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When Guest of a Guest interviews Doe Deere about Lime Crime they want all the pretty little details and she lets them have it. To this end, the interview starts with her childhood in Russia and flows to growth into young a young entrepreneur. She owes her childhood days to Russia where a glimmer of what is to be can be seen, but her life in New York City is where the story gets rich. She does not know that her childhood dreams included what her life is now. But given the unprecedented raw material that is her life, it is hard to that she could have had a dream of the here and now.

The fulfillment of a want to be a musician is what opened the door to the life and business that she has now. It is her experiences as a musician that spark the ideas of career and marketing in her mind. But is make up that turns out to be the oil that sets the flame that is Lime Crime. The whole process appears to be a reoccurring theme in her life that mirrors a time back in Russia when she sells temporary tattoos to friends and class mates. The re-occurrence is that no one has ever seen them before. For Deere, it is all about the new and not yet explored side of beauty and expression. Persistence plays a part in it as well. After spending her childhood in Russia, Deere lived in New York City for fourteen years forming a niche lifestyle that starts in Manhattan and ends in Brooklyn.

Along the way, she plays in a band, meets her husband and gets serious about doing business. What she learns from the long road through success is to follow your heart. Lives by the idea that every person has an “it” factor, and when they find it; they connect to true potential.

That frame of mind and her own personal experiences is what bring Lime Crime to life. This is around 2008. Deere starts to make her own way through her own shades and colors. Like her other creative endeavors, people like her creative work product with explosive results. Today, Lime Crime make up Gives Doe Deere and the women who use her line more freedom of expression. She lives this concept well. With some experience in fashion design, Deere understands that hair, fashion and make up are methods of personal expression.

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  1. In her own simple words “go where you love” and really explore it. In her experience it is important to be in touch with and to know yourself for true value. It is gradually becoming a thing that reviews can do all the time too.

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