Jeremy Goldstein: The Kindest Lawyer in New York

Jeremy Goldstein founded Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates after watching numerous compensation consulting firms break away from their parent corporations. He saw their success and wondered if he could do the same thing with his own firm. Today, he and his firm specialize in executive compensation and corporate governance.

Throughout his career, he learned to see things a different way. While a traditional corporate attorney prefers to stay detached from their clients, Jeremy Goldstein formed long-term relationships with clients to get to know them better. Even outside the office, he cares about developing relationships that could one day pay off in more ways than one.

Last year, he found out just how helpful those relationships could be. For many years, Jeremy Goldstein has worked with a local charity called Fountain House. Fountain House dedicates its many resources to the recovery of people struggling with mental illness.

Mental illness is a big issue these days, but it still hasn’t broken from the political arena and become a real issue. While nearly two billion will experience mental illness in some form at one point in their lives, it’s still not an issue too many people want to talk about in public and that’s the problem.

The stigma surrounding mental illness causes more harm than any other aspect of the issue. People go their entire lives suffering in silence because they’re too afraid or embarrassed to admit they might have a problem. Honestly, mental illness can be as simple as minor depression or an anger problem. Many illnesses and disorders have effective treatments, but people are too afraid to speak up.

That’s why Fountain House was founded over 70 years ago. In 1944, a group called “We Are not Alone” started talking about mental illness publicly. Today, that group called Fountain House, and they have sister-organizations and supporters all over the world. Fountain House is popular in the awareness world because it always goes above and behind for those suffering.

Many organizations don’t have the financial support that Fountain House, so Fountain House capitalizes on its fortune by offering many services to make sufferers’ lives better. They even have a work initiative to help the fully recovered find jobs and get their lives back on track. For Fountain House, it’s about more than treating the issue; it’s about giving those people back their confidence.


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JLGA’s Jeremy Goldstein In The Importance Of Non-Compete Agreements In Business

It’s not a new thing for us to hear about employees rallying up for their rights and making their voices heard. But its also worthy to note that employers have the same right to protect themselves, their company, and data from a former employee’s malicious intent. Jeremy Goldstein, a lawyer from the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates recommends the usage of Non-Compete Agreements in order for employers to also protect their data and rights.


A non-compete agreement is a document which binds the employee to keep all the trade secrets of the employer secret. This legal document’s main purpose is to make sure that the employee will not use his knowledge of the company’s operation to exploit for personal gain. A non-compete agreement is usually signed by the employee before starting his or her job. However, a non-compete agreement can also be signed by an employee which is already working for the company. According to reports, the use of non-compete agreement has been increasing, and this only means that employees are growing more aware of the need to protect their data.


If the employee is new in the company, the employment offer is often enough reason to complete the agreement. This is a part of their job offer which they need to accept in order to work with the company. Existing employees in the company can also be made to sign a non-compete agreement. However, the employer might need to give the existing employee an incentive for the non-compete agreement to be satisfiable. Additional benefits or incentives are often enough.


Even though it is a great idea to make a non-compete agreement, its hard to write a good one. In order for an agreement to be considered as a good one, the conditions should be justified for both parties. Employers must not make conditions which are too restrictive for the employee and will force him to just stay in the company. Meanwhile, the clauses for the part of the employee’s site is to make sure that the non-compete document will fully protect their rights. It’s very advisable to seek professional help from an attorney who is already an expert in this kind of cases.


In most state, a non-compete agreement is affected by the different state laws from different states. Places such as California and Oklahoma will likely favor their workers’ right more while its the opposite for Florida and New York. If you’re unsure of what to do, you can start by getting help from a professional attorney for your case. Jeremy Goldstein and the whole JLGA is currently operating at New York as a law firm. Goldstein finished his studies at Law at the New York University where he got a J.D. from Law and MA.


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Greg Blatt’s Dating Success Started Humbly

Greg Blatt is the former chairman and CEO of Match Group. He ran the company from January 1, 2016 until December 31, 2017. Also, Greg Blatt was the CEO of Tinder from December 2016 to December 2017. He started from very humble beginnings. After graduating from college, he took time off to live in various cities in the United States and Europe. He paid his way through gigs like bartending, painting houses, and bussing tables. 


He decided to try his hand at law school after that. From his experience at law school, he went on to work for a large mergers and acquisitions firm in New York City. Greg Blatt is a creative who wrote a novel and multiple screenplays during his time as an attorney. After his stint in M & A he decided to get into entertainment law, hoping that working in the field would lead to opportunities for his creative endeavors.


Life, however, had other plans for Greg Blatt when Martha Stewart decided that she wanted to take her corporation public. She had been a client of Blatt’s and he decided to get on board as Martha Stewart’s general counsel in the newly formed corporation. This was his first foray into the corporate world as a general counsel making immediately a huge progress improving the company’s management concerns besides preparing unforgettable margaritas! (Marthastewart).


