Changing The Political System: End Citizens United And The Major Goal

End Citizens United is a name that you might have already heard of in the recent history and will continue to find in articles and news as the current political state of the United States remains unchanged.

The End Citizens United is a political action committee that would’ve never been created if it wasn’t for another event that happened in the first decade of the 21st century. The Citizens United landmark was designed to promote freedom of speech in the elections in a way that permits citizens to fund their favorite candidates’ campaigns and use their monetary conditions to show their support for the candidates that they want to win.

This concept seemed good on paper but, in reality, it has sprung problems in the political system that had been foreseen by many who thought the landmark was a terrible idea.

The End Citizens United PAC works to raise awareness of Americans on how the system has gotten broken because of the decision to allow funding and monetary support. Right now, political disputes are teeming with billionaires and magnates behind almost every politician, and nearly every politician accepts the help of these people. Their interests in the political system, however, are not always uncorrupted.

With thousands of supporters, members and grassroots donors, the End Citizens United is making sure that Americans are aware of this increasing problem, especially because it gets worse as the time progresses. Nonetheless, many people who support the political action committee have a very modest and optimist opinion on the future, as the majority of the Americans want the landmark to have a review and possibly a rework.

On the second half of 2017, the End Citizens United decided to announce that they would be endorsing and supporting the nominee Doug Jones, in the Alabama election that will take place on December 12. Who is Doug Jones running against? Roy Moore.

The End Citizens United is always trying to promote pro-reform Democrats who also want the Citizens United landmark to be changed. How do they do that? By exploiting the broken system that has become the political scene of the U.S. With the money that they obtain from their grassroots donors, they can fund the campaigns of these candidates, and thus show the opposition how this system is corrupted in both sides.

By using the venom against the snake, more and more politicians began agreeing that the landmark needs to be looked into.