Mark Holyoake To Step Down From Board Of Icelandic Group

Mark Holyoake is a businessman from Britain. He’s also a former CEO of Iceland Seafood International. It has been announced he will step down from the member board of the company. His replacement is going to be Benedikt Sveinsson, a former CEO of the company. These announcements were made during a shareholder meeting in February.

The news of him stepping down comes shortly after the announcement of the replacement of the CEO. According to the new CEO, the transformation of the company and the acquisition of Solo Seafood will bring new changes to the shareholder base and benefit the company and customers to supply the largest number of owners throughout Iceland.

Main Market Listing Intended

During 2019s main market listings, the group announced their intention of seeking out significant opportunities in key markets. They are looking forward to continuing their strong growth path and want to further build upon the successes they have achieved over the last few years. The CEO attributed much of the successes to Mark Holyoake’s time with the company.

In 2010, Mark Holyoake agreed to purchase shares of ISI to become the largest shareholder of the company for many years. This was right after his company went through a controversial collapse. International Seafood Holdings decided to sell down their shares in order to allow the deal with Icelandic Iberica.

Before stepping down from the board, Holyoake personally thanked Sveinsson for the many years of great work they accomplished together and the friendship they built. He believes his wisdom and leadership skills were the heart of the group for many years.

British Executive Competitor

Mark Holyoake works out of Ibiza and is currently one of the top competitors in a race to purchase the estate which once belonged to the infamous Espirito Santo group. To purchase the estate, the vehicle he is using is a Luxembourg company called Oakvest Holdings. To keep himself at the front of the race to purchase the estate, he has become allies with the Carvalho Martins family. This family is who controls a popular restaurant chain called Portugalia.

Mark Holyoake came into this world in 1972. He entered real estate in the 1990s after attending the University of Reading. His main focuses were on developing, buying and managing commercial and residential real estate throughout the United Kingdom.

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