ClassDojo connecting parents and teachers

ClassDojo is a company that was founded on June 1, 2011 and the two founders are Liam Dun and Sam Chaudhary. This is a private for profit company that is a school communication platform that is used to connect parents, teachers, and students so they can consistently know what is going on in school. The goal of ClassDojo is to build strong relationships between the families and the educational community. To accomplish this mission they use photos, videos, and messages. This company is based out of San Francisco, California. The companies platform is proven so in 2019 the company raised 66.1 million dollars to expand and improve platform. The company has a team of 10 that drives success of the company. ClassDojo also comes in the form of an app and most parents as teachers haven’t downloaded right on their phone.

One thing that is impressive about the app is that is absolutely free. The app Class Dojo also offers a second service that is used to help the students improve their study habits. This is an optional service that the parents do not have to get but it is definitely useful and the name of the app is called be on school. The CEO and CTO are both big on Beyond School app they think it may exceed and be better than Tedx and K-8. The company ClassDojo itself is said to be worth 400 million currently but when the company was last evaluated and 2015 it was worth 99 million dollars. The company CEO contributes the growth of the company to the new evaluation.

The Classdojo app is currently being used in 95% of the United States and by many families on a daily basis. The app is currently gaining steam in over 180 countries around the world such as Spain, Australia, UK, and Hong Kong. The company has attributed the majority of his growth the word of mouth. The company’s plan is to stay focused on its mission of trying to solve communication problems between teachers and students.