The Achievements of the Entrepreneur Nitin Khanna

The CEO of MergerTech Nitin Khanna was born in India in 1971. He holds both undergraduate and graduates degrees in Industrial Engineering. Nitin Khanna is recognized for his various investments, as a successful entrepreneur and a leader who has helped various companies to succeed. As he was growing up, he spent lots of time in businesses such as motorcycle parts factory and cement plants when he acquired some insight on how to lead his own enterprise in the future.

Nitin Khanna founded his first company Saber Software in collaboration with his brother in 1999 and for the decade that followed, they concentrated on growing the business. The company was contracted by the government in 2001 to use its software in managing the voting process. The company continued to gain more success and by the time Nitin Khanna and his partner were selling it to EDS in 2008, it had 1,500 employees with annual revenue of $300 million.

It is after the sale that he embarked on investing in about 50 companies in Portland. His interested was to see as many companies as possible to succeed in this region. Nitin Khanna had gained lots of experience about mergers from the sale of Saber Software and so in 2009, he decided to open MergerTech as a mergers and acquisitions advisory firm whose target market was the technology companies that needed to maximize their outcome by identifying the most ideal strategic partners.

Nitin Khanna is an entrepreneur who has always ensured to be a step ahead of the competition. When the market for legal cannabis exploded in 2012, he was one of the early investors. By 2015, Cura Cannabis entered this market and its board sought Nitin Khanna for his expertise to lead the company as the Chief Executive Officer. Currently, it has become the largest cannabis company in the world selling edibles and oils.

Nitin Khanna is an individual that does not believe in maintaining a work-life balance. His perception is that when one is doing what they love, it becomes an extension of who they are. According to Nitin Khanna, success does not come with finding the balance between the two but finding a way to integrate both.

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Jin Oh Hiring Advice

Riot Games is the developer behind the massively successful and a popular game, League of Legends. This company also organizes the top e-sport competitions in the world and is based in Los Angeles, California. Jin Oh is the President of Publishing at Riot Games and has a ton of advice and guidance for organization, team building, and a successful business.

When initially hiring people, he highlights the importance of being upfront. Jin Oh says that you should be clear with what you expect from people and how you will be evaluating them. When employees know the metrics of analysis that will be used for their performance report, they will be more responsive to criticism. Regular feedback and constructive criticism should be given according to guidelines to ensure your team’s best performance.

In new team members, Jin Oh is picky. Teams can be exposed to high-stress scenarios, so teammates being able to work together well is paramount to the department’s success. While Jin Oh stresses that intelligence is important, it is not the only factor. Attitude is the single most important factor in new hires. Finding someone who will go the extra mile, work as a part of the team, and help their co-workers is the best way to fill a vacancy on the team. Click here.

Blockchain Technologies by Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant was raised in South Africa. He was a bright and friendly student who performed excellently in his studies. He first studied engineering but changed to computer science and applied mathematics. He later transferred to another university where he pursued Information Systems. , however, left college before finishing.

He went to work at Matrix Engineering Inc. where executives identified his capability. He came up with applications that would analyze the levels of waters in dams all around South Africa. This helped in predicting potential droughts. He later worked at several institutions where his innovative ideas led to the immense growth of the companies. Through all the experience he garnered, he created his own company named it Net1 Technologies.

Serge Belamant founded the Blockchain Technology through Net1 Technologies. This is a journal of accounts joined together and coded for them to be more secure. Initial blockchain technology was created to help financial services be more transparent and enhance the accuracy of security institutions and data together with customers. Blockchain technology addresses the problems being experienced as one try to transfer money internationally. It helps in enhancing the efficiency of the systems involved.

Transactions involving finances are only a section of the role of blockchain technology. This will be with applications such as smart contract costs mainly in the blue-collar businesses and increasing the speed to market. This technology is being utilized in managing complex supply chains, thus efficient economic management.

Serge Belamant has played a crucial role in the growth of Blockchain applications. This was with the use of smart cards. These intelligent cards had microprocessors that would work both online and offline. Verification of a Transactor’s Identity is one of the important inventions. The world of the financial system would barely operate without a way of verifying the real identity of the parties involved. The system was previously slow, tiresome and at times, inefficient. Serge Belamant, however, came up with a verification system whereby both parties were assigned with a facility that would help in identifying and verifying. To enhance security, each party is verified using an autonomous facility.

The Blockchain technology has led to the popularity of Serge Belamant as well as the consistent growth of Net1 Technologies.

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Talkfusion University Is Open For Business

The marketing company known as Talk Fusion has recently introduced a new application. Recently the company has introduced the new video chat application. Since 2007, the company has made key innovations in the marketing industry. It has developed emails that provide video marketing which has been a highly effective tool for businesses to promote themselves more easily. On a regular basis, Talk Fusion makes innovations to stay profitable as well as staying ahead of its competition. As of today, Talk Fusion has been able to make marketing efforts that are more engaging to consumers via video. It currently serves in more than 140 countries worldwide.


This new application has a number of features that make it a valuable tool for businesses to use when looking to market themselves. The Fusion on the Go app provides users with a number of functions that can allow companies to market more efficiently. With this new app, users can take advantage of more convenience. Users of this application can use it through common sources such as iTunes and Google Play stores. The new application can also be downloaded on a number of devices such as iPhones, iPads and iPad Touches along with Android devices with a 4.4.3 system.


Video email is the main product offered through Talk Fusion and this new app lets users such as businesses more easily connect with customers and other contacts. With this application, a business can send video email messages from any device which allows them to oversee marketing campaigns no matter where they are located. Users can record live videos or upload older ones through the application. Once a video is downloaded, users can then be able to choose from a number of different templates to get access to it. Any business that uses this app can also change numerous features such as display names to make a message more coherent.


Talk Fusion has been at the forefront of making a number of innovations in the marketing industry. This new application Fusion on the Go is the latest one to make a valuable impact on video marketing and communications. The company was started up by Bob Reina in 2007 and was quickly built into one of the top digital marketing companies in the industry. With video email and video chat as its leading products, Talk Fusion has been able to help a number of businesses improve their communication procedures and their marketing campaigns. With these products, businesses have been able to hold meetings, oversee marketing campaigns and talk to one another more effectively. Learn more: