The EOS Lip Balm Reviewed

The EOS Lip balm is a fruit flavored lip balm manufactured by the company Evolution of Smooth. The lip balms come in many flavors including chamomile, honey apple vanilla bean and, sweet mint. They come in attractive round containers and keep lips moisturized and hydrated for hours. All ingredients used in EOS lip balms are 100% natural and they are certified by the USDA. All the lip balms have a delightful fragrance and are easy to apply because of their unique container.

EOS lip balms are safe to use because they are petroleum-free and gluten-free. Some EOS lip balms come with a delicate pink tint to enhance the appearance of lips. The EOS Medicated lip balm Cooling Chamomile is very effective for chapped and sore lips. It is also dermatologically tested to make sure that it is hypoallergenic.

The EOS Active Lip balm Lemon Twist and the EOS Active lip balm Aloe Vera protects lips from the harmful rays of the sun. The lemon twist lip balm has an SPF of 15 and the aloe vera lip has an SPF of 30. Both lip balms are resistant to sweat and water. Some EOS lip balms contain Vitamin E that acts as an anti-oxidant.

Living Pain Free With Heal N Soothe


Recently, the Healthy Back Institute released another video with a great testimonial regarding Heal N Soothe. Lori Stricker, a wedding planning, was used to spending her days planning weddings, baking cakes and other treats for these happy occasions until pain got in the way. Continued pain had plagued Lori her entire life. One day, she had decided that enough was enough. She was done making appointments for the doctor, and the long journey that involved. Additionally, Lori had opted for painful injections to help her get by. Trying to get pain relief, Lori tried everything possible that she could afford to get relief from her pain. It was almost too much for her. Continuing to get worse, she nearly lost hope that she would find a way to get sound pain relief.


Upon typing in “severe sciatic pain”, Heal N Soothe popped up on her screen. Lori had been so depressed because it seemed as though her life had stopped. She couldn’t do anything more, crippled by pain. It was a difficult change of pace for Lori when she had to start saying, “no” to people. This also meant that she had to let her yard go, after enjoying her time doing yard work and keeping it up. The pain was too much for her to manage it until she got a hold of Heal N Soothe. Learn more about How Heal-n-Soothe Has Changed the Supplement Industry


Feeling as though she had tried it all, she was a bit skeptical about trying Heal N Soothe. After about 4 months of taking Heal N Soothe, Lori discovered that her sciatic nerve pain was gone, and other pain she was experiencing was also gone. See This Page for additional information.


Lori was now able to open pickle jars again, do her yard work, play bingo with her daughter, and get back to her profession of making cakes and helping plan weddings. Lori didn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel until she found Heal N Soothe. That was exactly what she needed.




You can read what some people who used Heal N Sooth say about the product on