Under the Leadership of Ashley Lightspeed

Everyone must always remember that a person, no matter what gender, can become a great leader. The leadership abilities of a woman would normally depend on her personality traits and individual strengths. One of the main factors of leadership is the power to shape your team members, to maximize their full potential, and to help them develop their personal skills and strengths. A woman like Ashley Lightspeed is a great leader because of her ability to balance her personal and professional leadership skills. She uses her creativity and ability to quickly respond to different tasks at the same time when it comes to managing her time. To learn more about Ashley lightspeed view her Crunchbase profile

Ashley Lightspeed is naturally nurturing. She cares about her entire team, their performance at work, and allows them to balance their work with their life. She is a proactive and effective mentor who maintains an open and communicative relationship with her entire team. She focuses on teamwork and consistently demonstrates enthusiasm, passion, and knows how to make wise decisions on her own or by seeking help from her team. A woman like her who has an excellent list of career achievements at such a young age is an inspiration to the youth and a lot of people. Developing and building new business models, products, and services is one of her greatest assets.

Being a member of the investing team of Lightspeed Venture Partners, she uses her deep n leaders who helped the company diversify its operations, expand throughout the country, and improve their economic activity. In addition to this, she is aware of different working environments and company cultures because she has worked with a number of top companies in which she has helped develop and grow. Ashley Lightspeed and her outstanding perspective are just what we need.

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Impressive Commitment of Oren Frank to Mental Health

Oren Frank is the co-founder and chief executive officer at Talkspace, a privately held online and mobile psychotherapy firm headquartered in New York, United States. He attended Leicester Polytechnic in England and later ventured into entrepreneurship. Oren Frank, together with his wife, established Talkspace with a motive of helping patients suffering from mental health problems. The company has helped over one million clients get access to licensed therapists at affordable rates.

Before launching Talkspace, Oren Frank began his career at McCann Erickson serving as a Regional Creative Director in London and worked between November 2001 and November 2003. He later served as the CEO at Worldwide Israel in Tel Aviv from 2003 to 2007. He went ahead and became the Chairman of McCann Digital in Israel serving for two years between 2005 and 2007. Check out talkspace .com to learn more about Oren Frank’s presentation.

Oren Frank then relocated to the United States, joined MRM Worldwide as a Global Chief Creative Officer in the Greater New York City Area, and operated between January 2008 and April 2011. He also worked at TheMarker, AdAge, HuffPo as a writer, columnist, and blogger before leaving in February 2014. While at TheMarker, AdAge, HuffPo, Oren Frank partnered with hisTalkspace co-founder, Roni Frank, and established the company in April 2012.

Establishing Talkspace

Oren Frank came up with the idea of launching Talkspace after he attended a couple’s therapy with his wife and managed to save their marriage. Besides, he frequently participated in personal therapies together with Roni, thus generating an idea of founding an affordable and accessible therapy services company.

Oren Frank makes sure to get seven hours of sleep every night and makes well-strategized ideas to remain productive. Oren makes sure to have the right team in all his works and encourage the members to focus on achieving the company’s goals. Customer’s service is always prioritized to ensure they are getting incredible services to suit their needs.

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LumeNXT Seeks Marc Beer’s Ability to Guide and Names Him Its Chairman of the Board

Seeking a chairman of the board with prodigious experience in guiding companies to great success, LumeNXT made the announcement that Marc Beer will fill that role at its company. Marc Beer is an impressively successful pharmaceuticals executive who has been excelling in the pharmaceutical field for over 25 years during which time he developed and commercialized a variety of products and compounds. These efforts of his have contributed to advancement in the biopharmaceutical sector and include products and compounds such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and devices. Marc Beer has also been remarkably successful during his career in the biopharmaceutical field in founding and guiding a multitude of biopharmaceutical companies towards great success. 

Renovia, Inc. is one such company that he has most recent founded (August 2016). It is a startup company whose scope is limited to the female health malady of pelvic floor disorders. In his role of chief executive officer of Renovia’s, Marc Beer succeeded in raising a sum of $42 million for the purpose of advancing Renovia’s goal of developing various digital therapeutic and diagnostic devices that will help the estimated 250 million women around the world who are dealing with and trying to manage such pelvic floor disorders as urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, and pelvic organ prolapse. 

