The Top Brazilian Rally Driver-Rodrigo Terpins


With a family background of sportsmen, Rodrigo Terpins’ love for sports, and rally driving, to be specific is extensive. He is one of the popular participants of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team in Brazil. With the vast experience in sporting and the family background, he has managed to specialize in major rallies, and participate in several competitions, along with his brother Michel Terpins. Through these competitions, he has managed to scoop various awards and classifications. Moreover, from his incredible passion and determination, he has managed to complete world record races, in a few minutes. As a result, he has earned a name for himself, becoming the force to reckon with, across the Brazilian rallying arena.

The Bull Sertos Rally Team

Together with the brother, Rodrigo formed the Bull Sertos Rally Team, four years ago. This is an international team, where he has earned best positions in its T1 Prototype category, pushing him up as the most successful sports personality. This sports rally is attended by prominent rally drivers across the country, due to its unique demands for prowess, determination, and dedication. This makes it the most awaited rally event in the country, with sponsorship from Eventos, the MEM Motorsport, and the Bull Sertos.He has participated in all the four seasons, in his custom-made T-Rex cars, made by the MEM Motorsport. It’s an overly strong and fast car that has helped him handle the most difficult terrains.


During his recent participation in the Sertos rally, Rodrigo covered the 22nd edition at the 8th position. This sports rally is believed to be the most challenging, and the largest off-road race. This is due to the 2,600 kilometers covered, with two states coverage, and seven stopovers. Nevertheless, Rodrigo dominated the race at the Prototype T1 category. Rodrigo has featured in other competitions like the Mitsubishi Cup Champion and the cross country Brazilian rally. In these competitions, he participated in the T1 prototype category alongside his teammate Fabricio Bianchini.

Aside from sporting, Rodrigo is a successful businessman and an investor. He has been running a real estate company for 16 years. It is through dedication to all his activities that have seen him do well in business. In addition, his prior experience at the Lojas Maris cannot be ignored, due to the experience gained as its operations manager. You can search him on Google to know more.

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