Jeremy Goldstein’s work with Fountain House

The organization known as Fountain House recently benefitted from a charity dinner hosted by New York attorney Jeremy Goldstein. The gala, which was held at the Nomad Hotel in May of 2019, featured professionally prepared meals and a wide selection of vintage wines. The proceeds from the $5000 tickets to the event will further Fountain House’s mission.


Jeremy Goldstein is a graduate of New York University’s School of Law and has practiced law in New York for many years. He worked as a lawyer for a local firm after graduating, until he decided to open his own firm named Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. Mr. Goldstein’s firm has worked with a number of large corporations, including Cingular Wireless Corporation/AT&T Wireless Services, Inc., Chevron/Texaco Corporation/Unocal Corporation, and Kmart Holding Corporation/Sears, Roebuck, and Co. Mr. Goldstein’s firm specializes in the areas of executive compensation as well as corporate governance. Mr. Goldstein is also a writer and commenter on corporate governance issues. The Legal 500 added Mr. Goldstein to their list of America’s best executive compensation lawyers.


Fountain House started in 1944 when a group of people with mental illnesses decided to come together to support each other. The group, which was originally called “We are not alone,” offers assistance to members of society who struggle with mental illness. In 1948, the organization purchased property to act as a base of operations. There was a large fountain on the property, which members of the group felt symbolized their efforts.


Fountain House funds mental health research and helps distribute information regarding mental health issues. They hope to change the common perceptions that most people have about mental illness. They also help their clients adapt to daily life. Clients of Fountain House are encouraged to learn new skills, form relationships, earn diplomas, and find employment. They also serve the community through their skills, such as culinary arts, education, and communications. By building their confidence and levels of self-esteem, Fountain House is able to transform non-functioning victims of mental illness into productive and happy members of society.


Fountain House operates a supported education system for clients between the ages of 13 and 30. This program not only educates those in need but also ensures that they have the proper training to enter the workforce. Fountain House is also combatting mental illness amongst the homeless population by providing safe shelters for clients to sleep.


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