He did that for five years until the opportunity to run a small online dating business presented itself. Because Greg Blatt believed that online dating was in its infancy and was going to be a big business, he jumped in with both hands and helped build Match Group into what it is today. Within a few years he was offered the CEO position. He took the post and remained on for three years. Eventually, he helped take the company public through an IPO.


Greg Blatt has had a lot of success with Match Group. He uses face-to-face meetings as the best way he knows to move a project forward. He asks a lot of questions and engages his associates in debate to move progress along. Judging from Greg Blatt’s success, it must be a good strategy.

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Jeremy Goldstein to Host a Wine Dinner Fundraiser

Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer and a philanthropist. Although he is a prolific legal expert, he is turning heads with his contributions to community projects. He is currently a board member of Fountain House, an organization that takes care of people living with mental illnesses in New York.


Jeremy Goldstein is changing the narrative that lawyers do not engage in community work. He has shown exceptional commitment to the welfare of people living with mental illnesses by donating funds to Fountain House.


Wine Dinner Party


In the past, Jeremy has hosted dinner parties to support the activities of the Fountain House. Since he loves wine very much, he invites like-minded guests to share exquisite wines as they support a worthy cause. On May 21, Jeremy Goldstein will be hosting a wine dinner party where each guest will pay for an entry ticket worth $5,000. The attendees of this event will enjoy free wine and food.


Through such events, Jeremy Goldstein has raised thousands of dollars on behalf of the Fountain House. The funds collected from these events have been used to empower and the mentally ill people in New York and its environs.


Fountain House


Jeremy Goldstein believes that Fountain House is supporting out an important initiative that helps a marginalized a section of the community. In very rare occasions are people living with mental illnesses considered for participation in community projects. This has changed through the input of the Fountain House since it has proved that the mentally ill people can also live a healthy and constructive life. All that they deserve is an opportunity to play a role in community development.


The Work of Fountain House


The Fountain House has been around since 1944 when a group of six people with mental illnesses gathered together in a hospital and decided to create a support group for the mentally ill community. The main goal of this organization was to fight the stigma associated with mental illnesses. Over the years, the group received support from well-wishers and grew the group into a formidable charity organization that fights for the welfare of the mentally ill people.


Fountain House is interested in the empowerment of these people. To accomplish this mission, the organization has focused on providing them with decent housing, education opportunities, and employment.


So far, this organization has contributed 42 percent of all employment opportunities available to people with mental illnesses.


Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein is the founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates law firm. He obtained his JD from the New York University School of Law.


Today, he serves as a legal adviser on matters of executive compensation and corporate governance. In his work, he has helped leading corporations in America to complete major financial deals successfully.


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Kisling Nestico & Redick: The face of Legal Service

Kisling, Nestico & Redick is a legal firm that specializes in accident and personal injuries. Since 2005, the firm has consistently offered legal services to its residents. The firm is experienced in offering legal services to its residents as well as providing exceptional services to the community within Ohio. Kisling, Nestico & Redick deal with cases such as accident and other personal injuries. The law firm remains focused on serving its clients in Ohio. Through hard work, and dedication to serving its clients, the firm has established ten firms within Ohio. Kisling, Nestico & Redick consists of 40 injury expertise and support team of more than 100 members that are dedicated to services and helping the community accordingly.

The legal firm has dedicated both resources and time to serving the community thus keeping an exceptional record. The firm also practices humanitarian programs, hence, has an outstanding track record in helping the poor. Recently, the firm donated food to Greenbriar Middle School in Parma worth $1,200. The donations included 60 bags of cheese, bread, peanut, and other items. The company has a great strategic plan for reaching people with significant needs for contribution within Ohio. For instance, the firm contracted the director of Greenbriar Middle School to help achieve the most vulnerable families in society.

According to the director of Greenbriar Middle School, the food was very crucial as it will promote smooth learning with fear of starvation in School. Also, Kisling, Nestico & Redick has also offered sponsorship to polar team with an approximate amount of $10900 over in the last few years. This was a figure high than the previous amount with an excessive $26,000. Serving remains to be the main aim in the community. The law firm targets making a difference in the community by practicing philanthropic activities.

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Todd Levine

Founding Member, Todd Levine manages almost all sorts of varied business disputes, including having a company focus on property litigation. This individual often grips instances symbolizing real estate brokers, home owners, developers, establishments, traders, and contractors. Since a devoted artist who also enjoys artwork and technology, Todd Levine discovers innovative methods to incorporate his creativeness and analytical abilities into his strategy.

The Best Lawyers lists are put together predicated on an extended and very tiring peer-review evaluation. Almost 87,000 sector leading specialists and attorneys meet the criteria to vote internationally. The distribution offers received around 10 million assessments on the legal capabilities of other Lawyers predicated on their particular practice areas. For the 2019 Edition of the greatest Attorneys in America©, 7.8 mil votes had been analyzed.

