New Article On Fruit Imports From New Zealand On The Jingdong Corporate Blog is the largest online retailer in China, and is a member of the Fortune Global 500. Readers interested in the dealings of the company can read more about it directly from the source, on the corporate blog. The website touches on topics such as technology, executive spotlights, and also details initiatives and programs that Jingdong has launched in the past.

Consumers can also read about company history and its core values, as well as check out details on the platform’s partners and investors. The corporate blog can also send notifications regarding new articles directly to interested readers via a newsletter which people can subscribe to by using their email address. One recent piece of news that takes the spotlight on the company’s corporate blog is regarding the import of this year’s apple and kiwifruit harvest to China from New Zealand.

This development goes on to further reinforce the partnership between and Rockit Global Limited and Zespri. Kiwifruit are New Zealand’s biggest fruit export worldwide. The produce brought the country from the two horticultural companies proved to be popular among the 300 million customers on the Chinese online retailer’s platform. In recent years, the fruit exports from New Zealand to China went on to reach NZ$606 million, with sales of fresh quality food brought in from New Zealand growing by more than 80% last year. Imported fruits are being favored generally by younger, middle-class customers who have a strong focus on their health and their nutrition.

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