Talkspace Partners with Michael Phelps to Improve Patients’ Experience.

Online therapy is a trendy practice around the world. Talkspace has gained a global reputation for the provision of quality therapy services. In an effort to improve service delivery, Talkspace recently partnered with Michael Phelps. The partnership aims at benefiting more people with a mental health condition in the country. To increase the awareness on the online therapy platform, Talkspace planned to initiate a national TV program. Michael Phelps role in the program will be to share his experience with the viewers, encouraging people to open up about their health problem, and talking about the benefits of visiting Talkspace. The TV program was scheduled to start on May 22nd. Several digital assets were to be used to facilitate it. Michael Phelps revealed that he had a hard time for many years in his career due to depression and anxiety. According to him, it was difficult to access the medical care he needed.

Talkspace uses texts and videos to reach out to their online clients. The firm comes up with innovative solutions for people with a mental health condition. Over the years, more individuals from all walks of life have benefited from Talkspace’s services. You can easily access medical assistance from the company even without a medical cover because the services are offered at an affordable rate. The organization hires experienced and well-trained personnel to handle their clients. It consists of people from different backgrounds, but they all have some similar characteristics. For example, they are well organized in the performance of their routine duties. The management of the firm engages them in regular team building exercises to help them become the best in their career.

Therapy is not easy and some practitioners may even have mental and emotional challenges. Some of the activities that experts recommend for the therapists is maintaining a balanced diet, having enough sleep, and engaging in regular physical exercises. By engaging in some of the above activities, an individual reduces the level of stress that may result from his occupation. Therapy involves hearing some tragic stories in a person’s life. Therefore, Talkspace ensures that their therapists are well prepared for their daily work.