ViaCell is another company that Marc Beer founded (April 2000) and guided to great success. It is a company that develops umbilical cord blood stem cells to be used as a viable treatment for a number of different diseases. His exceptional ability in guiding companies to great success is illustrated by the fact that ViaCell became a public traded company in 2005. Another biopharmaceutical company that was founded by Mark Beer and successful guided is 

Minerva Neurosciences Inc. is another company that Marc Beer founded and successfully guided. It is a company that engages in clinical trials for the purpose of developing products that will be viable treatments for a number of different central nervous system diseases. Mark Beer is a proud graduate of Miami University in Ohio. Learn more: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/lumenxt-names-marc-beer-chairman-of-the-board-300822547.html

LumeNXT is a growing company that manufactures surgical devices to be sold to the medical field. The company has led the vanguard in espousing the use of intracavity LED illumination, especially for minimally invasive surgical procedures and has seen its business grow significantly as a result thereof. LumeNXT’s proprietary and state-of-the-art illumination platform can enhance workflow efficiency, surgical precision, and safety during surgeries by improving visualization. To be sure, a growing company like LumeNXT will benefit from the prodigious experience of Marc Beer in guiding companies towards greater growth. Follow Marc Beer Facebook

Sheldon Lavin Built OSI Group Into A World-Class Firm

Nearly five decades ago, Sheldon Lavin was a young and hungry financial consultant who dreamed of owning his own business. It was in the 1970s that opportunity came knocking.

Lavin was approached by a fast-growing meat processing company known as OSI Group. OSI was one of the Chicago area’s most venerable meat processing companies with roots that dated back to 1909. It was established as a one-man shop by German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky.

The family-owned operation grew steadily throughout the decades. In the 1950s, Otto’s sons, Harry and Arthur, made a legendary handshake deal with a man by the name of Ray Kroc. He was about to open the first franchise model of a restaurant called McDonald’s. Kroc wanted Harry and Arthur to supply him with all the fresh beef patties he could sell.

Otto & Sons grew along with McDonald’s to become one of the largest meat processors in America. In the 1970s it became OSI Group and was a company eager to grow. It brought in Sheldon Lavin for help with developing innovative financial strategies that could leverage that growth. Lavin proved to be the perfect man for the job.

OSI management was so impressed with Sheldon Lavin they urged him to come on as an owner of the company. He resisted at first, unsure if OSI Group was the right fit. However, Lavin soon realized that working with this aggressive but family-oriented company might be the perfect vehicle he had been looking for.

Sheldon Lavin joined the company and eventually bought majority ownership from the Kolschowsky family. He has served an owner and CEP ever since. That makes Sheldon Lavin one of the longest-serving owners and CEOs of a major privately-owned company in the world.

Lavin said that, from the very beginning, his goal was to build OSI into a world-class operation. Today we can call that goal, “Mission Accomplished.” OSI Group is ranked at No. 58 by Forbes on its list of largest privately-owned American companies. It operates facilities in 17 countries and employs 20,000 people globally. Annual income is reported at more than $6 billion.

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Shervin Pishevar Worries About The State Of The Economy While Others Celebrate

There are plenty of people who are celebrating the spoils of the economy as it were right now. They seem to have a strong feeling that the good times are just going to continue to roll. Their enthusiasm may seem like an honorable thing, but Shervin Pishevar worries that it has gone too far.

 As an early investor in Uber, a lot of people pay attention to what Shervin Pishevar has to say about economic matters. They figure if he knew enough to put his money into a startup that many people were laughing at when it came to market, then he must know a thing or two about the economy at large. Perhaps that is the case, and that is why his tweets deserve some attention.

 The Stock Market Is Overbought

 Shervin Pishevar was not afraid to jump out and say that the stock market is seriously overbought. He feels that people have largely gotten caught up in the excitement of the market (something that he admits can be easy to do), and have forgotten to examine the fundamentals of the thing. He thinks that the market needs to fall at least twenty percent before we can really be comfortable with buying into it again.

Bitcoin Will Fall More Before It Gets Better

There is every chance in the world that Bitcoin is going to fall more in price before it ever makes an attempt to rebound any according to Shervin Pishevar. He sees the cryptocurrency as something that is like a shiny object that some investors just can’t seem to take their eyes off of. He thinks that the currency does have some value, but he also feels it needs to come down a lot before it is worth buying.

