Private Equity Leader TJ Maloney Partners With VSS

If investment were an art then financial services executive TJ Maloney would be among the craft’s grand masters. The act of selecting companies to invest in has always been as much of an art as it is a science. Experienced financial services leaders like TJ Maloney know this.

A lawyer by training TJ Maloney has spent decades of his long career honing his skills in the worlds of private equity and investment. What sets Mr. Maloney apart from the rest of his peers in the world of private equity is the distinct strategy for investing in and nurturing portfolio companies that he has developed over the course of his career.

As a trained attorney Mr. Maloney brings a detail-oriented and level-headed approach to his work leading the investment strategies of the private equity company known as Lincolnshire Management where he serves as the chief executive officer and chairman. Mr. Maloney’s strategy for investing in businesses involves his focus on nurturing the chain of business relationships that can provide valuable support to the companies that are in Lincolnshire Management’s portfolio.

Under Mr. Maloney’s leadership the companies that are in Lincolnshire Management’s portfolio have the benefit of enjoying access to not only the firm’s financial capital but its social capital. Having access to groups of knowledgeable business professionals can be a key part of helping a company to reach its full potential in the marketplace. This sort of social capital can enable promising companies to make decisions that catalyze their growth and dominance in their industries.

As the chief executive officer of Lincolnshire Management TJ Maloney continues to help forge strategic partnerships that are leading the company into the future and continuing his impressive record of leadership at the company that extends all the way back to 1993. One of the most recent examples of Mr. Maloney’s exemplary leadership is the partnership that has been forged between his company and an investment firm that is known as VSS. In 2019 it was announced that VSS and Lincolnshire Management had come together to support a company in the construction services sector that is known as Powerhouse. Under the guidance of TJ Maloney and VSS, Powerhouse is almost certain to become a great success.

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Niranjan Shah: Tracing the Success and Life of an Exemplary Engineer, Philanthropist, and Entrepreneur

While there are several Indians who gained USA citizenship after their lengthy stay, there’re also a number of them owning established businesses in the country. Niranjan Shah is one of the prominent engineers who was born and brought up in India.

During his initial life, Shah faced enormous life challenges whereby some hardships facilitated to his present development and growth. Being brought up in the Indian’s rural parts was not the easiest thing, particularly in the mid-nineties, when conditions were not favorable. Tough financial circumstances and the absence of essential items, for example, water and electricity, made life more difficult.

Niranjan Shah is, however, a resilient person who managed to cope with the tough conditions. Besides, he was able to pursue University Education after the high school level. At Birla Engineering College, he sought a Bachelor of Engineering, and following his initial capability and huge potential, Shah shifted to the United States in 1972. He joined the University of Mississippi to study Masters in Civil Engineering, and after graduating in 1975, he proceeded to begin his engineering organization, Globetrotters Engineering Corporation.

The construction firm has permits to work in different areas in USA, including Wisconsin, Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois. Globetrotters is the company behind some of the noticeable building works across the country. Some of the projects include airport terminal design, hospital redevelopment, and Deep Tunnel in Chicago, among other major engineering projects. Nevertheless, the success journey of the organization typically faced challenges.

Niranjan Shah has fundamentally played a vital role in the development and accomplishment of Globetrotters Engineering Corporation. At the initial stages of the organization, Shah was the only work at the firm. He couldn’t get reliable and big contracts since he didn’t have the crucial engineering machines and resources. But a couple of years later, his company is currently one of the biggest engineering firms in the USA. Globetrotters hires over 200 workers who take part in different parts of the organization.

On political matters, Shah is an oriented business visionary and the support of the Democratic Party, including its presidential candidates. He generously gives to the party, and he’s also a philanthropic professional who utilizes his resources to improve the standards of low earning communities.

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Nitin Khanna: CEO and Founder Living a Full Life

Nitin Khanna is the CEO of MergerTech, and this is an acquisition and merger that offers tech and consulting services. Co-founded with other investors, they have a global presence and relationship coupled with experts. He got his experience and sharpened his skills when he was working for Oracle after his studies at Purdue. Nitin Khanna has been privileged and lucky to have the chance to manage his career while enjoying this personal passion and likes.

He was born in India and from a family of entrepreneurs where he got his passion for entrepreneurship. He spent most of his early years with other business mentors in the motorcycle and cement plant sectors. That is where Nitin Khanna learnt about the secrets and philosophies in business. He started his business journey in 1998 as the co-founder of Saver Corp, a software company that has grown over the years to be a stand-alone firm and offering the US government solutions since 2007 and values at $120 million.

