How Oncotarget Is Helping Oncologists Change Medicine

The Tumor Research Journal Of Our Decade
Much of the research is first published in the research journal Oncotarget. Founded in 2010 by Impact Journals, Oncotarget gives oncologists a means of sharing their research with each other and ultimately fighting many diseases.

Sharing Data When It Matters
Oncotarget splits its research into 5 categories reflecting the various areas of tumor research. These categories are Immunology and Microbiology, Aging, Autophagy And Cell Death, Chromosome, and Pathology Beyond Oncology. The first category relates to tumors and the immune system. A typical article in this category would discuss the way microflora, such as contagious bacteria and viruses, and way these microbes produce tumors or turn benign tumors into something more malignant.

Articles in the aging category relate to research into the impact aging has on tumors. The risk for many cancers increases as people age or tend to affect older patients in ways distinct from their impact on younger patients. Autophagy and Cell Death is concerned with the ways that cellular death affects the development of cancer while Chromosome contends with the important of chromosome danger in the development tumors. Finally, Pathology Beyond Oncology on. deals with ways tumors are connected to diseases outside of the field of oncology. It is well known that many diseases such as diabetes and obesity are linked to tumors in casual relationships. Understanding the effects of overall bodily health gives oncologists a better understanding what they need to do to give their patients a fighting chance.

Groundbreaking Research For Our Time
The research in Oncotarget deals with medical issues affecting us today. Recently, Oncotarget published an article discussing the impact of e-cigarettes and flavoring on gum tissue. After ananlyzing the data the authors concluded that e-cigarette consumers had higher levels of inflammation markers linked to tumor development. Research into topics on such as these are exactly why Oncotarget has established a strongly respected name for itself. In the same fashion that scientists in the past made the first links between tobacco and cancer, Oncotarget researchers are connecting the links between our modern lifestyles and tumors. The challenge for physicians and researchers is an ongoing battle.

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