8- 10 minute program self-awareness is key. The instructor gives the students really small tasks like closing their eyes, taking deep breaths, thinking about their behavior.

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They even gave scenarios like “what would you do if you caught yourself daydreaming?” Then the children might get a small moment to discuss what they would do in that situation. In the video she spoke about how all the children around the world are doing this at the same time as them, which was also something for them to be mindful of. Over the course of five days the children should feel more aware of their surroundings and themselves within them.

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The Academy of Art University Supporting International Students

The Academy of Art University Supporting International Students

The Academy of Art University is a large school that is located in San Francisco. The school has been recently ranked as one of the very first schools in the country to train students on both commercial art and advertising. The school has so far produced the most creative people in the country since their education and training is properly and well administered to the students. The Academy of Art University does not only offer these programs but also various other programs such as Animation, interior architecture, and fashion, among many others. It has also been working in keeping up with various technological advances. It is through the use of technology that Academy of Art University administers the digital and current animation. The platforms used in production and the mediums are also up to date.

The Academy of Art University also manages some real estate property which are also located in San Francisco. The Academy is also strategically located in the city. Its central location at this large dynamic and the large city has highly contributed to the school’s success and reputation.

Since its founding, The Academy of Art University has been attracting some of the top talents in art in the U.S. It has also been reported that the school’s student body has experienced a very high diversity. This is properly seen by the different religions of students who attend this particular school. This is a major factor that makes the school different from other schools. This is because it makes the school to have an international attribute that most of the schools in San Francisco don’t have. This feature has been a major attraction point, especially for those students that want to experience an international exposure.

Before the University changed its name to The Academy of Art University, it was previously known as the Academy of Art College. The original founder of this particular school is Mr. Stephens. In the past, the school had a totally different name from its current name. It is privately owned with a very large number of highly dedicated staff.

Rocketship Education: See It With Your Eyes

When thinking about education, you always have more options in your head. The offer is broad, and what will affect your decision depends only on you. Recent comments on NPR’s recent coverage of Rocketship schools have been continued on social networks.

Many critics believe that the work of the NPR does not provide a sufficiently clear picture, and focuses mainly on the things that are out of context.

What Is Rocketship Education?

Rocketship Education is connected to the chain of Rocketship Public Schools.

This is a network of non-profit charter schools.

Their first school was opened in San Jose in 2007. Their students have scored high grades in California state assessment. Afterward, they’ve earned praised critic opinions as an alternative and highly innovative school that provides education for students with low-incomes.

Some of the Rocketship facilities were also funded by a former tennis player Andre Agassi.

He actually helped the opening of the Rocketship Rise Academy in Washington and the first school in the District of Columbia.

Hybrid Model Of Learning And Successful Partnerships

Rocketship education type uses a so-called “hybrid” model of learning. That means it uses individualized online learning approach, but also a classroom teaching within small groups of students. Rocketship education has cooperated with Team America, which is a nonprofit organization that helps college graduates to find teaching jobs. Rocketship education model has its focus on educating students who come from families with low incomes. This way, the achievement differences between the students are eliminated.

This nonprofit has even partnered with companies such as Techbridge and eBay’s Women in Technology. Together they have organized an educational program that allowed fifth-graders to visit the headquarters of the famous eBay company.

The Critics Of The Rocketship Education – Justified Or Not?

During 2017 Rocketship started QueenHype, a new and empowering program for girls. The program was based on communication. That very same year, Rocketship partnered with Web of Life Field (WOLF) School. Together they have added science trips in school. This was intended for the fifth-grade students. Rocketship Schools is expanding very quickly, becoming a very popular model of education. Their early adopting of tech-model of learning and then afterward change and lower their criteria and expansion goals – become a subject of debates and have attracted much interest in the past.

A blogger Anya Kamenetz wrote about Rocketship’s “problematic practices at the network”. She suggested it was a common thing to other charter networks as well. But, she wasn’t writing about why those schools are so popular. She also never gave any context for the pile of critical stories that accompany the text.

So, in the end – think with your own head when you are making a decision.

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ClassDojo Never Stops Improving In Their Goal To Connect Teachers and Parents

Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary launched ClassDojo in 2011. This tool is widely used by parents who do not speak English to keep in contact with their kid’s teachers. ClassDojo is one of several apps designed to bridge the language gap between parents and teachers. This tool helps the students develop their skills while maintaining the connection between parents, teachers and students. ClassDojo is a sharing platform enabling parents to access their children’s student reports. The teachers can upload videos and photos for the parents to see and monitor the behavior of the students. The ClassDojo app was created to improve education and build the communication between the families, teachers and the community. Approximately 90 percent of American school districts use this app. It is available in 180 countries and 35 languages.

The ClassDojo app enables teachers to reward and communicate with their students and their parents. The teachers register to receive a free account. Classes are created and students can view their individual progress. Parents can be invited to share information with the teachers and view the progress of their children. Teachers can customize skills, leave feedback and make adaptions for the school or class. The creators of the ClassDojo app understand relationships require trust. They believe privacy protection is critical for trust and have earned and maintained their user’s trust. This is why ClassDojo has their own privacy center. This provides transparency, protects the users, ensures peace of mind and allows the users to control their information.

The ClassDojo app does not collect any information of a sensitive nature. This includes gender, address, email, social security number and student ID. The app does not share any information with third parties such as Facebook. ClassDojo maintains military grade data centers, highly secure servers and they are access controlled. Their security is at a bank grade level to ensure all information is securely transmitted. The ClassDojo app never stops improving. They ensure every ClassDojo product is created with security and privacy first. ClassDojo strongly believes when they do what is right for the parents, teachers and students, they are also doing what is right for the community.