Uncertain Politics

 The final thing pushing Shervin Pishevar to be more skeptical of the economic situation than most is the fact that the politics of this moment in history are so uncertain. He doesn’t know if he should trust the current administration to do what is right or not. He feels that in a lot of ways the uncertainty is something that this administration thrives on, and this could leave investors uncertain of what to do.



Sharon Prince Reconnects People with Nature at Grace Farms

Grace Farms is a community space that has combined both the natural aspects of the traditional community space and the modern ideas of most public spaces in various cities. Under the stewardship of Sharon Prince, the community space stands tall among other community parks that one will come across around the country. The facility is located in a large piece of land, which gives it ample space for any person who is visiting the facility.

Some of the standout features that Sharon Prince has embedded at Grace Farms include remarkable natural wonders, serene landscapes, and scenic backdrops of nature. This is a standout facility that presents out of ordinary nature experience. The community space is located in more than 80 acres of the preserved natural environment. It is essential to highlight that most of the land at Grace Farms has been reclaimed from swampy and mushy areas that were not conducive for settlement purposes.

Sharon Prince is highly interested in bringing up a community space that helps people to reconnect with nature. Trends show that individuals spend much of their time in urban areas with tall buildings, noisy land, and increased population. It is uncomfortable to stay in areas that are highly populated, especially when you want a cool environment that has no noise or other unnecessary aspects. Modern parts that are located at the center of the city do not offer any real difference because they are highly populated.

According to Sharon Prince, Grace Farms is a place where individuals can have a private place to think about what nature has to offer while at the same time meditating. The natural space inspires thoughts and encourages individuals to get to learn new things because there are environmental experts who are always interested in passing knowledge to visitors. It is a place with full community engagement and multiple gains.

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JD.com Welcomes More Business Partnerships

The e-commerce company has always strived to improve the country’s business environment. It is the largest in China in terms of the annual revenue, which has been increasing steadily for almost a decade now. JD has also been named as the largest internet company in the Asian country and has more than 300 million customers every year. The management of the organization attributes this to its efforts to streamline service delivery over the years.

One of the innovations that revolutionized its customer experience is introducing a mobile application which is currently used by over 80% of the clients to place their orders. The Jingdong-led company has more than 550 warehouses in different parts of the country, and this has facilitated the delivery of ordered goods to 99% of China’s population.

According to Jingdong, one of the factors that have given the firm a competitive advantage over the competitors is its commitment to offer only authentic products to all clients. It has a wide range of products that the customers can choose from, including apparel and electronics. The official site of the Chinese e-commerce giant has user-friendly features, and this makes it easy for customers to navigate when placing their orders.

JD.com recently developed a product to facilitate procurement in different organizations. The service is suitable for businesses of all sizes. The companies that have embraced the business solution have improved their efficiency by about 50% and lowering the cost of procurement by up to 15%. Some of the reasons why the technology has gained prominence include its transparency and does not require the users to have a personal relationship with their suppliers.

The procurement department of an organization gets access to invoicing and pricing information to facilitate decision making.

Over 5,000 corporations are currently using the solution developed by Jingdong’s firm. According to a management representative from JD.com, the company has spent several years to research the needs of its enterprise customers and identifying suitable solutions. Some of the multinational companies that are using the service from JD.com include Volvo and Southwest Cement. The former has already reaped the benefits of the business solution as its procurement cycle has reduced significantly over time.

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Blockchain Technologies by Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant was raised in South Africa. He was a bright and friendly student who performed excellently in his studies. He first studied engineering but changed to computer science and applied mathematics. He later transferred to another university where he pursued Information Systems. , however, left college before finishing.

He went to work at Matrix Engineering Inc. where executives identified his capability. He came up with applications that would analyze the levels of waters in dams all around South Africa. This helped in predicting potential droughts. He later worked at several institutions where his innovative ideas led to the immense growth of the companies. Through all the experience he garnered, he created his own company named it Net1 Technologies.

Serge Belamant founded the Blockchain Technology through Net1 Technologies. This is a journal of accounts joined together and coded for them to be more secure. Initial blockchain technology was created to help financial services be more transparent and enhance the accuracy of security institutions and data together with customers. Blockchain technology addresses the problems being experienced as one try to transfer money internationally. It helps in enhancing the efficiency of the systems involved.

