Jin Oh Hiring Advice

Riot Games is the developer behind the massively successful and a popular game, League of Legends. This company also organizes the top e-sport competitions in the world and is based in Los Angeles, California. Jin Oh is the President of Publishing at Riot Games and has a ton of advice and guidance for organization, team building, and a successful business.

When initially hiring people, he highlights the importance of being upfront. Jin Oh says that you should be clear with what you expect from people and how you will be evaluating them. When employees know the metrics of analysis that will be used for their performance report, they will be more responsive to criticism. Regular feedback and constructive criticism should be given according to guidelines to ensure your team’s best performance.

In new team members, Jin Oh is picky. Teams can be exposed to high-stress scenarios, so teammates being able to work together well is paramount to the department’s success. While Jin Oh stresses that intelligence is important, it is not the only factor. Attitude is the single most important factor in new hires. Finding someone who will go the extra mile, work as a part of the team, and help their co-workers is the best way to fill a vacancy on the team. Click here.

Oren Frank the CEO Talk Space

Oren Frank born in Israel is the CEO as well as the Co-founder of Talk Space Company established to provide positive advice to billions of people across the globe by sharing ideas and solutions to various problems. Currently Oren Frank lives in New York with his family; he has been able to transform the lives of many people through sharing his life experiences and as a therapist he provides affordable services to people. Oren Frank has taken the initiative to address various issues people go through in their daily activities.

Though social media and Huff-Post Oren Frank shares his insight on how people should not be ashamed to seek medical help or therapy, therapy session enables a person to share their emotions and feelings with another person who shows concern and care. According to Oren Frank, everyone is prone to be a mental patient if they are in denial to address various issues. He has taken the responsibility to change people’s way of thinking and trying to accept the situations they are in and seek solutions.

Through social media and therapeutic conversations, people can feel loved and loved. The groups create a sense of belonging and once a person shares their issues they are provided with several solutions and advice. Therapy experts, for instance, Oren Frank have been able to share their opinion with many people within a short time since social media is accessible to many people then its straightforward to address related issues together.

Previously people did not seek support as the costs were relatively high, and others were ashamed to be labeled as people with a mental health condition. Oren Frank sharing his insight has transformed the way people view various situations, therefore, reducing mental issues. He believes that not all emotions are dealt with in the hospital since some people only need a person to talk to feel recognized and loved.

Oren Frank encourages conversations with other people to understand their insight on specific problems. Oren Frank has shared his idea on multiple issues including digitalization and politics to keep people informed on various topics. Visit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/oren-frank-08619322/