Interview with Stratford Shields

Stratford Shields is the managing director of Loop Capital Markets. The company deals with financial investments and is based in Chicago. Stratford Shields goes to the office early than everyone else to strategize on projects. One habit that enhances his productivity is reading. He reads a lot to be updated on current events. This habit not only makes him happy but also helps him keep up with his clients. Shields is also active on social media platforms which inform him what is happening around the world. He admits that he would not be as creative and productive without curiosity to know what is new.

Stratford Shields advice young people not to pay attention to pessimists and to focus on their goals. Naysayers will be there, and if you focus on them, you will not fulfill your dreams. He also urges them not to be afraid to think outside the box. People should look for better ways of doing things instead of copying what is already there. Stratford Shields advice people to get back up when they fall instead of giving up.

To stay organized throughout the day and complete tasks, Shields paying close attention to detail. He realized that a lot of errors could be avoided if people paid attention to detail. Actively listening to what a client needs and what is needed has helped him remain productive. Furthermore, he follows up on clients with ideas to track on finer details.

Shields is not afraid to ask for clarification if he does not understand something. Doing this puts him on the right track. Another factor that has helped him is constant communication with clients. He advises someone expanding their business is to know their clients. Understand what they need and whether you can meet their expectations. Knowing your clients’ needs helps to set realistic expectations.