The company’s growth was awarded by Inc 500 for the years 2006 and 2007. The Deloitte Fast 500 and in 2007 they were number one on Oregon’s Fastest Growing Company. In 2005, they managed to invest with Accel-KKR private Equity before they disposed of it. Nitin disposd the firm at $460 million to EDS at a profit, and he continued with his leadership roles in government operations up until 2011. Nitin Khanna is the CEO of MergerTech, and they offer acquisitions and merger advice to different firms and the CEO of Cura Cannabis. It is a leader in providing cannabis to the west coast up to 2018.

Cura Cannsbis deals with Select Oil, Cura CS, and Select CBD. Nitin also has different positions in advisory, education, and consulting. He attended Purdue University and attained his Bachelor’s and Masters in Engineering. His hobbies include movies, music, and drinking good wine. He sits at the board of TiE Oregon and the Classic Wines. He also oversees other companies in cloud spaces, social, and mobile. Nitin has had a thought of going back for his doctorate in robotics. He has completed his studies and ready to work.

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GPB Global Resources Looks to the Future Potential of Oil

The world is changing before our very eyes and at a much faster pace than ever before. There is now a clear distinction between the developed world and third world countries still struggling to get off the ground. GPB Global Resources is in the oil energy business and an active voice for extraction operations all across the world. A series of recent laws and regulations have tested oil’s sustainability, but the company believes there are still plenty of regions that need the timeless resource to get started. A recent discussion with the Daily Forex Report expands on how this company creates its dealings.

Despite the new regulations coming from developed nations, GPB Global Resources has found a market brimming with potential on the continent of Africa. There are currently 54 countries that have divided up the land, and each one has its unique set of established infrastructure. The article describes how the company works with local governments and organizations to create a deal in extracting their local resources. However, the fact of being an underdeveloped region presents its own hurdles. Sufficient means to transport goods to and form the site are vital for a sustainable extraction process.

In the developed world, oil has become less and less of a factor for business when they are trying to find an energy source. An era of green energy has began where wind and solar power are steadily taking over as the prominent source. GPB Global Resources has a complete understanding about the history of the world to this point. All of the major countries had to go through the industrial revolution at some point. This is an era defined sharply by increasing the number of factories and labor workers to get economy moving. Africa is naturally the most likely location to undergo this societal shift.

Africa is a region of the world with many untapped resources. GPB Global Resources is on the ground laying the foundations for bringing out all the wealth hiding in the country. There will come a day when Africa might stand on equal footing with the developed w

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Wes Edens: Successful, Experienced Financial Services Professional and Dedicated Philanthropist

When Wes Edens, the co-founder and co-CEO of financial services company Fortress Investment Group, earned his bachelor’s degree in business management and finance from Oregon State University, no one could anticipate how much he would use the knowledge and training it offered. Since graduating, Edens has held management positions in dozens of companies. He has also been responsible for the financial transactions involved in private equity for Fortress Investment Group for 20 years. But long before he helped to start the company, Wes Edens had been using his financial acumen to earn a living.

Edens began working at Lehman Brothers in 1987. By the time he left the company in 1993, he had become a partner and a managing director. His excellent financial acumen, skills and experience enabled Wes Edens to do well at Blackrock Financial Management. He then spent a year at UBS as a partner and managing director. Then in 1998, Wes Edens got together with Rob Kauffman and Randal Nardone and created the private equity firm Fortress Investment Group. When Edens and his co-founders took the company public in 2007, it was historic. No other large private equity firm had ever had their stock publicly traded.

Over the course of his career, Wes Edens has held executive and directorial positions in countless companies in a bewildering array of industries. Some of those companies include Drive Shack Inc., Florida East Coast Railway Corporation, Gatehouse Media, Global Signal Inc., Capstead Mortgage Corporation, Intrawest Resorts Holdings, SeaCube Container Leasing Ltd., Aircastle Ltd., Rail America, Brookdale Senior Living Inc., ItalfondiarioSpA., GAGFAH S.A., Gaming and Leisure Properties, Inc., doBankS.p.A. and many others. It’s a testament to the diverse skillset and leadership skills Wes Edens possesses.

