Nicolas Krafft and Emmanuel Lulin’s Support of Ethics Day

Over the years, L’Oreal has been making efforts to see to it that the employees maintain the ethical standards that are set for the company. Nicolas Krafft, the Vice President of the company’s Global Business development, has always been supportive of Ethics Day which is a day that the company usually has set aside so that the employees can get a chance to reflect more and contemplate on the philosophy of teamwork which must encompass ethics.

L’Oreal’s Ethics Day usually takes place once every year and the overall head of the program is usually Nicolas Krafft although he has an appointed Senior Vice-President & Chief Ethics Officer who currently is Emmanuel Lulin.

The company’s Ethics day has really helped in bringing employees together and has even in some cases acted as a motivating factor behind inventions and innovations. On such a day, all employees of the company globally are requested to send in their questions online to either Nicolas Krafft or even Emmanuel Lulin.

The questions are then answered once the employees meet and this helps in enlightening them regarding a number of issues. Emmanuel highlights that there are about four ethical principles that employees of L’Oreal should maintain because the company has a proactive approach towards ethics and ethical conduct, which helps to see to it that unethical practices are avoided and prevented by all means.

The ethical principles that L’Oreal believes in are respect, integrity, transparency, as well as courage. The principles help as an activity guide for the company’s employees regardless of the departments. Aside from just being an activity guide, they help to see to it that the company remains compliant to both legal and environmental rules even during production processes, and even the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility.

L’Oreal has adopted an ethical approach that helps the company in monitoring behavior of different employees, and the approach has a whistleblower program where the employees can freely report unethical employees in an anonymous way as long as the HR gets informed. Last year, Emmanuel Lulin was recognized by the United Nations as a Sustainable Development Goal Pioneer as a result of foreseeing the advancement of business ethics.