Transactions involving finances are only a section of the role of blockchain technology. This will be with applications such as smart contract costs mainly in the blue-collar businesses and increasing the speed to market. This technology is being utilized in managing complex supply chains, thus efficient economic management.

Serge Belamant has played a crucial role in the growth of Blockchain applications. This was with the use of smart cards. These intelligent cards had microprocessors that would work both online and offline. Verification of a Transactor’s Identity is one of the important inventions. The world of the financial system would barely operate without a way of verifying the real identity of the parties involved. The system was previously slow, tiresome and at times, inefficient. Serge Belamant, however, came up with a verification system whereby both parties were assigned with a facility that would help in identifying and verifying. To enhance security, each party is verified using an autonomous facility.

The Blockchain technology has led to the popularity of Serge Belamant as well as the consistent growth of Net1 Technologies.

About Serge Belamant: clearvoice.com/cv/SergeBelamant

Shervin Pishevar Shares His Outstanding Two Cents Through His 21-Hour Tweet Storm

If you are a business and economy trends enthusiast, you have probably come across the name Shervin Pishevar. He is well known for his contributions in making Uber the household name it enjoys currently. Thanks to his intellect, we get to borrow a lot of lessons from his recent 21-hour tweetstorm, where he predicts different outcomes in various industries.

Shervin Pishevar is of American and Iranian decent with most of his interest based in the capital investments industry. Shervin has made mega investments in some well globally renowned brands such as Munchery, Airbnb, and Uber. After taking some time off social media, Shervin made a comeback with his now popular storm of tweets, mainly focusing on the current trends.

Following the sinking further of the US stock market in February, the investor, Shervin had a comment to put out to the public. One of his tweets indicated that the stock market would suffer more, losing more than 6000 points within the year. Bitcoin was also an area of interest in his tweets where he predicted that it would crash even further. However, due to economic forces, bitcoin is bound to pick up and become stable in the next two years.

Shervin’s brilliance allows him to have an opinion on many topics, including infrastructure. He believes that American infrastructure lags behind upcoming superpower China mainly due to lagged execution. He gave an example to validate his claim citing the train station in China that completed within nine working hours. Shervin Pishevar likes to see something special in Elon Musk’s ability and gives credit, saying that infrastructure development in America may gain saving through such brilliant minds as investors.

These tweets were controversial with a significant number of people with the same interests as his, disagreeing. In the spirit of sticking with the truth, Shervin Pishevar believes that the American economy has a lot of untapped potentials. His financial and economic predictions may serve as a wake-up call to other investors and market players. Together, they will find solutions for the growing weak economy. Stick around to find out what this great mind has in store for us.


Papa John’s Names Steve Ritchie As Its New CEO

Papa John’s has promoted Steve Ritchie to the position of CEO. With over two decades of experience in the fast-food giant, Ritchie has gained a considerable amount of expertise in the niche. This career began when he was in his early twenties, and he received a position as a customer service representative in 1996. Since then, he’s held quite a few notable positions within Papa John’s. In 2006, he became a franchise owner with the company, opening several of the fast food outlets across the state over the following few years. These premises proved to be quite successful and garnered attention from a number of different figures within Papa John’s upper management.

In 2014, this led to Steve Ritchie being named as the Chief Operating Officer of Papa John’s. Since then, Ritchie’s impact on the company has continued to grow. During this time, he’s focused on improving customer experiences across each of the company’s stores. This has entailed improving employee training so that they’re in a better position to create loyal and repeat customers. Because of this, Steve Ritchie has continued to climb Papa John’s corporate ladder. This resulted in yet another promotion in 2015 when he was named President of the company.

With the new promotion to CEO, Steve Ritchie looks to continue improving customer relations across the board. This includes delivering world-class experiences to customers, regardless of whether they’re in-store or order through Papa John’s website or app. Ritchie has noted that he also looks to improve the company’s digital offerings, while also helping to improve marketing efforts. Steve Ritchie’s new role isn’t the only change in upper management over the past few years. In contrast, there have been two other high-profile changes; Brandon Rhoten has been named Chief Marketing Officer at Papa John’s, while Mike Nettles will take on the Chief Information and Digital Officer position.