Wes Edens has a wide variety of interests. He owns the National Basketball Association’s Milwaukee Bucks. Edens has been involved with the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team Foundation for decades. Plus, he is a thoughtful individual who has helped Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota by setting up the Edens Professorship in Global Health. Wes Edens has also supported the Brown School of Public Health by working with its advisory council. He has also created The Edens Family Fund for Climate Change Research at the prestigious Princeton University.

Wes Edens’ New Fortress Energy has recently built Jamaica’s first LNG terminal. He is also taking 27 vacant acres in Milwaukee and creating a vibrant entertainment district.

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James Dondero and Pertinent Organizations

James Dondero isn’t a man who lives a standard existence in any manner. He’s long been someone who has done things that are quite a challenge. He was a studious individual while he went to the University of Virginia. This was in Charlottesville, a picturesque and historic community in the Central region of the state. He learned so much about things that would end up aiding his career later. He learned a lot about accounting and how it operated. He learned a lot about finance concepts that were effective all throughout the United States and elsewhere. His educational path at the University of Virginia prepared him well for all sorts of career opportunities that were on the horizon. JP Morgan is a renowned All-American financial presence. It’s also a company that presented him with an opportunity that was impossible to resist. Jim Dondero commenced working with JP Morgan rapidly. The gig proved to be highly educating to him. After JP Morgan, he took a position with the acclaimed American Express. American Express taught him a great deal about credit card use in the United States. It taught him a great deal about invaluable financial concepts in general.

Jim Dondero is headquartered in Dallas, Texas right now as Highland Capital Management’s Chief Executive Officer. This company President works in conjunction with Mark Okada. Okada happens to be the masterful investment banker who started the firm with Dondero in the nineties. James Dondero initiated the concept of the company in Los Angeles in California. He took it to Dallas after a couple of years as well.

James Dondero doesn’t brush off the value of aiding human beings in the Big D. He interacts with all sorts of charity and philanthropy favorites in the city. He communicates with many people who are at the helm of pertinent organizations.

The Career Journey Of Paul Herdsman

Paul Herdsman is a very successful businessman and entrepreneur. He co-founded a company called NICE Global back in 2014 and he is currently the chief operating officer of the company. The company is home based in Jamaica. Paul Herdsman has a very hands-on approach when it comes to running his company’s day-to-day operations.

The focus of NICE Global is to provide business to business services. The services that NICE Global provides is to assist companies to outsource any aspect of their business operation that needs to be outsourced. Paul Herdsman has became an expert in the area of customer service from all the years that he has worked in the customer service sector as an employee.

He was able to master the crafts of sales, marketing, human resources, business development, customer retention, and customer satisfaction. He took all these skills and taught them to the team that he built at NICE Global and established a very successful customer service-based firm.

Paul Herdsman is definitely one of the best leaders in business when it comes to bonding with his employees. What makes him better at leading than most of his peers is that he respects and values teamwork. He has an understanding that it takes a team to build a successful company and to keep the company functioning at a high level.

The company culture that Paul Herdsmen and NICE Global have implemented consist of respect for one another that extends from the janitor to upper management. This type of company culture helps to prevent high turnover and promotes staff retention. He also invests in his staff’s future within the company by providing them with additional training and education that allows them to move up in the company. Paul Herdsman is truly an excellent leader and has provided an example for other chief operating officers and chief executive officers to follow when it comes to being an effective leader.

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Isabel dos Santos The Formidable Force Behind Women Empowerment In Africa

A voice, power, and recognition are arguably three things that women have been fighting for centuries. Today, more women want to have some economic independence. They have been gaining favor with some tangible results thanks to the law and a few pioneers who championed for women rights. Isabel dos Santos has been on the front-line airing women’s concerns. She doesn’t lead by voice only, but her actions downright give her the credits.

Isabel dos Santos come from Angola and is the daughter of the former president of Angola, Eduardo dos Santos. Unlike many girls at the time whose priorities were not education, Isabel’s parents were particular about handling her equal opportunities, same as her brothers. A young Isabel succeeded and even got an admission letter to King’s College in London to pursue a discipline in Electrical Engineering. Here, Isabel states to have witnessed first-hand gender disparity, yet again. The engineering class hosted only two girls. This probably reflects what the bigger picture holds.

After graduating, Isabel dos Santos had only one goal in mind; seeking independence. With the help of her father’s guidance, Isabel quickly threw herself into managing her first venture, Miami Beach Restaurant. She gained a lot of insight into how the business world runs. It was clear that success wasn’t going to be handed out on a silver platter. She has to put in hours of effort and risks into actualizing her goals.

