Felipe Montoro Jens reporter and infrastructure specialist

Felipe Montoro Jens reports in the recommendation of the National Confederation of Industry (CNI). CNI is a government organization, who has headquarters that are located in Sao Paulo. Founded in 1938, the National Confederation of Industry is currently the highest body of industries training system and was created to ensure the best interest of the economic situation of Brazil is at the center of its focus and attention. As reported by Felipe Montoro Jens, Brazil has recently suffered what has been referred to as an economic crisis. Despite the collective efforts of the Brazilian government by investing heavily in the implementation of various public, private partnerships to implement infrastructure projects, many of these projects have failed to be initiated or has stopped mid-way to completion. Read article about Montoro Jens at empresassa.com

The Minister of planning provided economic data for the year 2017 to the CNI. Based on this data CNI created a report that was titled “Great Works Stopped: How to face the problem?” With elections approaching this October, this report was one of 43 documents that were shared with all candidates, by CNI who plan to run for president of the Republic. This current report detailed R $ 10.7 billion loss in the failure to execute many infrastructure projects. It was reported that 18.5 % of the 2796 projects were all infrastructure related and accounted for a total of 517 projects. The report contained both the devastation to the economic situation that the failure of these projects is having, but also laid out and a clearly defined path to solutions that would bring an end to the economic downturn.

Many mistakes in the execution of these projects by the Brazilian government were highlighted in this report. The same mistakes highlighted by the Brazilian government in this report is also used as a blueprint on how to move forward and get these projects executed. CNI laid out a six measure plan to ensure the same mistakes are not allowed in the future.

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