 Kluger, Kaplan, Katzen, Silverman, and Levine, P. L. is normally an exclusive lawyer centered on a lawsuit with offices in Arkansas, Boca Raton, and Minneapolis. With many tenacious and comprehensive litigators at work, the company has specialized in a wide selection of regions of expertise. This has dealt with cases in construction lawsuit, industrial lawsuit, entertainment, sports, and style law, work litigation family members laws, probate, trust, guardianship, and course actions.

Todd Levine is usually a founding partner and industrial litigator in Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, and Todd Levine, in FIorida. Although this individual includes a solid focus on industrial property disputes, Levine handles an almost all sorts of commercial Litigation situations. This individual often symbolizes house managers, traders, companies, subcontractors, and homeowners in complicated arguments that arise from property tasks and transactions. He has managed disputes in several areas including sports activities and entertainment. See his professional achievements here.

Levine uses his analytical and innovative abilities to look for a unique and winning technique. As a devoted musician and artist who also wants math and technology, Levine has an exceptional advantage inside the courtroom as they can consider all feasible arguments of any case.

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The Background of Francisco Domenech

Francisco Domenech is the managing partner of Politank which is a boutique bipartisan government affairs firm. The organization is based in Puerto Rico. Domenech has been able to maintain a considerable amount of influence in Democratic politics in Puerto Rico for nearly two decades. He is the member of the Democratic Party and is best known for his affiliation with Hillary Clinton in both 2008 and 2016 election cycles. During both presidential campaigns, Francisco was involved in organizing fundraisers and also working as the campaign manager of Hillary Clinton during the Democratic primaries.

Over the years Francisco Domenech has been one of the biggest supporters of Hillary Clinton. Ever since he was appointed as the national co chair for Hillblazers, Domenech has been backing Clinton in political campaigns. As the co chair of Hillblazers, Francisco was involved in providing an activist platform for a number of voters such as young professionals, students and first time voters who were supportive of Clinton. As well as being in charge of Hillblazers, Domenech is also one of the national co chairs of Ready for Hillary. He has regularly coordinated fundraisers in an effort to support Clinton’s campaigns. Watch this video on Youtube

In a past statement, Francisco Domenech said that there is too much at stake for the current generation and that Hillary Clinton is the only candidate who can get the United States on the correct track. Domenech’s efforts as the Deputy Campaign Manager have helped Hillary Clinton win the primary polls in Puerto Rico during 2008 presidential campaign. That year, Clinton won the vote in Puerto Rico by a margin of 68% to 32%.

Eight years later in 2016, Francisco Domenech was involved in Clinton’s presidential campaign. He was the top fundraising bundler in Puerto Rico. During the election cycle, Domenech was able to raise $200,000 to support the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. He was also a member of Clinton’s National Finance Committee where he helped organize her 2016 election trip in Puerto Rico. Similar to the 2008 presidential campaign, Domenech was able to help Clinton win the primary in Puerto Rico. In 2016, Clinton won the nomination by a margin of 61% to 37% over Bernie Sanders.

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The Influential Francisco Domenech

Francisco Domenech is an influential person popularly known from the time he became a managing partner of POLITIK. The company is a bipartisan governmental affairs firm, which develops strategies and presents private interests before the government.

Long before he rose to fame, Francisco Domenech spent a substantial amount of his childhood time in Florida where he attended his primary education in Blessed Trinity Catholic School. He later joined Forest High School for his secondary education.

Francisco Domenech joined the University of Puerto Rico where he studied political science and later returned in the same school for his Juris Doctor. To fulfill his law dream, Francisco Domenech joined University College London for a semester where he was able to study several courses in comparative law. Francisco Domenech started practicing leadership back in the campus where he served as the president of the student’s council in several colleges. Visit Reporter Expert to know more about Domenech.

Between 2007 and 2012, Francisco Domenech represented the Young Democrats of America as a member of the Democratic National Committee. Francisco Domenech mainly supports Republican for Congress. He firmly supported Jenifer Gonzalez who became the chairman of the Republican Party in Puerto Rico. He is also a great supporter of Hilary Clinton.

Francisco Domenech is also known in the field of politics with most notable instances when he served in Hilary’s primary campaigns. He was so influential that he pulled a 68-32 vote’s victory margin against Sen. Obama. Francisco Domenech also coordinated fundraising of supper PAC throughout all states of America. This time, he served as a national co-chair of Ready for Hilary. He also influenced people of Puerto Rico to back Hilary in her primary campaign where she managed to pull 61-37 victory margin over Sen. Sanders.

Francisco Domenech supports the act of philanthropy. He has achieved this through his funds as well as through Politank firm. He has actively contributed in many different firms. Read more: