Talkspace: Making it’s way to helping with mental illness

If you haven’t heard, the application called Talkspace is giving people who suffer from mental illness a chance to fight back. They are getting a service that we’ve never seen done before in the therapy community. Users are logging on, finding a therapist and chatting with them through their smartphone or laptop. The old traditional way of heading to a therapist office is no longer the only choice mental health suffers have. Talkspace gives them an alternative to find help in another way. Users are sharing their opinions that reveal the platform has features they are seriously benefiting from and have been needing for a long time.

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Talkspace to one user is the best thing to him because of the fast access to a therapist. For him, it took months to find the right person he felt comfortable with when it came to sharing his darkest moments that were impacting his life. With the Talkspace platform he has found a therapist quickly and is on the road to recovery with effective treatment plans he can actually use. He has since stayed with the platform for a year and has passed it along to his friends suffering with mental illness as well.

Other reviewers talk in depth about the way they get to communicate with their therapist. It’s the features of texting that seem to be the most popular as many find themselves able to do it in the privacy of their bedroom or at home on the couch. Many have simply opted to use the audio messaging feature to leave longer detailed chats about what is going on in their lives. It helps them open up and not feel restricted to only saying so much before the session time is up. Talkspace is offering them a chance to feel better about themselves.

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Location Smart and AND New Services

Location Smart is a global company that provides Location-as-a-service on analog and digital world map. Last year the company they signed a deal with a worldwide provider of digital maps to improve their service provision to users.

The cooperation and inclusion of global map and boundaries to the LocationSmart’s compliance services was a significant move which enabled other application such as lottery and gaming to locate users location.

The compliance APIs bring together the giant companies International Administrative Boundaries, LocationSmart, And Digital World Map to allow businesses to confirm the site of a particular device within a given boundary.

The API compliance includes checks and balances against country boundaries globally together with customer-specific and pre-figured boundary options.

Hugo van der Linde, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of AND was delighted to enter into an agreement with LocationSmart which involved licensing of location and boundary data. LocationSmart connects various devices around the world using its Cloud Location Services.

The contract between LocationSmart and AND aims at strengthening their high-quality mapping product to businesses. The service provided focus on matching the current market trends and needs.

LocationSmart chooses to get in business with AND due to its overall versatility in data delivery and coverage as well. The CEO of LocationSmart, Mario Proietti, acknowledged AND partnership as a global map boundary and said they were pleased to extend their location services to verification and compliance needs which are offered by AND.

AND is widely known to provide global digital maps and location services while LocationSmart provides Cloud Location Service worldwide. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Facebook

AND uses AND LBS Platform, MapFusion and proprietary digital maps to automatic update and add real-time map and location intelligence to improve users’ businesses. AND is based in Netherlands’ and its one of the longest established software company that was founded in 1984.

AND’s headquarters are found in Capelleaan den Ijssel. The firm provides a road database connecting over 200 countries globally and also offers entirely attributed navigation maps of North America and Western Europe.

On the other hand, LocationSmart offers a comprehensive cross-carrier platform for hyper-local, local as well as context-aware application development. Their services revolve around indoor and outdoor usage across all platform, devices, and carrier networks. Currently, LocationSmart serves Fortune 500 clients, as well as other innovative startups.

LocationSmart has transformed how companies do business. LocationSmart delivers the most significant global footprint and broadest reach. LocationSmart value customers privacy; therefore, the company has an extensive portfolio for privacy consent plan for easy end-user implementation.

With the current growth in digital e-commerce, social networking, and service delivery user location is paramount. Additionally, cyber crime and identity theft is a significant threat to digital service delivery. Thus, users location is crucial to all devices that communicate via the internet.

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Serge Belamant: How He Developed The Blockchain Technology

Serge Belamant is a developer and software programmer who is considered as blockchain’s founding patent holder. He is instrumental in developing the technology through the years, and after he filed his first patent, more developers joined in and helped transform blockchain technology as we know it.

Serge Belamant has always known that he is going to be a programmer someday. He was born in France, but his parents had to move to South Africa, taking him with them. He attended the Witwatersrand University and the University of South Africa, taking a degree in Computer Science and Information Systems, but he failed to finish his studies and dropped out of college. However, it did not end his dream of becoming a programmer and he continued learning on his own.

He established a tech firm called Net1 Technologies because he wanted to provide technological solutions to major businesses, and one of his first major projects was the universal electronic payment system or UEPS for short. In 1995, VISA partnered with his company to create a new application that will be based on his UEPS technology that would provide their clients with a highly secured financial transaction. The resulting technology was the COPAC or the chip offline pre-authorized card. This technology helped bring down the number of fraud and identity theft cases.

Later on, Serge Belamant used technology that he developed to help the First National Bank of South Africa in delivering cash assistance to one million South Africans. Net1 Technologies was highly acclaimed for this feat that has not seen in years. Net1 Technologies was founded in 1989, and because of the technological advancements that the company developed through the years, its value rose, and it also partnered with several tech firms enabling it to expand on a global scale. Serge Belamant is thankful to those who helped his company grow, and he never stopped developing new technologies that would help his business expand.

From 2003 to 2017, Serge Belamant worked with other firms to create new strategies in creating a more complex blockchain technology, and in the present, he is working with his son to manage the Zilch Technology Limited, and he is still working with blockchain technology.

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Shervin Pishevar Shares His Outstanding Two Cents Through His 21-Hour Tweet Storm

If you are a business and economy trends enthusiast, you have probably come across the name Shervin Pishevar. He is well known for his contributions in making Uber the household name it enjoys currently. Thanks to his intellect, we get to borrow a lot of lessons from his recent 21-hour tweetstorm, where he predicts different outcomes in various industries.

Shervin Pishevar is of American and Iranian decent with most of his interest based in the capital investments industry. Shervin has made mega investments in some well globally renowned brands such as Munchery, Airbnb, and Uber. After taking some time off social media, Shervin made a comeback with his now popular storm of tweets, mainly focusing on the current trends.

Following the sinking further of the US stock market in February, the investor, Shervin had a comment to put out to the public. One of his tweets indicated that the stock market would suffer more, losing more than 6000 points within the year. Bitcoin was also an area of interest in his tweets where he predicted that it would crash even further. However, due to economic forces, bitcoin is bound to pick up and become stable in the next two years.

Shervin’s brilliance allows him to have an opinion on many topics, including infrastructure. He believes that American infrastructure lags behind upcoming superpower China mainly due to lagged execution. He gave an example to validate his claim citing the train station in China that completed within nine working hours. Shervin Pishevar likes to see something special in Elon Musk’s ability and gives credit, saying that infrastructure development in America may gain saving through such brilliant minds as investors.

These tweets were controversial with a significant number of people with the same interests as his, disagreeing. In the spirit of sticking with the truth, Shervin Pishevar believes that the American economy has a lot of untapped potentials. His financial and economic predictions may serve as a wake-up call to other investors and market players. Together, they will find solutions for the growing weak economy. Stick around to find out what this great mind has in store for us.