ClassDojo for the young mind

ClassDojo is a creative app helping teachers around the world. This program was created to help manage the stress of young minds while also helping them regain focus in the classroom and reward positive behavior. The teachers benefit from this as well. Teachers are able to track how well someone is doing throughout the day without grabbing a pen and paper or filling out some kind of computer document.

One of the most beneficial parts to the ClassDojo program is that the parents are able to view videos of what their kids are doing during the day. The parents are also able to check in on the child’s score because they are given points for good behavior and deducted points for bad behavior. Recently results and videos have been released showing the instructional video on mindful moments.

Mindful moments is a small 8- 10-minute program that is launched worldwide for 5 consecutive days. In this 8- 10 minute program self-awareness is key. The instructor gives the students really small tasks like closing their eyes, taking deep breaths, thinking about their behavior.

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They even gave scenarios like “what would you do if you caught yourself daydreaming?” Then the children might get a small moment to discuss what they would do in that situation. In the video she spoke about how all the children around the world are doing this at the same time as them, which was also something for them to be mindful of. Over the course of five days the children should feel more aware of their surroundings and themselves within them.

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