ClassDojo for the young mind

ClassDojo is a creative app helping teachers around the world. This program was created to help manage the stress of young minds while also helping them regain focus in the classroom and reward positive behavior. The teachers benefit from this as well. Teachers are able to track how well someone is doing throughout the day without grabbing a pen and paper or filling out some kind of computer document.

One of the most beneficial parts to the ClassDojo program is that the parents are able to view videos of what their kids are doing during the day. The parents are also able to check in on the child’s score because they are given points for good behavior and deducted points for bad behavior. Recently results and videos have been released showing the instructional video on mindful moments.

Mindful moments is a small 8- 10-minute program that is launched worldwide for 5 consecutive days. In this 8- 10 minute program self-awareness is key. The instructor gives the students really small tasks like closing their eyes, taking deep breaths, thinking about their behavior.

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They even gave scenarios like “what would you do if you caught yourself daydreaming?” Then the children might get a small moment to discuss what they would do in that situation. In the video she spoke about how all the children around the world are doing this at the same time as them, which was also something for them to be mindful of. Over the course of five days the children should feel more aware of their surroundings and themselves within them.

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Unroll Me Review

Many of us find ourselves falling behind on their email inbox in our digital world. Nearly everything has to go through our emails. Whether it is our favorite subscription service letting us know they have charged us for the month or even a local storefront requesting our email at the checkout register in order to digitally send a paperless receipt, these changes to our electronic-dependent world are inevitable and will only become more wide spread as time moves forward. That is where Unroll Me comes in, the up-and-coming email unsubscription service.

Unroll Me is certainly an unusual although necessary platform that can scan and sort your emails, then provide a comprehensive overview at the end to help you find your way through the mess that is your inbox quickly and efficiently. It is compatible with any email client of your choosing and can scan thousands of emails in minutes. This overview is called your Rollup. You can choose to schedule it for morning, afternoon, or night or you can request it at any time.


Although the service does not have a 100% success rate when sorting emails, the features it showcases are extraordinarily promising. The Rollup conveniently separates your emails to make for an easy, seamless browsing experience. Repeated emails from subscription services will be separated from important emails that may need individual attention. The service is not only capable of categorizing your emails, however it can also sort them by time received.


All in all, I find this to be a very useful service for people to give a try. If you are a person who makes a lot of online purchases, that can lead to multiple emails from the same companies. Constant receipts, advertisements, subscription notifications, etc. Unroll Me will help you keep your inbox organized and under control in the midst of all those emails. People who work or go to school will also find this service to be of great use to them. Messages from your colleagues and classmates will be separated from unimportant emails at the press of a button. Based on Unroll Me’s performance and design, I recommend giving this service a try.

Betterworks: Survey Recap and General Information


Betterworks recently came out with a concerning report discussing a survey across the industry of more than 1,000 people managers working in enterprises that have more than 500 employees. This report gives a summary of the negative talent management taking place in their organizations. It also revealed that managers have a vital role in making workforce performance better by doing actions every day. The goal of them is to have teams motivated, engaged, and developed. The Betterworks managers surveyed a lot and found a lot needed to be improved in almost every aspect. A member of the board of directors Josh Bersin believes being a manager is transformational in our work lives.

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One concerning area in this survey was that the Managers of Betterworks do not have a sense of purpose. Only one third believed every employee clearly understood what the mission and vision of the company was. This survey with Market Cube included 1,063 people managers working at enterprise companies, with more than 500 employees located over industries in America and Canada.

Betterworks: a Continuous Performance Management ® solution helps clients bring more productivity, profitability, and a smoother foundation. Examples of features that Betterworks has are gamification and goal-setting. Consumers get almost unlimited control in how the company of theirs run. Betterworks was established in Silicon Valley in 2013. Also, their solution helps out workforces that are “truly global.” Workers use it every day in over a hundred countries, and localization support occurs in twenty languages.

Continuous Performance Management Using Betterworks


Betterworks is a cloud-based software. It enables employees to create their objectives and relevant results after which they link them to the goals of the organization. Employees and managers can establish their goals in Betterworks and then make a follow-up in real time, maybe over a year or quarter, while ensuring they are in line with the team, their manager and the organization. Betterworks offers an effective Continuous Performance Management Solution by eliminating the annual reviews used traditionally by organizations.

Diane Strohfus is the CHRO of Betterworks. She began her career in finance before landing in HR technology. She says that her career evolution contributed significantly to her experience and growth. As an HR partner, Strohfus worked with leaders to convert their companies into successful ventures through alignment of all components of the organization. It is her passion, and so when Betterworks (a company that works to align organizations and ensures that employees remain motivated to higher performance levels) presented an opportunity, she took the chance. For Diane Strohfus, an ideal employee is a curious individual who is always ready to grow and learn.


Strohfus reveals that there is a significant amount of innovation taking place in Performance Management Technology. She is particularly committed to ensuring that companies not only focus on tracking the rates of completion and results but also understand the sentiments of workers’ responses across, up and down the organization, deriving insights regarding a person’s perspective on a person, team or business.

For other businesses to work with Betterworks, it is necessary to define the process. Understanding the demands and needs of a company would ensure that the Betterworks Technology interconnects with another HR program seamlessly.