There is something unique about an exposed and independent mind. Isabel dos Santos owned both and was able to see the potential held in the gradually progressing telecommunications industry. An ambitious, young Isabel dos Santos not satisfied by her position, quickly jumped at the opportunity. Using her experience and knowledge, she gathered a team and formed Unitel. Today, the company boasts of extensive coverage not only in Angola but other neighboring countries. Through her in-depth participation in the company’s activities and her leadership, Unitel has grown to create more than 50000 job opportunities for Angolans.

Isabel is passionate about business. Through her works, initiatives, and moves, she hopes to inspire more women to join the entrepreneurial world. It might be a tough world, but they say, “Go hard, go home.”

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Bhanu Choudrie and Aviation Investment


Bhanu Choudhrie is an entrepreneur that operates in London as an investor and philanthropist. He’s gone from the ranks of Harvard to the centre of the investment universe, where he’s made a serious reputation as a savvy businessman. He finished his undergraduate degree and soon gained an internship at JP Morgan. Returning to London in 2001, he later started a private equity firm that many viewed as a premature move. However, they were proved wrong when that firm turned into a profitable investment company. Bhanu Choudhrie continued to execute several successful business endeavours within England, with his most recent interest being in aviation. Alpha Aviation Group is the only flight school that can provide training to pilots, while also being an excellently crafted and maintained facility. The training programs are designed to help pilots get the most out of their careers and give them valuable training that will keep them and their passengers safe. This program has been met with a positive response, which has led to many airlines giving graduates of Alpha Aviation Group preferential treatment when it comes to hiring. Bhanu Choudhrie also acquired a tiny airline in India that only had one plane in service. Later, that same company turned into a booming business that offered 200 flights a day. An explosion of growth like that is very rare in the aviation business. The aviation business does have downsides, however, specifically when the price of oil gets too high. Even though this was a danger that Bhanu Choudhrie faced, he still managed to make intelligent decisions that gave life to the airline. One of the first issues that he faced in growing his company was finding qualified pilots. In order to solve this problem, he decided that a revamp of pilot training was needed. A new facility was built, which was costly and risky, however it soon led to a new generation of pilots that could help power his airline business. Many people disagreed with the idea to fund a facility that may not turn a profit, however it was Bhanu Choudhrie’s belief that it would be worth it in the end.

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Fortress Investment Group Finds Gold in Non-Performing Risky Assets

Fortress Investment Group a global investment firm that specializes in alternative assets finds gold in the non-performing risky assets categories that have provided an opportunity to create gigantic returns on investment. In particular, Peter Bridger the Principal and Co-Chairman of Fortress Investment Group has provided exceptional leadership and guidance that has established tremendous returns and profound increases in value within the global investment organization. Fortress currently oversees assets valued at more than $65 billion which are providing the resources and infrastructure to dominate in the credit fund and real estate businesses on a global scale. Peter Briger has established himself as a profound leader and an exceptional investor within the alternative asset market by creating windfalls within Fortress Investment from his experience and expertise.

Furthermore, he’s a graduate of Princeton University where you received Bachelors in Arts. He also received his Master’s in Business Administration from Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. His first job opportunity was as a Member and Managing Partner at Goldman Sachs where he oversaw global operations in various business categories. In particular, Peter Briger sat on the Global Control and Compliance Committee and Asian Management Committee within Goldman Sachs which provided high-level education in various global market variables for high-level perspective in global affairs and lucrative investment opportunities. Peter Bridger also served as Head of Whole Loan Sales and Trading business, Fixed-Income Principal Investment Group, Asian Distressed-Debt business, and also the Goldman Sachs Special Operations Fund.

Those opportunities laid the foundation for the keen intellectual analysis and evaluation of alternative asset groups around the globe and gave Mr. Briger the perspective and knowledge that translated into valuable intellectual capital for the formation of the Fortress Investment Group. Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 and quickly became one of the pillars in the alternative asset investment arena and established itself as a world-renowned investor in underperforming assets. In 2007, Fortress Investment Group became the first private equity buyout firm to be traded on the stock exchange. Fortress has outperformed most companies within the alternative asset arena and establishes itself as a leader in this category and is continuing to reap benefits that are outside of the scope and belief of most traditional investors. Fortress Investment Group is a global investment firm that creates opportunities for long-term returns on investment for it clients and establishes itself as one of the leaders and most well-respected investment firms in the world.